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OK We're so busy going through the practice session for a hackathon (coming up with ideas, rating them, etc) we haven't even looked at code yet. So if you aren't at the Hackathon you can be, er, actually hacking before we are and working with the code. Enjoy! :)

It appears that the GDK will be released publicly later today, so those who can't attend will get it as soon as we do. 

Not a lot of "old timers" here at the hackathon (yeah, Glass hasn't even been released a year yet). I've seen +Cecilia Abadie, +Jenny Murphy, +Alain Vongsouvanh +Julian Beltran +Tejas Lagvankar ... anybody I've missed?

OK the GDK is REALLY cool, what I've been waiting for ...

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I just got an invite to get a custom URL, you'll now find me at ... hoy!

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Has Google finally dropped worrying about GPA's and tricky questions?

I've never interviewed with the big G, mainly because I've always believed that both GPA's and specific or tricky technical questions are worthless. Whenever I interview I simply try to figure out the person. Good to work with? Smart? Lots of initiative, or a clock watcher?

You know the most important thing I look for? Do they hack in their spare time? This tells me if they love it or like it. If not they are a probably a clock watcher. 

And you know what? It takes all types to put a product out, creatives and grinders alike. 

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The new Mac Pro demo video is up if you have an Apple Developer Account. Check out the Special Events "Painting the Future" video

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I thought Apple lost it when I saw the key note, but after thinking I get it now. Rectangular PC boxes are decades old by now, big, ugly, redundant and noisy. Even supercomputers have had more innovation in their physical cases than PC's, remember Cray?

This is still upgradable on RAM and hard disk. Video cards will be probably be upgradable through Apple, and why not? I've got a Mac Pro and frankly it never was that upgradable. Third party cards are generally problematic with limited choices. This computer just pushes them out past the thunderbolt. 

In the past I've worked to upgrade my computers to get more life out of them, but it is time for a new model. Just buy a high end machine from the beginning, and put the upgrades into peripherals that will go to the next one you buy. 

Anyhow I like developing on OS X, and if Hackathons are any indication so do most other software engineers. If the price isn't too crazy, and it's deadly quiet, I'll get one. 

Consider this, it can be the "one size fits all". Powerful enough for gaming and rendering, and you can run all three major OS's under one hood. 

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No idea ... unicorns? Pixies? Gandalf's fireworks?

Eyeglass frames would be wonderful, haven't been able to use Glass much lately unfortunately due to contacts issues. 

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How could I have gone this long without knowing about this? Matrix rain using ncurses. 
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