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1st grader tells classmate "I'm sexy and I know it." Gets suspended for sexual harassment.

His mother told 7NEWS D’Avonte had discipline troubles before, including last month when he quoted the same line from the same song to the same girl, this time “shaking his booty” near the girl’s face.
AURORA, Colo. -- Quoting a line from a popular song is costing a 6-year-old boy a three-day suspension. Friday, May 4, 2012.
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So the school would rather suspend, than use this opportunity to Educate! That'll Teach him. Shame!
^^ so you have no ass now?? Shhiiiz
Was the girl annoyed/upset or turned off by this? Was this a repeated offence (yes)?.

If both of those answer and yes, this was sexual harassment.

I'm not saying even if it was the kid should have been suspended, but some sort of action would have needed to be taken.

Maybe the school didn't want to suspend the kid, but took into account what appears to be multiple discipline issues, and found suspension to be the next logical step.
It's certainly (in my option) an over reaction by the school, possibly trapped by its own inflexible policies. The 7 News report suggests an opportunity for helping the child understand what is and what isn't acceptable behaviour.

I don't for one minute think he knows fully what the song's about - he's just repeating language that he finds catchy and prompts a reaction. That's how we learn language.
Hrm, at first I thought the suspension was ridiculous, but after reading the full article and seeing this is a pattern for the kid, including some inappropriate behavior along with the quote. I think the punishment is appropriate.

It'd be different if he was just randomly quoting the song to get a laugh, but he definitely seems to be targeting this girl and misbehaving repeatedly.
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