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(VIDEO) Tesla Motors to build national network of free charging stations.

[Read this and watch. This is literally the most important news story of the year, if not the decade or century.]

Tesla Motors co-founder Elon Musk said there are three reasons people don't view electric cars as practical. Then he proceeded to solve each one.

1) "The range is too short."  His new super charger will give high-end Teslas a 150 mile trip on a 30 minute charge. "You could drive for three hours, stop at a rest area and recharge for 30 minutes and be ready to go again." There are six stations already deployed in California. "This is not some figment of imagination that may be happening at some point in the future. We built these up in secret and we are unveiling them for the first time tonight...Within two years we will cover almost the entire United States with Super Chargers. You'll be able to travel practically anywhere. Our long-term goal is (within 4-5 years) to cover the entire United States and the lower part of Canada." Europe and eventually the entire world are planned as well.

2) "You are just burning fuel at a power plant instead of the car."  The super chargers will be powered by solar panels from Solar City and "are designed to generate more power than required for the cars so the Super Chargers will actually put more power into the grid than the cars use."

3) "Electric vehicles are trendy but too expensive and not worth it."  The Tesla Model S cars equipped with the Super Charging technology will be able to use the stations at no cost. "You'll be able to travel for free, forever on pure sunlight. It's pretty hard to beat that. Free long distance? You're not going to be able to get that with gasoline."

At the start of his talk, a Tesla was plugged in. At the conclusion of his 10 minute presentation it had gained enough charge to drive 50 miles. From sunlight. For free.

Video Description: Elon Musk introduces the Tesla Supercharger and the first part of a national network which will allow the Model S electric car to travel long distances with ultra fast charging. With the Superchargers' power supplied by solar energy, Tesla continues to move automotive transit towards a much more sustainable future.

+Vic Gundotra 
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Cover the US in two years - now that's aggressive.
It's a little smoky for my taste ;).
Considering the number of Model s' on the road now and the rate at which they will appear this sounds like the number of chargers / car should track, and even if no one uses them the solar panels will be selling electricity to the grid that will in the long run pay for them. It makes perfect sense. Now if someone could explain why the kiosk symbol looks like the Pope's hat I'd appreciate it. ;)
Until electric motors can haul 2,000 pounds of gear like my '96 Suburban, I ain't switching.
I just wonder about the spent batteries. Do they get recycled or go to a landfill? Also, are these recharging stations used by all makes and models of electric cars or are they proprietary? Is there a fee for using them? How much will a "fill up" cost? (edit: video says it's free. If you factor in the cost savings over the life of the car, that might make TCO quite a bit lower.)
Gary Jr
Damn I need more OT, I wanna "put it" to big oil
How about the project !!! Tesla Motors definitely need to make their electric cars 100% compatible with Better Place's swapable battery technology! With swapable battery system, in 2 minutes you have a full capacity new battery inserted in your electric car. And as new better batteries arrive, you can simply go and swap that one in, and you do not have to buy the battery when you buy the electric car, you simply pay a battery and renewable energy charging subscription for much cheaper than the price of gas in a gas powered car!
+Dan McDermott I prefer to swap the fully charged battery in 2 minutes than to be forced to wait 30 minutes. It makes no sense for Tesla not to make all their cars compatible with the swapable battery system! Swapping batteries is the best solution for this system!
Why not incorporate the solar panels into the car and offer a self charging, perpetual machine?
Replacing the combustion engine with a real working example for the masses is really something. Respect! I hope to see you guys in Europe soon.
+Dan McDermott Great post.  I just posted an article about a network of switching stations for replaceable batteries.  This system is very fast ! 
Batteries are the big issue. The current dry cell batteries used in hybrid and electric cars are not able to be recycled at current. And they aren't cheap to replace.
interesting..   free on solar..  good thinking..
when will this car be affordable?  i don't know many people that have the means to buy a vehicle from tesla.
You don't start to save on gas until you pay more than what car is worth so expect to pay more what what you think you'll save for few years. Insurance is not really cheap regardless on what the discount is so in reality you will never save. You are not helping environment, once these battery gives out you cannot recycle and causes more harm to environment than gas. You can't work on your own on these things which means you are forced to go to dealer and pay lots of Cash $$$. I'll stick to my $2000 1996 bronco. I sell and buy me a $2500 value car every year, insurance is very cheap and with no monthly payments I have plenty for gas $ during year. In the past 7 years I've spent less than half of what one of these cars is worth including insurance cost.
looks good.  How much?
so how many charging spots are there at each location? it could get really annoying if there are too few, especially with 30min charges... you think gas lines suck...
+Adam Grant Renault has a solution to that problem with batteries that can be replaced and swapped.  The owner doesn't actually buy the battery.  I just posted about this network a few minutes ago. 
If there two people ahead of me at a charging station.. does that mean i have to wait max of 1hr before doing my 30 min fill up?
Now just make it economical for the consumer, because there won't be any competition until the price points are similar.
+Mark Huber I believe another reason that article stated is that the stations will also be putting any unused solar energy into the power grid...
it is a great work but when that will be publishing around the world .
your welcome america, your welcome...
pretty cool. now tesla needs to make a small car for picking up groceries, dropping off kids at school, and for sale in india. don't need a sports car for that.
Too bad for those who think this is the future after oil runs out or we can no longer afford. Too bad for those who don't like to get on a bike. 
Am very impressed but Still can't see the consumer waiting 30 mins or even 10 mins in this convenience driven world! 
its a great car, all the best to the guys, loving the interior, so huge that mid dash lol
I have considered the Tesla S, but I was slightly disappointed that the prototype looked so much better than the final car. Living in Europe we will have to do with normal overnight charging for the time being and the mileage is just too short for some touring in my area.
now i want to see tesla make an electric version of the Volkswagen Concept T
+Camo Yoshi Electric motors have more torque than internal combustion engines. Someone only needs to make you an SUV! I think Tesla announced that was the next vehicle after the Model S.
+Mark Huber For the same reason the early 20th century industrialists (JP Morgan) killed Nikolai Tesla's proven concept of "free energy" which would have consisted of towers around the earth which would beam energy down from the ionosphere, which is charged by the sun for free everyday. Morgan's response when learning of Tesla's experiments which he was funding..."this lunatic would have us in the business of selling antennas". He then set out to destroy Tesla's life. As long as there is one drop of oil in the ground, they are not going to let go of the petroleum dollar. As of 1913... our dollar is no longer based on gold. It's sole value is how much oil can we buy with it, as oil is what all economies run on today. It is a petroleum dollar, which is the true reason why they took out Hussein. He had switched to making the US (which bought 2/3 of Iraq's oil) to paying with Euro's. Not only did we not have the Euros, but, this would have made the US dollar, no longer the standard for world currency, and we had nothing of value to convert to Euros. It, essentially would have destroyed the dollar as we know it. BP, Exxon etc...etc... do you seriously think they are going to allow the petroleum industry worldwide to be erased overnight, even though we have had this technology and capability for almost 100 years?
People don't veiw elecric cars as practicle because they are two expensive. The tesla roadster is very expensive for what it is. I rather own a porsche and a prius or the other types of electric cars are boring and ugly and also expesive for what they are. Prius,insight,crz lexus 200h are all in there 30k price range is like buying a civic hatch or corrola for a major price range sure you save money in the long run and the enviorment. But when shit hits the fan I'm not looking to plug my car in. And bearly go faster then a toyota echo. I won't make it to the other charging station because whatever emergency that happens will already be done.
it will be practical when the drive time is 6 hours (or more) and the recharge time 15 mins (or less)

