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I'm not sure which agency did this ad for the new YouTube comments rolling out now but it's really good
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+GreedyMexican guess what...this ain't you tube...we can and will delete comments, post your ass public for everyone to know who to block and block your ass. Now run along back to You Tube where you belong. 
+Pam Adger
This IS YouTube. Are you blind??? Or did Google f**k it up so much that people can see this crap even when they're not on YouTube???
OMG. Google really screwed things up. Believe it or not, your comment appeared on YouTube. And I replied to you on YouTube! And GreedyMexican's comment was on YouTube, too! These awful people are trying to propagate Google+, so now comments on YouTube show up on Google+!!! And comments on Google+ show up on YouTube!!! LORD!!!!
+Pam Adger
We can talk to you from Youtube even when you're on Google+. Google+ comments can be seen here on YT.
By the way, I'm replying to this on Google+. How do I reply on the YouTube app? There doesn't seem to be a way.'s a new "feature"
I'm getting You Tube Videos I posted from 6 months ago being trolled by the you tube pre-teens all afternoon and evening. It's really fun...kind of like running an internet day care. 
+Pam Adger +Matt Schwartz Actually, this is both Google+ and YouTube. Shares of YouTube videos on Google+ are the same as YouTube comments on those videos themselves (and honestly, I'm fine with this change).
Yep Nope
Fuck you. Obviously some retard at Google decided this. I'm sick of this shit! We never fucking asked for all these changes! Ever hear of "If something's not broken, don't fix it"?
+AkashV22 I'm not...but I do have the option to block and delete comments...which I am doing on my posts. 
I am not fine with this change! I'm getting all these random updates in my email from people who responded to other people that I happened to respond to! I don't want to read other peoples' conversations!
+Yep Nope Yes...but Google in it's infinite wisdom has determined this is a good thing. Isn't this fun? 
people that made the ad oh yeah this is the best update yet (google executive leaves) they change and say what is wrong with these people
+Matt Schwartz Mute the notification. Boy, these people who don't know how Google+ works are gonna be complaining a lot. Brace yourselves.
"Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 2011..."
+Anthony Raffini I've been on G+ for more than 2 years...done a weekly show with +Dan McDermott for more than 2 years...I know how G+ works. I don't want my posts trolled. Pure and simple. I will not be posting any more You Tube videos publicly. 
No fucking kidding.
im sure i disliked this, how come it still has 3 likes? who was the moron who liked it back up?
This is so awful that after spending 7 years posting possibly hundreds of thousands of comments on YouTube, I think I might just quit tonight, unless these terrible people revert this back to the old system or at least give us an opt-out option.
Thumbs down is completely glitched
+joseaca Probably YouTube, or some idiot. It could also be a robot.
+joseaca It's probably fixed at 3 likes. He's from Google +, they're allowed to bend rules.
Google plus doesn't have thumbs down....just like facebook. that's what's happening.
+Pam Adger okay so you've been on Google+ for 2 years but this is a new feature and your comment made it sound like you weren't aware that people on you YouTube could see this.
+Anthony Raffini I am aware...I don't like it. But only because if you look above...the majority of the comments are not conducive to conversation. They are simply, non-responsive and trollish...just because the kids are bored and have nothing else better to do. I prefer to have conversations, engagement, even smart ass remarks as long as they are clever and funny and not just abusive for the sake of being abusive. I left high school years and years ago. I don't want to go back. 
The delete comment and block features work just fine. Two from this thread were successfully blocked. 
At least I won't see their comments anymore. 
+Anthony Raffini, that's like hoping children won't act like children; a pointless wish, as is already evidenced in this thread 
offering integration is one thing, imposing it is another. google is trending toward the latter and it's disappointing and getting on my nerves.
+Sheryl Loch I have that effect in real life too. It must be my condescending tone that really resonates with the teens. 
it's really true, i'd prefer it with bacon!
LOL +Pam Adger, my friends liked to go out with me because I am a weirdo magnet.
I have been told I have a condescending tone...Hmmmm?
As an atheist, it is well known that I regularly consume babies. Now I need to add adolescent YouTube trolls to my diet. Well, the doc said I need roughage.
I should send Target a bill!  hahaha
Not being a content provider I can say that this update is awesome and will help to unify Google. 
Pam, you're hardly acting like a hallmark of maturity here. Youtube content creators and commenters didn't want a Google+ integration. You guys work for Google+ so obviously you like it. You're welcome to keep it.
+Andrew L you think +Pam Adger works for Google? She wishes ;-) Or maybe she doesn't. Don't know and don't care. It's a silly assumption on your part that any of us expressing support for the new comments must work for Google. 
"Works at Google Plus Week & Newspaper Publisher" maybe she doesn't but Dan sure does.
+Andrew L your comment was directed at +Pam Adger. And Google Plus Week is an independent publication. It is not a Google product and is in now way associated with Google itself.
Just to clarify +Andrew L  I don't work for Google. I host two independent tech shows (because it is fun and interesting) and I am a newspaper publisher.  I am a Google fan but our shows are very fair and we have Apple fans and panelists who are free to speak their mind and often criticize Google. (I'm a First Amendment fan as well.) I do have Google employees on regularly and Google executives on occasionally but it is a tech news show. And a pretty good one. I spend many hours of effort on Google Plus Week but it is a show I own, not any sort of official Google entity. I do not receive any compensation from Google except I get typical adsense money from some YouTube videos I have posted, mainly from a Duck Dynasty cast interview video that gets a lot of views and is unrelated to my shows. I like Google. I sometimes praise them and sometimes criticize them. I do not work for them and my opinions are my own. (What is ironic is that this post was not in any way about the comment system change, it was about my opinion that the tv ad was good. While I do like the comment far...from my experience mainly from the Google+ user side...I was merely complimenting the ad agency, not the client.) And my final word on this is that Google Plus Week is a show I am proud of but it is a very expensive show to do. I have spent about $10,000 to do it. Maybe twice that. It does not make me any profit. It is a labor of love. I have on many occasions referred to it (half jokingly) as a money-sucking hole. But I really enjoy it and so do the panelists, who are all volunteers. And they have all become my good friends.
Just reported an obscene and abusive comment here from a YouTube troll. More fun than flickin' flies off a porch rail in July.
+Pam Adger  +Dan McDermott
You two are the most delusional commie pieces of shit I've ever fuckin encountered.
I seem to have amassed a following....I guess the commenters of You Tube don't like criticism. My block list is going to be hitting 700 soon. 
Do they still count against the 5,000 +Pam Adger? With the new integration you'll be tipping that scale before long!
+Dan McDermott no the block list is completely separate from the circle list. As far as I know there is no limit to the number of people I can block. That only prevents them from seeing my comments and commenting on my posts. It does not prevent them from watching the show on You tube or commenting there. So it should still be exciting for you. 
I'm looking around at various random YouTube Live shows and it appears that the old comment system will be in effect while we are live and for the short processing period afterward and then the new system kicks in when it is archived and the view count starts over.
So during the show people still cannot post URLs? When I am not actually on the show I like to troll comment and once or twice I tried to paste in a URL and could not. 
+Dan McDermott
You had to drag me into this shit, right?
Love it though. As someone mentioned above, Google is the ultimate troll. People who were able to troll YouTube for years now have a problem, well actually two. All the past comments will be linked to their profile? And they can't comment anymore without signing in and it is automatically linked to the Google account. Awesome. Love this. 
F'ck google+, and this absolutely f'ng ridiculous bullshit.  
I'm guessing that's your Dell name. 
Awwww. Poor wittle babies can't hide behind anonymous accounts on YouTube anymore? Awwww.

