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Here's the Press Release Accompanying Donald Trump's "Big Announcement."

Video is here:
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that does not sound like Trump at all.

where are you getting this?
I'm interested to see a response by Obama's team. Who cares if it's from the left or right,  5 million for charity...hello
This was what he was building up to? Talk about a letdown.

When President Obama ultimately ignores the offer, conservatives will spin it into "Obama hates charities".
It would be too much to ask to turn this into a positive headline- Shoot, let Obama release them, and 5 million help a great cause. Why all the malice? 
Personally, I'd like to know the extent of Donald Trump's combover. 
+***** which tax returns are you waiting for?
What presidential candidate is going to take time to  do any of this inside of 2 weeks from the election.  Trump is being a  douche
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