In the mean time I'll still buy a 10k beater that gets me across the US in 24 hours for around $400. (well, with current gas prices mebbe $700)
If the car generates more electricity than it uses, why would I ever need to recharge?
I used to like Musk a lot for SpaceX. Now I hate his guts because he makes me lust for Tesla cars that I could never afford.
Good point +Robert Shaver everyone says they recycle but you know they will end up as pollution. Because big corperations are about making numbers at whatever cost. And they will tell the consumer what ever it is they want to hear. Kinda like women and purses I need that gucci or micheal kors bag when you buy a bag they give 2 dollars back to some chairity yeah but what you don't know is they are paying children 75 cents to make them and charging a high fee to the consumer with promises of helping the invoirment. So with that said I hope I clairified that point.
+Ben Kuhl I think you read that wrong. The Charging stations will produce more energy than the car will take to charge. Not the cars themselves. Although i'm sure at some point in time cars will charge themselves.
Ben, the car doesn't generate the electricity, the solar panels that power the chargers generate the electricity.  By generating more electricity than is needed, they can sell that power to the electric companies.
+Ben Kuhl By the laws of entropy and the second law of thermodynamics... that is an impossibility. You can never generate more energy than you use. At least not in this dimension or
cesar h
how many "pumps" will there be available per station since each car will take 30 min to charge I don't want to wait 1 hr if there are 2 cars ahead of me plus the 30 min it would take to charge mine ?
WOW this is awesome YAY!! Bring it on Now peps need to buy the cars to kick this in the A$$!! to make it main stream
Some good news today for $TSLA for a change.
I was going to complain about their use of the word supercharger, but then I read the article and WOW.

Note to self, invest in this company.

Also, don't worry, the cars will get cheaper in the long run. A while back i read that their plan was to first make expensive "toy" cars, so to speak, which fund the research and development of the technology and as it aged they could provide cheaper consumer level vehicles. That is instead of providing expensive and mediocre (because of the level of the early tech) consumer cars, which would make it harder to make a profit and overall slower development. 
Its a Great Idea I am Looking forward to Drive this that After all its the New Era and I am Sick of WAR`s for Petrol  around the Globe......So thumbs up Guys.......!!!!
For the same reason the early 20th century industrialists (JP Morgan) killed Nikolai Tesla's proven concept of "free energy" which would have consisted of towers around the earth which would beam energy down from the ionosphere, which is charged by the sun for free everyday. Morgan's response when learning of Tesla's experiments which he was funding..."this lunatic would have us in the business of selling antennas". He then set out to destroy Tesla's life. As long as there is one drop of oil in the ground, they are not going to let go of the petroleum dollar. As of 1913... our dollar is no longer based on gold. It's sole value is how much oil can we buy with it, as oil is what all economies run on today. It is a petroleum dollar, which is the true reason why they took out Hussein. He had switched to making the US (which bought 2/3 of Iraq's oil) to paying with Euro's. Not only did we not have the Euros, but, this would have made the US dollar, no longer the standard for world currency, and we had nothing of value to convert to Euros. It, essentially would have destroyed the dollar as we know it. BP, Exxon etc...etc... do you seriously think they are going to allow the petroleum industry worldwide to be erased overnight, even though we have had this technology and capability for almost 100 years?
+Ben Kuhl ... The station generates more power, not the car.
This is awesome. Almost follows the Tesla name sake of providing free electricity to all. But, how are the stations paid for? Tesla cars? Possibly selling power to the grid? Hopefully other cars can use the power as well. Can I charge up my Chevy Volt there? (if I had one).
probably cesar there are going to be more than a 100 or so 'pumps' because unlike gasoline pumps cables dont require that much space!
Sounds great. in fact a bit too good. who pays for the superchargers?
Hope this does eventually happen though.
+Lyle Hardin Yes, of course they would charge an exhorbitant amount for the vehicles... to fund the stations... they could build these cars and sell them at a good profit for $10k if they wanted. Like I said, the petroleum industry and those behind our petroleum dollar... will never allow this to be affordable for the masses.
I am a big fan of cars realy i am so i am so good at i dentifiying cars in the future the scale is realy cool realy cool most coolest thing i have seen
I wish I could afford a Tesla car --- too cool!!
+Jeff Schnell "they could build these cars and sell them at a good profit for $10k if they wanted"

src pls

"the petroleum industry and those behind our petroleum dollar... will never allow this to be affordable for the masses."

Where do you think electricity comes from? Big Oil would much rather quietly sell petrol to a power plant than make news every time gas goes up a quarter.
What about regions that don't get much sun? How will these chargers get power?
+Edgar Madriz SUVs, for the most part, are pickup trucks (or even station wagons) with worse performance and a higher price than the cars and trucks they are based on. Yet they are successful because they provide intangible value to the buyer.

