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Here is a pilot for a brand new show: Top of the Hour News!

This is a tighter and much faster-paced show than you are used to seeing from me. Also, there are scripted intros and questions but the answers are real and unrehearsed. Sort of Charlie Rose meets John McLaughlin?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments. Here are the topics:

00:00 Introduction
00:50 Tupak Shakur performs at Coachella
09:50 FCC gets into Netflix 'Net Neutrality' swipe at Comcast
19:30 Supreme Court to revisit 'First-Sale Doctrine'
29:30 Secret story behind Walter Cronkite's signature closing line
THANKS!! +Jeff Zajas +Oleg Moskalensky +Anthony Clauser +Harold Carey Jr. +Allen Firstenberg

Script as prepared for delivery:
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Good idea for a show. Always a fan of your work.
Weekly show? What is the time slot?
As long as you make sure that all of your guests know that all of their answers are WRONG! .. it sounds like a good show.
this is a good idea and using the time stamps to link right to the portion of the video will be really useful.
+Sreek Menon This is a random pilot. Want to see how people like it. Tight, scripted intros, FAST moving, NOT all about tech stuff but general news, time stamps on the topics so people can find what interests them easily, do the 3-4 stories that matter and wrap it up in a half hour or so.
+David Chaney Thanks! I call it "top of the hour" since that is the best time to start since you can quickly and easily look at your clock and see what time stamp to use on the fly.
+Oleg Moskalensky I hope those extended days come with unlimited Redbull, because I can only stay up until 3:30 AM, to catch up on these show, so often. Turns out I get a little loopy after a few days of little-to-no sleep. :P
I can be the curmudgeon at the end of the show....Pammy Rooney.
+Jacob Chappell With +Dan McDermott's content, especially if I'm not there - Red Bull is mandatory and I'm NOT talking about an app here.

As for being "little loopy" - that's a personal issue, we try to stay away from those, unless it's dead people... which is why, I think, +Dan McDermott decided to start his new pilot show with a dead man's hologram cussing all over the stage. The stage, btw, was real, in case you're wondering.

All of you have to cut +Dan McDermott some slack. My sources tell me that ABC, NBC & CBS passed on picking up the show. Same with Fox, CNN and pretty much any other news organization, so the man deserves some sympathy. His wife & kids would give it to him, unfortunately they're virtual as well, so it's up to us - his telecommuting friends to show some love.

I, for one, am extending a big long-distance hug to +Dan McDermott and wish him the best going forward.

P.S. One of my prior supporters +archer rehcra is totally losing faith in my 2c with these kinds of appearances. +Allen Firstenberg is working on an 'Agreeing with Dan' app, so there will always be someone on the show who agrees with Dan... you know to keep the host in good graces with somebody (kind of like the artificial laughs you see on cable shows)... I'm checking with my attorneys to make sure they'd advise me showing my face on the show in the future. In other words - it's complicated.
Thanks everyone for the comments and for watching. It was fun. Not sure what kind of schedule I'll be on. I used to do a daily show called "McDermott Report" but it was a real hassle to get people to come on. That was when hangouts were just beginning. At first I used Blog Talk Radio to get callers but I had very little interest on that platform. I think BTR is mainly people doing shows with people they invite and there oesn't seem to be much generic audience there. Now it is easy to find smart, informed people who want to talk about interesting things so I am going to resurrect the idea of a frequent, tight news show. I will skip a day when I have to and I may do more than one on a really interesting day. Also, I added the script for the show as prepared for delivery. It is here:
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