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Electronic cigarette explodes in man's mouth, knocks out all his teeth
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I did my homework and bought one of the best eCigs on the market... so far zero problems and don't expect any.
+Anowanul Kabir eCigs have been out for years, this is a single incident and we don't know all the details (maybe he regularly used it around flammable chemicals, for example). One man loses teeth in what at this point is a freak incident... versus tens of millions of deaths and other horrors per year inflicted by actual cigarettes. This is like not buying a cell phone because here and there a few freak explosions have happened.
MAJOR business opportunity here for someone to manufacture a tube that delivers the "smoke" to the mouth while keeping the electronic stuff away from the face. Like the old bag phones in the 80s and 90s. They were 3 Watts so they couldn't be right next to your face like the .6 Watt "Wall Street" phones could.
+Dan McDermott The system I use already pretty much does that, between the cartomizer and the drip tip I've got a good 2-3 inches between the battery and my face. I could also buy an extra tube attachment for more space if I needed it.
+Dan McDermott Interesting to note the fact that one of the links on that search also relates to the dangers of exploding lighters. Since smokers carry lighters, and lighters are by nature full of explosive fuel, I'd say regular smoking is far more dangerous.
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