EVs don't provide enough value to you to justify their cost, but if SUVs can find a market, these can too.
Renault ZE Fluence is about $40 thousand on the swappable system. And the Renault ZOE is closer to $20 thousand. There is no reason for Tesla not to make their cars compatible with swappable batteries, you can have the expensive fast charge system work for those too. Of course we need a charging network and fast charging too, but we also need battery swap as the basis of the electric car network.
+Alexander Fuchs they are part of the car, unless you mean at the station, in which case that would be Tesla Motors.
Why not just make a tesla car that recharges itself
the tesla roadster eh, supposedly it does about 200 mph with only an electric motor. if you ask me thats some insane stuff.
I'm still holding out for more hydrogen fueled cars.
the pagani zonda f does 212 in stock with about 700bhp
eat! I sincerely hope my most liberal and most conservative friends can come together to aplaud this increddible exampole of a super motivated  person with good ideas brings his dreams to life in a free market. For the sceptical, check out the history and plans of Tesla Motors and you'll see that they are not counting on Gov subcidies to sustain their project(s) over the long haul. Yes, they had some luck, they'd have to to be pushing the envolope as much as they have and continue to do, but nothing short of genious and man years of hard work could have gotten Tesla to where it is. 
Maybe Nicola is some how lending a hand from what ever lightning filled cloud he's playing with this
Chicken/Egg and the Egg just got served.
Not the most important news story. :-\ Unless you own a Tesla.
I wonder how they are licensing the charging connector on the vehicle.
The next step is making the vehicles affordable for everyone.  The base car that only has a range of 160 miles starts at $50,000.  
Hmm, the feed should had a parallel extension feed so that additional cars can be linked in... ( +Elon Musk )
They're really dodging the question on point #3. I don't care how cheap charging is. I don't care if they pay me to use their chargers. It still won't make it economical to buy a $100,000 electric car when I can have a gas driven car that costs a tenth of that. There's no way I'm going to make up that price difference over the lifespan of the vehicle.
This is awesome.  I can't wait until Tesla makes a car that is affordable to the middle class.  That would be a game changer. 
This is amazing. I knew Telsa was the future. The man was a genius. 
+Camo Yoshi The drive train of locomotives are actually ran by electric motors powered by diesel generators.. I don't think electric motors lack torque! 
This is a huge step toward a sustainable future. I think the best solution is every home should have a solar system on the roof and an electric car in the garage. That's my plan for my home.
tom pi
This makes me want to earn a bunch of money and move to California! #mirai
I just love the idea that I can see/own a car like this in my lifetime.
+Seth Brodbeck , that may be the case right now, but the price trend of gasoline is only going to keep increasing. The price of electricity will most likely only keep coming down. So will the price of electric vehicles. It's an investment in the future, and while it may not be affordable to everyone right now, it's a great investment for those who can afford it right now.
I'm sure soon the government will have someone there to collect their taxes for that charge. Nothing is free anymore. 
+Eddie Chaplin , if you look at solar and wind power plants they currently provide electricity at a cost which is a little more expensive than the cost of energy through coal. These are both really young technologies, and advances in solar and wind tech will only drive the price down in the future. 
Another way to look at it is oil is a precious and limited commodity.  The less people are burning it up in their cars the better and brighter the future. Losing our dependency on middle eastern supplied energy is also in the best interest of free people everywhere.  Solar energy won't run out...or at least when it does run out so do we.
+Dan McDermott How do figure in cost savings on a $100,000 electric car?

Don't get me wrong, my curiosity is piqued, but the car costs almost half of what my house is worth. On a 60 month finance, that puts it out of the range of many buyers.

Maybe after the car gets more mainstream and production can be made more efficient for the price to be lowered, then it will gain more acceptance in the market.

Until then, it's a toy for those with large amounts of disposable income.
the only problem i got with solar power is more and more things are going to be using it and if there are hundreds of millions things soaking up the suns energy will there be enough left for plants and trees? in the beginning they said we could never pollute the whole planet. but we are. they said we could never use up the worlds water supply. but it is dwindling. how much of the sun`s energy can machines soak up before there`s not enough left for it to do what its supposed to do?
Can't sell too many Teslas then. What is the area of solar panels you need to replace every car in the US with electric?
I'm surprised Starbucks didn't say to put the charger in their shop. You can have a latte while you wait for your car to charge. If that was the case you'd have a charging station at every corner in 2 months.
This is amazing. Tesla Motors looks like they have the technology to really reshape automobile transportation. Now, if they can get the price of their automobile down to affordable levels for the masses the revolution will be all set.
I would hope that that the "Super Charger" would allow for other non-telsa electric cars to charge as well. But for a small fee.
That is fantastic, it's about time. I wonder why the large auto companies even think of this.
They also need to address the production concerns.  Battery materials are mined.  Then put on a boat and shipped around the world, where the batteries are made.  Fossil Fuels are still needed for transportation.  Not to mention the materials needed to produce the batteries are not a renewable resource, and mining these materials damages the Earth.  You can't just go out an make more Nickel, or Lithium.  
Just amazing!!! I hope this kind of cars arrived soon, because it will be a very good new for our planet!!!
I guess I need to move to CALIF and travel with 6 super charger locations forever for free.
How long before the oil companies destroy this project? 
Guys, if you had followed, listened and read all about Tesla and what is said on their blogs, many of the stupid questions/comments showing your lack of info could have been avoided.

Batteries.... 60% of the batteries can and will be recycled currently as they expire.  This can go up to as high as 90% as the quantities goes up.  At one place they uses some of the scrap to generate electricity with again and sell it to the nextdoor copper mine. No they don't chuck it on a landfill but the lithium Ion batteries is safe enough if they want to.  Super charge stations... Nothing prevent them to expand the charge station if need be except maybe space in some instances but it is a waste of money and time to setup a charge station than can handle 40 cars similtanious when on average with the amount of cars on the road now will maybe sees 4 cars at the same time charging.  Rather spent the money now to install more small units at more evenly spread places to cover the place better and revisit the site later on as the demands increase and enlarge as needed.

