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Had a wonderful time interviewing Vic Gundotra.

+Allen Firstenberg and I discuss the first year of Google+ and look at the future with Google Senior Vice President +Vic Gundotra. We also answer a bunch of your questions. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions and thanks a bunch to Vic!
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Can't watch yet. But he was personable?Was I right on that one???
Great job Dan and Alan. I hope this is the first of many high-profile interviews.
Can't get into hangouts with him. They are always jam packed.
+Dan McDermott thanks for the Q&A with +Vic Gundotra about the availability of HOA in different countries. Germany is waiting:) 
This Hangout is a great example how to use HOA for open minded communication. Thanks again to all participants.
I fully intended to watch it live +Dan McDermott but I fell asleep just before it aired. Will watch the stored version. 
Thanks so much. It was a blast. Vic was a great interview and he was really busy that day but still spent a little more time than we had booked. Didn't +Allen Firstenberg do a great job?!!
lol +Max Huijgen I feel the same way during some of the marathon GPW shows! Wish I had a cot or something and could take a nap! 
So proud of my brother.  Great job Dan!
+Dan McDermott, +Allen Firstenberg   Great interview with +Vic Gundotra.  Picked it up when +Bradley Horowitz posted it. Some great question and Vic fielded them outstandingly as Gary Levin noted.  

Vic acknowledged that the Google+ users are mobile. Love to hear his thoughts on how he views on how mobile users will use Google+ and the other social networks in a year's time.  
Watched this last night. Great questions and responses! Nice to know that over half of the posts on +Google+ are private, and that none of the measurement people track mobile (Seriously? Isn't that like an eye doctor only examining one eye?) for their results.
Wow!   I just watched this a 2nd time to catch any details I might have missed.   This was not only informative and entertaining, but I found it calming to hear +Vic Gundotra clarify so many details.

Thanks +Dan McDermott and +Allen Firstenberg for putting this together and Vic for taking the time to share with us all.

I must now revise my long held opinion and actually concede that Microsoft did in fact do at least one thing right: They hired Vic.  :-)
I had just one question for +Vic Gundotra and I forgot to ask it.
But this is a test :)
"How often does Vic go through all the plus mentions of him in comments and posts and does he actually read every one of them?" as well as posts which are shared to him by random folks. I guess we will know soon :)
Trying to figure out how to convert from f4v. Lots of the converters look suspicious. Found one. It's an rar file so now I am trying to figure out how to open that. +Yifat Cohen 
Thanks +Joshua Talley I actually was looking for something to convert a local file. FormatFactory did the trick.
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