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CNN just broke into Reliable Sources to tell us that searchers have found a fishing net and a dead jellyfish. (These items are not believed to be related to the missing plane.)

Now back to Reliable Sources which is discussing the coverage of the missing plane.
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yeah... that's rock bottom, right there... although, they didn't found the empty plastic bag yet... stay tuned.
I hadn't known there were dead fish and fishing nets in the oceans +George Kozi So there's that.
Whe whole network is beyond ridiculous.
Coming up next: Was the dead jellyfish inside the net? Experts weigh in after this from Cialis and Christian Mingle.
In all seriousness (black holes aside) CNN has the best coverage and I've been watching a lot of it.
+Dan McDermott I saw a senior at the beach looking at the sky and then at the ocean.  Hence, the vid relates to the search.
too many objects spotted for too long a period with no answers to provide.
Next they'll discuss whether the fish was alive on the plane, and what may have killed the fish.
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