Price....  Nobody said it will be affordable to the masses right now.  Yet there are allready reservation deposits placed for more than 8000 S models and even a few X models, the SUV they plan to launch in 2014. This year they plan to build 5000, next year 20 000.  The master plan is to bring out a affordabile unit in about 5 years time for the masses at about $25 000.

No they don't plan to incorporate solar panels into their body works as the total area isn't enough to add any significant range.  Hybrid engine is also not an idea as the weight added works against the whole idea.
How many cars can charge from one of these stations at a time?  Does having six stations out there right now mean that a maximum of six cars can charge at a time?
If this is really gonna happen as described, it might be the start of a revolution in modern transportation.
Amazing! If this goes through I am willing to go to an electricity powered vehicle, I drive an 09' A4 and I am prepared to sell that in exchange for an electric car. Helping mother nature is more important in my eyes.
Why can't you just replace batteries in no time instead of charging the car for half an hour?
So how much is this costing? Combine the loans to Tesla from the Gov, the rebates and the fact that the low end is 2X a Ford Focus gas powered, Why are we saying this is great? The only up side I see is if they do succeed maybe GM will kill the Volt.
+Filip Stepien You would need someone manning the station which would make it no longer a free service.
no way this is cost effective -- what is Solar City anyway, and how does it generate power when it's not sunny?  if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is...:-/
The technology to replace the batteries is more involved and so more expensive than plugging in a charger.  You also need a car specially designed to allow automated removal of the batteries (from the bottom).  That gives less cross sectional area for lateral stability in the car (similar to how convertibles can have a shake if not carefully designed), and also limits the concept of distributing batteries around the vehicle for balance, or technologies such a shaped batteries (i.e., the vehicle body could be the battery).
150 miles is still an one hour drive on german highway ;-)
No one asked him about the car price though? How many people can afford that cool car?
great cant wait till the superchargers together with electronic cars will be more spread and more available to use than these days. love the idea of driving without emissions for FREE FOREVER !
+Filip Stepien To have the range these cars have I believe they had to put some batteries (if not all) in the floor of the car. That would make it rather complicated to change quickly.
Bottomline on this... because the technology has been around for 50 years to do this (nothing new)... how much is each vehicle going to cost ?<<< that's all that really matters. Also, it amazes me, how people have bought into believing that electric cars should cost FAR easier to manufacture an electric car.... than a combustion engine with all it's machining and moving parts.
Given a choice between the bottom-end, ~$50k Tesla S and a Volt, it'd have to be the Tesla -- hands down.

Given the choice between the bottom-end Tesla S, and any other car on the road that markets in the $50k price range, and there's suddenly a tidal wave of superior competition.

Tesla Motors' progress is very encouraging, and I hope they persist, and expand their product offerings into a broader range of vehicles, but -- at this moment -- they're rich kid's toys; garage trophies for the terminally green geek set with wads of dead presidents to spare.

TOTALLY ironic that so many who dig Tesla cars spew so much anti-capitalist rhetoric, while simultaneously drooling over their wet, green dream that can't be had for less than $50k.  Y'all been PUNKD!

Meanwhile, back in Realville...

Tesla desperately needs to front a vehicle that competes in the Prius' price range.  They could EASILY dominate that market segment, and that move would serve to give their products a solid consumer base among "the rest of us."
Yeah, because designing digital electronics capable of high-voltage modulation is a hell of a lot easier than designing an ICE. Both require complex engineering, and as such, yes, they shouldn't be of varying price range. 
Do people even know who was Tesla, and from where he come?
actually my question is more the accuracy of the power it pretty accurate?  Meaning when it says you have 25 miles left, is it really 25 miles? ;)

Other than that, amazing car, amazing execution, amazing vision; I really love Tesla as a company and wish them the best.  Get the car down to where I can afford it and I'll buy one!!!
+Roozbeh Pirzadeh They're more accurate than they used to be ... it's an estimate based on the voltage across each battery, the current flow, etc.  There's actually quite a few engineers working on the control systems to maximize safe charging and estimating remaining range - it's still a nontrivial exercise.
How will we pay for this? Where is the infrastructure to support such a massive influx of demand for electricity? We can barely maintain our grid with today's demand.

