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Awesome pic

Does anyone know if the Sprint Nexus 5 can be used on T-Mobile simply by switching the SIM card?  or has Sprint done something to prevent this?

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Amazing documentary...

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This is a helpful site to view the service status of Google Apps...

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The Nexus 4 contract-free on T-Mobile...the best cell phone deal you can get by far, and for some reason, few people know about it.

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RIP Clive Burr...

Apple made a huge mistake when it started litigation with its competitors based on software "patents", not just because it is questionable whether methods of interacting with a UI are patentable in the first place but because Apple has now painted itself into a corner.

A couple of years ago when Apple was the main driver of software innovations for smartphones, suing competitors may have made sense to them.  Now that they are being out-innovated by Google, Samsung, and other Android manufacturers, they find themselves in a position where they cannot take advantage of the software innovations competitors have made.  I wonder if this is the reason there have been so few changes to iOS since the patent litigation has ensued.  Android OS has a lot of cool features that have not appeared in iOS, perhaps because Apple fears using them and being sued.  It's a war they started and are now losing.  Software patent litigation was a short-term money grab for Apple but only continued innovation will keep them in the game.
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