(UPDATED BELOW) Here is Officer Darren Wilson's version of the Ferguson, Mo. shooting according to a woman claiming to be a family friend

"It's been really hard to be quiet because I do know his [Officer Wilson's] version of the story and I haven't... It seems like everyone is only talking about the other side and I understand they haven't really gotten to hear his side and I have been afraid to say anything. I think we all are, all of his friends and his family but I think we need to put out his version of events so maybe people can consider them as the truth, if nothing else.

"[Officer Wilson] said that they were walking in the middle of the street. He rolled his window down and said, 'Come on guys. Get out of the street.'  They refused to and were yelling back and we're almost where we're going and there was some cussing and he kept rolling up and he pulled over and I believe at that point he called for some backup but I'm not sure but I know he pulled up ahead of them and he was watching them and he gets a call in that there was a strong arm robbery and he gets a description and he looks at them and they've got something in their hands that looks like it could be... cigars or whatever. So he goes in reverse back at them. He tries to get out of his car. They slam his door shut violently. I think he said Michael [Brown] did. Then he opens his door again and tries to get out and as he did Michael just bum rushes him, just slams him back into his car, punches him in the face and then [Officer Wilson] grabs for his gun and then Michael grabs for the gun. At one point he's got the gun turned totally against his hip and shoves it away and the gun goes off.

"Then Michael takes off with his friend. They get to be about 35 feet away and Darren [Wilson], of course protocol is to pursue. So he stands up and yells, 'Freeze!'  Michael and his friend turn around and Michael starts taunting him.  'Oh, what are you going to do about it? You're not gonna shoot me.'

"And then all of a sudden [Michael] started to bum rush him. He just started coming at him full speed so [Officer Wilson] started shooting and he just kept coming. So [Officer Wilson] really thinks [Michael Brown] was on something because he just kept coming. It was unbelievable. And so the final shot was in the forehead and he fell about 2 or 3 feet in front of the officer. 

"So that's why the stories are going around that he was shot execution style. I think some people saw the shot to his head. Of course ballistics will prove that he wasn't shot in the back like other people are saying, quote unquote 'witnesses.' 

"That's his version of what happened."

The conversation continues in the video below.

UPDATE:  Another eyewitness sympathetic to Michael Brown appears to corroborate this version of events:  http://bit.ly/1qhyM1J
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