I also want to see the studies where they show that the lifetime affect on the environment (production and operation of batteries vs. engines) is less for electric vehicles.
There's a Tesla showroom in Denver and their cars are really sleek. I am strongly considering when I replace my old guzzler to invest on a Tesla. This only makes things easier.
No Roosbeth, it isn't accurate at all.  This is only more or less a guide.  The 25 miles can be 27 or 29 or 33 or it even can be only20 or 17....  Why??  Because it depends on your drivestyle and the geography the land and wind comditions etc.Going uphill trying tomaintain your spee will chow faster in your range.  Windy conditions from the front will reduce distance travel.  Downhill, a nice wind from behind, the speed you maintained, acceleration deceleration willal reduce awink
Waiting for it to come to Europe. At least my daughter will have an electric car and benefit of this technology. I hope she will not opt in for some pink SUV...
I would add it's only a matter of time before they can get the production costs down; and I think a big reason why they have been able to get these charging stations here is because of government pushes to get solar panels cheaper and more efficient!  US and China have both been pushing these costs down through government investment.  So it's private+public money that is making this possible.
as with all rechargeable gadgets the cell slowly degenerates until you have to shell out thousands to replace the battery cell in the car. 
So what percentage of the population can afford a Tesla? Hint: middle class need not apply!
great idea, extremely way too late....
Guessing they are trying to getting restaurants/stores to share the cost/dedicate space in parking lots knowing they are going to have customers stuck at their shops for 30+ minutes.  Smart if you get buy in... where is the government when you need them??
First electric car that will work will have charging stations at every walmart... otherwise its just pointless.
Electric cars suck. Internal combustion forever!
Nobody wants to drive you an electric car. It more than twice priced as a medium-top level car even you will drive it for free in the next 10 years. How much the servicing and assurance will cost you in the next 10 years after first 5? Just because it`s trendy:P If the governments start supporting electrical then it might be a chance for all of us. To have it cheaper and easier to maintain, but the truth is as long they have power from oil, the industry will not give up so easy!
30 minutes is still way too long, and 150 miles too short.  Get it up to 300 miles and down to 10 minutes and i'm in.
There should be standard solution for all electric vehicles
Leif H
It might take a while for range and battery life to increase, but if you never start, then you will never get anywhere.  This is a good step forward, and if more people drive electric it should put downward pressure on the price of oil by increasing the supply. Although, as long as China and India are growing the price of oil won't really be going down anytime soon.
There's some people who might say using batteries is not environmentally friendly and the waste outweighs the benefit. Keep in mind that 100% electric vehicles don't have: oil, oil filters, engine head, timing belts, transmissions, exhaust, pistons, spark plugs, fuel injectors, distributors, gas tanks, etc. The waste oil from ICE oil changes is a much more substantial potential pollutant than the metals and acid in the sealed batteries.
I'd like to go to a model S but the stripper is $57K. Loaded it hits 77K. But it is a nice start.
Truly amazing! The way I see it, this is the green future Obama is talking about. We need to break our dependence from oil and move onto the next level. Let China and Russia fight for it! 
+Jibalo Bassene ... It's difficult to break from oil dependency, those giant oil company might even buy the whole project and just can the whole thing and byebye Tesla Motors.
you should offer another option for the impatient: charge multiple standalone battery cells at these stations and users can swap out their spent cells without having to wait the 30 min? Charge a small fee to cover the cost of managing cell inventories across various locations(kinda like bixi bike stations)...
30 minutes is still a long time, be good if you could just have replaceable batteries that you could switch at the station and leave a set to charge.  
If I buy one, I'll mod it for no charging station needed and laugh when people are stuck in line for one!
4 more years of development and the Model S may be in my garage
"Tesla Motors co-founder Elon Musk said there are three reasons people don't view electric cars as practical. Then he proceeded to solve each one."  His solutions are not convincing enough.  The cheapest Tesla model is $50K.
I was thinking the same thing Domingo.  Replace the battery at the charging site instead of wait for it to charge yourself.  30 minutes is a long time.  Give people the option of one or the other.
This is fantastic.  We are really getting there with personal mobility and great choices. 
deo ism
when it get's public - OR GASP - CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL - perhaps the government can put cash where it's 'vision' is - and one can drive coast to coast  - I'd like to see this become government funded and not privately owned... - only then will it be truely free energy - cause in the end - the cost will be past via corporate STANDARD - 
Free charging stations would be great.
30 minutes' wait for $20 worth of fuel is about what people will tolerate. And why wouldn't they? Unlike a smelly gas station, you can charge your car while you do something actually enjoyable. Imagine people meeting to charge their cars and just hanging out in a cafe. Considering what we get for the planet and energy independence, 30 minutes is not much to ask!
The success of Tesla in spite of huge difficulties is perhaps the most
impressive business story of the decade, and potentially as important as
the Apple story and or the smartphone revolution as far as how society
may be influenced.
If I'd not already done some reading on Tesla's amazing trajectory I'd
have been less impacted, but while the odds are still not firmly in
Tesla's favor, this is another impressive step towards their medium and
long term success, and if the electric car takes off in the next 10-20
years Tesla Motors will have blazed the trail that others will try to
Will look in to this, thanks. I didn't mean to imply that gov subsidies
haven't played an important role in getting things going, just meant
that the plans are include the post subsidy world.
It'll be a terrible blow to innovation if this project doesn't get a
hand now when it could have such a major payoff.
+deo ism thats a fantastic idea! instead of letting a corporation build everything for free, lets build it on the taxpayers' dime!
They have a plan for a third gen car that will knock the price down
another significant notch. I don't have the figures at hand, but I'm
thinking we're talking in the $30,000s.
If I remember correctly their plans have this about 5 years off.
Maybe Tesla can work out a deal with Honda. With a water supply, they could create hydrogen gas (electrolysis) with the extra solar electricity and also fuel Honda FCX's too!
Robert Shaver... watch the video!!!! its free to Tesla cars.....omg really?????
What about lines at the refill station? how many get charged at a time? Will you have to wait 1/2 to plug in and then charge 1/2 hour
The true way 2 tomorrow. Thank you very much !!!
Do I get a free supercharger at my house? On solar? That is where most of my charging will happen.
If it takes 30 min to charge, the lineups at the pump may be long if more people buy them.
That is my NEW dream car. I need to move to california and buy me one of those babies, so I can drive back and forth on the PCH.
So, let's see... What's the battery warranty? And repairs for the car? And is a Tesla car initially priced less than 100k? Right now it seems unaffordable. I'll stick with my TDI passat with 43+ mpg. I'm all for the environment but I don't want to bankrupt my family for a car
Google CONSIDER THIS AS advertisement. LOL 
THINK!!! Of how many times u will hav 2 stop and recharge and it costs a lot of money which lots of people dont hav so go back 2 the drawing board ane RETHINK...
They said travel anywhere free! Well guess what! If you do run out, here come your time to pay for your service!
truly awesome!....its the thing people are expecting from a long time....nd u did it!...:) ....hats off!
if buying a car means free gas, we all win!
What about not being the only person with a tesla car wanting to use the supercharger?
What about in winter time , if we get tres or more days without sun, just snowing
This is amazing.  I am so proud of Tesla for stepping up and making our future how it should be.
This is indeed the most important news story of the year yet watch the media continue to drool over themselves with irrelevant election minutiae and realityTV ridiculousness and give it minimal attention
Forgot 2 say the design of the car is brilliant and its not a bad idea. I guess i could give it a go and see how it turns out.
The thing people forget is that Elon Musk is a genius. His past record is proof enough.
Like the idea of EV's in general what has been missing is infrastructure. People said the same thing about Automobiles when the main mode of transport was the horse and buggy. Who's going to drill the oil and refine it? Who's going to fix the complicated machinery? Who's going to make all those tires that wear out? Over time industries developed to meet those needs and you see the results of about a hundred years of evolution in the major industries each of those 'problems' turned into.
A few points;
A) Lithium battery recycling. 
Again the infrastructure has to develops as there is no technical reason it can't be done. Up till now even though there are millions of laptop and phone batteries out there the volume is relatively low. EVs will change that.
B) Too expensive. Remember Mr. Musk = genius. He has a well thought out multi-step plan that will deliver affordable EV's, it's just going to take a few years. Step one the Roadster. A niche market car, low volume that was used to beta test the battery and drive train issues. Rich folks bought them and the vast majority love them. They are no longer in production so the limited quantities make them collectors items, think DeLorian, their value will go up over time.
Step two the Model S, again targeted at rich folks with an ecological conscience who's deep pockets will pay to beta test the mass manufacturing issues and provide a few iterations of battery, power converter, chassis etc. improvements. A week doesn't go by that you don't hear about some new discovery in Lithium Ion battery technology so the future looks bright.
Step three. The Model X an SUV like vehicle that will continue the development of the manufacturing and drive train Using basically the same drive train as the Model S. Not quite as high end priced as the Model S it will appeal to young affluent families who migh have bought a Mercedes , BMW, AUDI, etc SUV but don't want to burn oil.
Step four I think he'll call it the Model E for economy, (Models S, E, X, get it ) by this time, about five years from now, all the experience gained from the higher end models should allow for a extremely efficient production of a smaller vehicle with more urban use oriented features at a more affordable price. , around $25 - 30 K.
C)With the Supercharger the 'fuel' infrastructure is well on it's way and unless the cost of oil takes a major nose dive long term over the next five years ( ya' think?) not much can stop him other than industrial sabotage and I'm sure he'll be careful there. Remember the established auto makers have already tried to sabotage EVs a couple of times with stories like the EV1 which drivers loved but GM decided to only lease then yanked them all back and scraped them and some of the newer vehicles that are such a 'disappointment' at least that's what the MSM keeps saying. The main reason that some of the other EVs are disappointing is they weren't designed from the ground up as the Tesla Model series are,  to be EVs and haven't had the careful design input and iterations to achieve greatness that the Teslas are in the process of achieving.
Now wanna' talk Space Rockets? See the +The Elon Musk Fan Club . ;)
Cool concept, but my luck would be that there would be 3 cars ahead of me waiting to fully charge.
Given tesla's track record with regards to prompt delivery, I'm not expecting anything close to a national network in 2 years.
Good stuff.  However I think Tesla missed a key marketing opportunity with the design of the Supercharger stations.  Take a moment to look at the Tesla logo.  Now imagine scaling the logo so that the total height were somewhere around 15' tall.  Could you not also imagine parking two vehicles, one on either side, under the canopy created as a result?

