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Here's the Memorial Day Weekend edition of Google Plus Week!!

• New Google+ app for Android
• Charlie Rose interviews Larry Page
• Botched Facebook IPO turns into full-fledged scandal
• Why did Google really buy Motorola Mobility?
• Android apps can now share to Google+
• Hangouts Hackathon
• Happy Towel Day!
• Happy Geek Pride Day!
• Happy 35th birthday Star Wars!
• Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Thanks to all of the participants! +Jeff Zajas +Hermine Ngnomire +Bruce Turner +Allen Firstenberg +Jennifer Wedel +Margie Hearron +Mike Norton +Tzafrir Rehan +Dano Hart +Arman Tiede +Anthony Clauser +Pam Adger +pio dal cin +Scott Sowle +Gary Levin +Carlos Balderas +Sreek Menon
Here is the full hangout video:
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Wow Star Wars 35 years old! Love Star Wars.
thanks +Dan McDermott as usual your show is great. I have to battle with the early morning "eyes closing syndrome" due to the time difference (Why isn't the world vertical? we'd have the same time zone:)
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