Notes on using the Favi Bluetooth keyboard with Glass

Alert: The link below goes to the 2.4GHz RF dongle, here is the bluetooth version I believe

This is actually a nifty little keyboard, it slips easily into the pocket and is so small you forget you have it. To pair with Glass download this Settings.apk and install

adb install Settings.apk

To run it you need to manually run using adb instead of any default launching on the device which crashes for some reason.

adb shell am start -n

Once you get this you have a typical Settings app running. I just went into the BT setup but have heard that most of the other items crash. Go through the BT setup routine and you will get a four digit number you have to type to pair. Note; the return key is a little odd, you want to press the bottom of the key for return. The top is two other functions. 

In use it works very well. You do get a cursor, media keys work (such as volume), and the arrow forward and arrow back keys are the same as swipe forward/back. Esc key will do the same as swipe down. Turning the keyboard on and off works perfectly with Glass as it will seamlessly reconnect without issue. 

Pretty neat. Interestingly it is less exciting than I thought though, I had kind of thought that maybe I could reply to messages using the keyboard but it only accepts voice for that. To get full use out of it (and I can think of many use cases where it would be useful) you need a native app. 

I suggest deleting the Settings.apk afterwards (so it doesn't keep asking you whether to launch it for settings) via

adb uninstall

Final note, this doesn't show up in launchy, not sure why yet (maybe because it's in the android namespace). Oh and also if you're wondering how this would work with say, a phone or tablet. While it might be marginally more useful with a phone, I don't think it would be better than a tablet virtual keyboard. 
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