And the service is free?!? OMG, you poor wittle babies! If you need a hug, I'm right here.

#lifeisunfair #firstworldproblems
+Dan McDermott your story at the beginning points out what happens when Google makes sudden changes like this but does little to communicate them to users directly. Unless they follow a few key Googlers and happened to notice their announcement the other day about Google+ comment integration for YouTube being switched on (or follow someone who reshared those posts), most G+ users would be caught unawares as you were.

There probably should have been, at least for a short time, a popup warning of some kind when you shared a YT video on G+ that your post would be seen as a comment on that videos YT page. 
i've found what seems, at the moment at least, to be an escape from the imposed integration:
let's hope it works and i'm not hounded with constant wouldn't you like to use one username everywhere? pop-ups at youtube.

after severing the bond, google queried me for my reasons.
here was my response:

because i want the freedom to choose what identity i use, where i use it, and how i connect it.

when i go to a fine restaurant, i don't want the peeps i hang with at dive bars showing up acting a fool -- you're trying to make preventing that annoyance impossible. bad move, google.
LOL +Charlie Ellingson WTF? Read back further in this thread. I support the change completely. I was just dialoging about a way it could have been rolled out better. Chill, friend.
you're a bit of a silly chap, charlie, but hey you seem to be having big fun and so i'm just pleased i could enable a small amount.

google would also be silly if they banned me for choosing the option to sever that they presented me. 
I'm normally engaging the content and feeding trolls or becoming one is not my area of expertise, but while this already derailed a few minutes after +Dan McDermott posted it, can we have some more troll comments? I'm testing my block extension in Chrome. Keep em coming!

Oh +Dan McDermott, love the show as always (I went looking for this post when I was watching Google Plus Week), next time under 3h 30m? ;-)
+Tino Kremer we've been doing the show for over 2 years now....I don't think we can break the habit. 
I know, though sometimes the show does end a little sooner. I was just joking, the show is fine and I enjoy watching it very much. If it wasn't in the middle of the night I would even watch live :-) 
+Icy Cool Studios-slick7studios
wth i unlinked icycoolstudios from google plus ages ago wth is that comment still doing there it shouldnt exist
edit: it links to the g+ page i abandoned a year ago it has everything even the old graphics i used back then
i swear i told youtube to delete that thing
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