Tesla Supercharger stations in the form of the logo itself.  You pull up under the canopy.  Plug in to charge up your batteries while you relax, out of the sun and rain, under the Tesla canopy.

The canopy, besides providing shelter for those charging their batteriess, might also provide the surface area needed to mount the required solar panels.

Speaking of which, given such a system generates a surplus of power, wifi could be made available to those 'filling up'.
be interesting to see where this goes. seems to me some american companies will not like tesla doing anything.......???
Elon Musk Tweeted just last week that for the first time they have made 100 chassis' in a week +Michael Will . That's with extreme quality control and inspection  to root out any production issues that crop up.  They will need to quadruple that to reach the 2013 target of 20000 vehicles in a year. Have you seen this? Inside Tesla 06.19.12 - Assembly Center I'd say it's doable. 
This video highlights, in my opinion, the big problem with electric vehicles -- there's no standard way to charge them.  You have the Tesla super-charger in addition to 2 other types of charging stations.  Depending on what car you have you might be out of luck.  The car industry needs to standardize on a way to charge electric vehicles.
A true wonder company. Have always been fascinated by the Tesla Co. What an awesome job you continue to do for man kind and our planet.
Working for this company would be a dream job . You are all so Lucky and I for one am greatful for what you are doing for the future of our planet. Thank you!
Did I hear him say I am going have to spend 30 min charging my car every 3 hrs?
Wonderul! Now, if they were only affordable. Sorry, not all of us live w/in a bicycle ride from work, just not practical. For people that can work on their own vehicles, a $2500 clunker might be fine, provided you can find parts for them. Sometimes a payment for fewer tow truck calls is a blessing. I live in a remote area, we don't even have an expressway anywhere near. I expect it will be a very long time before charging stations are available here. A fun look into the future, surely someday we will get there!
Wow! Tesla Motors is really trying hard to disrupt the automotive industry (for the good):
FREE driving all around the US in a Tesla Model S using solar-powered charger-stations. Hope they come to Australia too (although the range of a Tesla Model S is good enough to drive around Sydney during the day and charge at home at night).
I think I know what my next car will be, seriously....
+Anthony Mangiacapre Yep. Which means that your actual speed on a 70 mph highway will average to 58 mph...but you'll be a) well rested and b) bored out of your mind.
They don't want water powered cars but fossil fuel is ok all about someone making money....
Most important news story??? You cant be serious.
I dont think solar power will work that well in the northern states and up here in Canada but I am looking forward to maybe seeing this happen
+Dawn Leiter 's point of view seems pretty pessimistic, this is actually a pretty big deal cause, putting a side electric cars capabilities, this good news talks about free electricity, imagine that some day Tesla Corp (or whatever name) sells houses and they bring this services to them too. Besides,there was a time when having cellphones was not very affordable but technology is taking huge steps and maybe electric cars are gonna be the best choice for everybody in the future. So yeah, thumbs up for Tesla Motors.
Can't wait to see how much money the government is going to shell out for this, When an electric car will take me 450 m without me having too stop, maybe I would consider it.

