News & Tech Hangout 4/18/2012

0:00 Was the Los Angeles Times right in publishing the photo of U.S. troops with body parts of Afghan soldiers?
3:35 Killer App: the race to copy Google Hangouts on Facebook
8:30 Facebook is the Walmart of Social. Google+ is Target?
9:45 Samsung & Apple CEOs to meet and settle. FINALLY!
16:00 Apple wants to go to trial on the ebook case
19:25 Rest in Peace. The late, great Dick Clark
21:55 A new Vizio Android Tablet for $189 at Costco! What???
25:30 Live viewer comments
26:40 What on Earth is +Oleg Moskalensky watching???
28:10 What about these Google Cloud rumours?
35:00 Live viewer comments
36:20 What about the trending list? Bieber fever?
38:48 +Dan McDermott can't operate a simple oven
39:28 France: don't Tweet/facebook election results
44:48 Secret Service gets serviced in Columbia, can't keep it secret
47:30 Live viewer comments
51:50 +Jeff Zajas has unused white space!!
52:25 Telestream's elusive Wirecast virtual camera
53:20 International viewers can watch our On Air Hangouts on
54:50 Jeff Zajas' dogs have a late-night snack!
55:45 About the new Google+ user interface & white space
57:25 Jeff Jajas also has a late night snack!!
59:20 Instant photo upload in Android
1:01:10 Facebook sucks
1:03:25 Live viewer comments: how to fix your G+ tag line
1:05:20 More about white space
1:06:23 YouTube viewers don't know who is talking
1:07:45 Join hangouts = get circled?
1:11:55 PINK SLIME is gross!
1:15:20 Facebook and Instagram
1:18:51 Back to PINK SLIME
1:25:20 Live vewer comments
1:27:20 Bugs in food coloring?
1:30:50 No more 'ghost town' stories lately :-)
1:33:05 New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie
1:35:29 Final flight of Space Shuttle Discovery
1:38 Freeze dried ice cream:

THANKS for participating! +Sreek Menon +Oleg Moskalensky +Eric Rice +Anthony Ramos +Anthony Clauser +Sheila B. DuBois +Jeff Zajas

THANKS for the comments! +Sunny Ardal +Pam Adger +E Wallace Scott Mills´╗┐
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