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Dan McHone
Old School Networker with some New School Skills.
Old School Networker with some New School Skills.


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Hey Guys, NWC (National Wealth Center) is taking off like crazy. We're promoting our "21 Day Facebook Challenge" and our "Titanic Twitter Training" and this thing is exploding. All with 100% commission. We need to talk Right Away!
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ENGAGE your FaceBook PAGE:
f4a | The Income Experiment
f4a | The Income Experiment
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You guys have heard a lot about the "21 Day FB Challenge" I'm doing lately, but at the same time I don't want to see you neglect your Health and Well Being. I lost 12 lbs using these products and they sustain my energy level while I work OT and build my Empire.
Remember I'm here to help. Just talk to me.
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1. Break Even With Just ONE referral - now I don't know
about you but that is AMAZING!
2. Get ALL Your Money Back instantly with your first sale.
3. Earn Instant Pay! All members pay each other directly.
There is NO going through or waiting on the company.
4. Use Varied Payment Methods - or you can use your own personal PayPal account.
5. Compound Your Income via our Reverse 2 Up
6. Earn $25, $50, $75, $100 or $175 Monthly Residuals!
7.We Also Offer 4 High Ticket One-Time Products: $250, $1,000, $3,500 and $7,500
8. Our Products feature 100% pure net pay & many w/residuals
9. You Can Work Part-Time or Full-Time - You set your hours
10. Company Conference& Training Calls
11. Turn Key Team Marketing Systems that will give you ALL
your prospect letters, lead capture pages, webinars, contact
managers, sales funnels, and let our own advertising tools
that have EXPLODED our Team growth... We even have a
center that will CALL ALL YOUR LEADS for $12 an hour!
12. Our Members can join our Savings Network that offers
members up to 50% discounts on 330,000+ products!
13. Our products are updated monthly in your back office.
14. The company takes care of everything on their digital platform.
15. Run your NWC business from a smart phone, tablet or desktop
C'mon in and Check this Thing Out:
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Job Suck? Boss Mean? Miss the kids? Then Check this out!!
"How a skinny guy from Florida, 2 Blokes From the UK, and a white guy from North Carolina who calls himself the Digital Gangster came up with a 21 day Facebook Challenge to help every day people earn $25, $50, & $100 payments online without having a nerd degree in computer science"
From the desk of - Eric Green
Wednesday 9/2/2015
Location - Charlotte North Carolina
WARNING this Facebook Post is the worst sales letter EVER
Because I am not interested in using any high powered marketing tricks!
No long drawn out hypey, multi colored, unbelievable super fast push button systems that will create a fortune for all those involved in 2.6 seconds online...
You get my point...
None of us have time to play the GURU Games, we need solid and simple strategies to win online...
By the way I hate being SOLD and I am sure you're just like me
smile emoticon
Remember the headline?? The skinny guy from Florida and the 2 Blokes from the UK?
Well after trial and error and building teams online and helping people cash in online using Facebook myself and those 3 guys put all the pieces of the puzzle together finally...
We've developed a 21 day breakdown ie challenge which allows us take anyone who has a Facebook account and a little bit of desire and help them run a successful online business and start earning $25,$50, and $100 residual income payments month after month...
We could never understand why so many people struggled online while we simply used Facebook effortlessly to build teams, make sales, and expand our networks...
Seriously people approach us as if we were magicians with some incredible Facebook Magical powers...
UMMMMM Not even close!
We are truly regular dudes and here's the crazy thing we're all completely different..The one thing we have in common however is we all follow a simple daily plan that produces ridiculous results for us on Facebook...
I know everyone uses the word SIMPLE but we really mean it...
What we do isn't glamorous, sexy or over the top...
Most of that fluff type marketing doesn't work in the real world and is only designed to grab your cash...
We've developed our 21 Day Challenge (Plan) through sweat equity, trial and error, and zeroing in on what actually works and anyone can duplicate...
Should I go on???
Are you intrigued???
Well tomorrow we drop this Challenge on our Global Home Based Business Community and over the course of the next 21 days I can promise you all those involved are going to be adding some Green Backs to their bank accounts and exploding their online businesses...
If you're interested in learning more about our community, training, and business along with how to tap into this 21 day Facebook Challenge then please get back to the person who invited you to read this...
No fluff, No BS, Just results please
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Dan McHone commented on a post on Blogger.
I definitely want to stay connected to this kind of success.
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Dan McHone commented on a post on Blogger.
Great Blog Jaye, We need to remember that even when we go through our company training we do know more about our business than the people we're talking to. You don't have to have all the answers to set the right posture.
MLM Leader: How To Be Confident
MLM Leader: How To Be Confident
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