But to force me to stop every 2 hours, to charge for 30 mins, forget it. 
battery company vs oil company. still one is going to dominate the market.
For now I can only dream of a tesla, unfortunately. But would surely buy one if possible, this is exciting tech and I hope they can keep it going long enough to get the costs down to Everyman range. Also I would happily see the Feds put some tax money into making electric cars a reality, we do far worse as it is with our taxes. Starting a new industry that would help create jobs, help the environment, and lessen our dependance on Middle East states seems like a wise investment in our future. All the negative comments I read seem to be people afraid of change, if not for change we'd still be on horses, curing illness with moonshine and leeches and prayer. 
99% of the time, most of us could do all our daily commuting on one charge and just top it off at night in the garage. Everyone is so hung up on being able to drive across two states without charging up when what they usually do is drive to work and back home in a normal day with maybe a couple detours to run errands. There is no reason to carry a sledgehammer every day to put in finishing nails. It's the hummer mentality we need to get past as a people. 
This is what we have been waiting for, maybe not today but very soon
I'm multitasking but promise to read all the comments. (Hopefully before they hit 500 so I can respond!) It is important to remember that this is in addition to the ability to charge at home and at your destination. This is for long trips. I think it is revolutionary.  If we all drove electric cars we wouldn't be in Iraq or Afghanistan. This is the beginning of the end of our dependence on foreign oil. It is an environmental issue to be sure but to me this is a national security issue. This will force all car companies to move toward similar strategies. Obviously the Tesla's price point makes it have niche appeal. But this is just the beginning of a revolution. I don't think I was exaggerating when I said this was such a huge development. And thank you all for so many shares.
+Matthew Thieme , for most, you  are probably right.  for us that live in the west and not in the major metroplexes it is a different story.  Rare is the month that i am not putting in 200-400 miles (single state)  in a single day to see family or other entertainment.
Awesome! Ready to buy one now. Just bring the charging stations to WI!
Should also add momentum to the solar roadway projects! 
Big CEOs will fight this because of the amount of money they will lose on oil or gasoline
Great idea but its hard to watch such a bad public speaker. If he was going through school these days he would surely fail oral comm. 
Presentation made terrible with the stuttering and awkward pauses, but very interesting forward-looking statement :p
Just a minute smokescreen to cover missing the targets for 2013?
+Dan McDermott Do you honestly believe that someone who has $100,000+ to spend on a (second) vehicle is actually ok with waiting 30 minutes for every three hours of driving? I'm not sure which United States you are marketing..
Amazing, is Tesla going to cover the charge? If so, that's going to be a huge expense, probably tax payers footing the bill. There charging stations are amazingly efficient though, great range for their cars as well, too bad it's out of most people's price range.
Lights, Music, Smoke, Camera**** BULLHSIT!!! FREE???? What jackass is really going to believe this FREE, heck naw!!!
Combine the work Elon Musk is doing with Tesla, SpaceX and Hyperloop we're look at the single most important person in transportation history.
+jeff schnell.... jp morgans been dead for a long time.  do you really think if that idea was feasible it would not have been implemented by now.....?  sure big oil wants to make a profit but doesnt google microsoft and everybody else?  there is no big bad conspiracies  although there is some shady deals going down but nobody could stop an idea that big...
Stupid. Buddy of has a diesel vw that can get 61 highway. 3 hours does not compare to that. Wake me up when something ground breaking happens.
One word came to my mind: proprietary

Unless its not, i call this idea a fail
With the amount of money we pay now to buy a car, maintain it, and keep it filled with gas, 70k is a bargain! Yes 30 minutes isn't too practical, but its definitely a start. I can see corporations buying into this and building charging stations for employees. Right now, my company has a charging station right by the visitors center. I've actually seen several companies with them and I'm on the east coast. There's also a Japanese company called Better Place. This company has developed a network of battery exchange stations where you drive in and your battery is swapped out automatically in about 5 minutes. Unfortunately, the earthquake destroyed most of the stations and delayed expansion. But the idea is out there. Tesla is definitely paving the way for the future and doing it with cool, stylish vehicles. They get props from me!
Much respect for Elon "Go for broke" Musk.  No middle ground - either he'll succeed or go down in a spectacular ball of flames.  
Easy choice to make...  this is our future.  I'm just glad someone has the testicular fortitude to go all-in on it.
This is the coolest freaking thing I've seen in bit! This awesome. It would be cool if other car manufacturers partnered with them on the charging tech and helped speed up the expansion of the charging station network.
This presentation really could have been a lot better... The presenter stuttered a lot and wasn't really convincing about the product. I did make me to go to their website though and check it out more
WOW!  This is big.  Drive your Tesla, forever, for free!  They will charge it up, at no cost to you!
Lol guy is so excited he could barely present the news. I love these type of news. The power of science :)

I'll research more on this later. Way too many questions. 
Until you can make it drive and sound like a Ferrari I would rarher pay double for gas. A car is not just transportation. Does the Tesla come with a tree you can hug while you are waiting for a charge?
Only a matter of time till big business sinks its teeth in and ruins the "free energy" dream again. There is too much money in oil for this to happen without intervention. I'd hope for the best but humanity has shown me time and time again that its pointless.
Wait for the litigation as this effects the oil companies bottom line.
I'm sure there's a law along the line of 'one business isn't allowed to interfere with the operations of another existing business'.
+Jibalo Bassene The battery swap company Better Place is actually based in California, with operations in many countries, Japan being one of them.
+Marc Davis-Taylor The missing Ferrari sound is quite easy to fix: use head phones with noise while driving. If the point is to disturb others rather than yourself I suggest you put a megaphone on the top of the roof of your car.
Super! All my degrees and advanced degrees are Electrical Engineering and Physics. This is certainly one project I'd enthusiastically spend 30 hour days making it work! One step among many; definitely in the right direction.
Why should we have to wait 30 mins to recharge? Just swap out the battery. Or are these companies also gonna hold us hostages while we have to sit at these charging stations for 30mins... What to do there? Spend money! No thanks, swap battery and get me back on my way.
Lets hope this doesn't go the same way as Nikola Teslas invention, he couldn't. get funding to build his invention to transmit electricity freely from point to point. I hope you don't die lonely & broken in a new York hotel room. :-)
Tesla's power supply is essentially a bed of super sized batteries which also serve to lower the cars center of gravity and improve weight distribution, making it as integral a part of the car as is the chassis. So yeah, John Buckhalter, sure, we'll just swap out the dead battery and be on our way.

Absolutely. Also, You will not be held hostage by the company if you have to spend on buying spare batteries from them. I think you just exposed the "Tesla Swindle". Quick, get a job with Tesla and then re-post this comment, so we can call you a whistle blower for added legitimacy to your objections.

