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Here's the Press Release Accompanying Donald Trump's "Big Announcement."

Video is here:
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that does not sound like Trump at all.

where are you getting this?
I'm interested to see a response by Obama's team. Who cares if it's from the left or right,  5 million for charity...hello
This was what he was building up to? Talk about a letdown.

When President Obama ultimately ignores the offer, conservatives will spin it into "Obama hates charities".
It would be too much to ask to turn this into a positive headline- Shoot, let Obama release them, and 5 million help a great cause. Why all the malice? 
Has Trump released all of his college records, applications, passport records? Did Bill Clinton, George Bush, Mitt Romney? Romney's father was born in Mexico. I don't see Trump questioning whether or not Mitt is an anchor baby. John McCain was born on a military base in Panama, a year before a law passed making anyone born on a US military base an automatic citizen. I didn't see Trump asking for McCains passport.
Neat trick of Trump to give a 6-business-day deadline, one that none of us could hope to accomplish. Has anyone here tried to get your college transcripts released? This is just a marketing gimmick from Trump since no President has released this many records, no President, especially during an election season, COULD get all of these records released in such a short amount of time. I'm sure everyone of us has some typo or misinformation that a jackass like Donald Trump could twist. This is an opportunity for Trump to say "see, I asked him to do something simple and he didn't. What is he hiding, why doesn't he think $5 million for charity is more important than his secrecy?"

I challenge Donald Trump to be transparent. I want to see a list of everyone Trump has done business with such as pyramid-schemers Concord ACM, convicted drug dealer Raoul Goldberg, mob investment banker and Trump casino partner Kenneth Shapiro. I also want to see Trump's passport, his school records, his tax returns. I want to hear more about the 4 student deferrals Trump received to avoid the draft as well as the sudden 4F he got when he graduated. I want to hear about the $35,000-per-class Trump University that is under investigation by the NY and Maryland attorney generals.
Personally, I'd like to know the extent of Donald Trump's combover. 
+***** which tax returns are you waiting for?
+Mike Coles Mitt Romney has released tax returns for 2010 and 2011. That's it. Keep in mind that the 2011 tax returns were filled after the due date and were filled in such a way as to fit his comment about paying 14%. Romney decided NOT to take an extra write-off that he has previously so that his taxes wouldn't show him paying 12%, 16% less than I do. President Obama on the other hand has released his tax records from 2000-2011. Joe Biden released his taxes from 1998-2011. Paul Ryan followed suite with his boss by only releasing his 2010 and amended 2011 taxes. Here is the link:
What presidential candidate is going to take time to  do any of this inside of 2 weeks from the election.  Trump is being a  douche
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