I love Wednesdays!
Why no Brown's Gas engine? Clean combustion, and it would be able to use currently implemented technologies instead of forcing and industry break. With a few modifications, a current enging could run off of water, splitting the oxygen and hydrogen, combusting the hydrogen in place of gasoline, leavin an oxygen emission. I am just suggesting.....
its great but still too much gray energy for just one battery...btw for free is an idiotic thing to any way you look...
This is awesome DEWEY CECCHINI,  +Paul Flint, and Kris Cecchini should check it out
Could the cost get a bit lower?
My yearly cost is $2,425 for my 4cyl pickup.
Saw video earlier, would like to see solar panel on car. Was not a engine made already ,self propelled that creates its own energy ? Will look it up and be back.
These are really cool and its a start but it really needs two years to get past the beta stage in order for me to buy it.
+Angel Rivera You obviously didn't grasp the concept in that video. That kind of battery only works on a large scale. You can't use it for mobile or automotive use. Might be okay as a store for solar energy, though.
+Jeff Schnell This has nothing to do with entropy. The hole in your logic is simple to refute. Even with the current fossil-fueled grid we're using, it can already produce more energy than your single EV can consume in a single trip. Replace said grid with solar arrays and it's still true; the energy now comes from solar radiation. The real question people should be asking is if this approach is scalable to the entire population of automobile drivers. I submit that the charging delay and even solar panel efficiency are currently infeasible to support widespread demand.
I saw a pic of the console their new electric car. Great idea to put a 20 inches LCD screen in the middle of the console; I bet only the screen drains 20% of the batteries (not to speak of the computer behind it). Idiots.
Windpower is sufficient to replace total global energy consumption in all forms, 12 - 26 times over. Electricity can be transported several thousand miles cost effectively. 

The only remaining impediment to electric powered ground based transportation is the next advancement in energy storage devices, which would have already been reached if we had not wasted billions during the Bush years on the soft natural gas subsidy of Hydrogen fuel cells.

And I call hydrogen fuel cell research a subsidy for the natural gas industry because 95% of all commercially produced hydrogen comes from natural gas.
This is great stuff, i really hope it takes off... One question though, why not incoperate the solar charge within the car, maybe solar panels on the roof or something
The efficiency of solar panels to be put on cars has not yet been achieved for commercial use some lab proto types only.
The sooner the better!
Free energy? Until someone buys you out, I guess.
Give me gas and 500 hp, then call me when you have a electric car that give me the same thrill...Energy freedom for America....
It would trill me to be able to drive all the way to California for cheap!! Miss the ocean.
Will the oil industry crush this initiative as they have done others in the past?
Exciting? Yes.  Is Musk brilliant? Absolutely.
News story of the year? Uh... talk about first world problems. "I can't drive to New York in my electric car, and it takes too long to recharge."  Poor bebbers.
And in the rain on the parade mode Wired magazine chimes in on the Supercharger announcement with two criticisms.
One) the plug used is proprietary so the superchargers don't support the wider EV infrastructure, and other EV would probably be frazzed by the high rate of charge.
Two) more worrisome the claim that using the higher rate supercharger frequently will eventually damage the batteries in a Tesla.
I look forward to Tesla's response to this article.
All the models have an 8 yr warranty on the battery +Don Denesiuk and the higher end is 8 yrs and unlimited miles.
Indeed +Dan McDermott and as I keep saying +Elon Musk is a genius so making a supercharger that damages your batteries is a rather non genius move so I wonder where Wired, who has been pretty friendly to Tesla, in fact Elon did an OnAir hangout with them a few months ago, got this info from. And again I look forward to Tesla's comments on that article.
One day they'll have charging stations at every Walmart.
F**K Yeah! big oil is going to be pissed!
I love this! But until it becomes affordable for the average person I don't see this progressing any further than saving money for the few fortunate on fuel. Let's face it until we demand cheap and practical solutions to solve our dependency on oil it not going happen. Not to mention the work force it employs.
+Alex Hamilton Big oil is not going to be pissed, because big oil is NEVER going to allow this to happen and be affordable to the masses. But, it does prove... that it can be done... but then again, this technology has been around for 60 years. The same model could be applied to residential homes and do away with utility companies.... you will never see that either. It is not about the tech, the tech is nothing new... we have known how to charge a battery for quite a while now.... it is about the petroleum dollar. As long as there is one drop of oil left in the ground... you will not see, free sustainable energy for the masses.
Ken Ju
+Bonnie Boglioli Randall Bonnie... again, I submit... THERE IS ZERO REASON FOR AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE TO COST MORE TO PRODUCE THAN A COMBUSTION ENGINE VEHICLE!! This is something people have been brain-washed to accept, so the manufacturers can charge more money for the new hybrids and re-coup some of the oil money lost due to gasoline savings. They could have built these vehicles 60 years ago. We put a solar powered lunar vehicle on the moon for Pete's sake.... you could go back there right now, jump on it and drive it away! In actual fact, electric vehicles should cost MUCH, MUCH less to produce. Much less metal and material involved. Just the amount of material saving in machining the components for a combustion engine alone! I used to be in tool and die when I was younger, I know. And as far as economies of scale go, I don't even want to listen to that crap, because that is all it is. They decide to make money on electrics and believe me, they will. They could switch these lines over, literally overnight if they are told to. Wheels/rubber (same as combustion vehicle or lighter weight), engine (there are only wheel motors in electric, no engine at all), frame (same, or lighter/less in electric), Battery (more for electric... but, then again..... the technology to improve this area if they ever truly wanted to has been there for 50+ years), interior (same). Electric cars should cost less, not more.... Bonnie... you have drank the media koolaid. Not technological fact.
so why cant you just install a system to generate power at a small or fast rate recycling the cars energy the the only thing you would worry about is how fast you get there. 
Sounds like a winner.
On another note some you people are just perfect little children. You just cant wait for a technology to become mainstream as the oil companies do everything in thier considerable power to derail it?
Even the words free and renewable are not enough to stop your bellyaching! You watched the Jetsons coming up right? Settle down all you Mr. Spaceley's, you will still be able to sell tires and spare parts...
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