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Dan McDermott hung out with 13 people.Anthony Clauser, Allen Firstenberg, Harold Carey Jr., Pam Adger, Sreek Menon, George Kozi, Johnathan Maddox, Billy Wilson, Hermine Ngnomire, Jeff Zajas, Michael Ellis, Eric Rice, and Joshua Hughes
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Dan McDermott was in a video call with 13 others
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I'll be there in a minute... I want to finish my cigarette without broadcasting it to the planet...
Hey Dan like when you do on air so I can watch
Chrome is really slow for me too since update
i have stream pause extensions installed in firefox and chrome by different devs and both seem to be among the few that are unaffected by the changes and working well.
YouTube slider is gone but you can now get youtube in the post box.
what version of firefox? 11 is working wonderfully. better than chrome.
I didn't like the slider. Rarely used it.
I never used it. I would just go to Youtube if I wanted to watch a video
You're totally right about the ad at the top of the hangouts page.
Dan, I would like to join the discussion, but I don't see a way to do that. Would you invite me? Is that how these work?
It's also a factor of Public vs Private. I think many of you there are assuming that everyone wants to be seen, be public.
bacon posts have totally jumped the shark. getting beyond absurd
What is your email, headphones dude. I will send you a cat pic. :) LOL
the reason i post privately is as a means of controlling my interaction. i'm not interested in highly populated circles. i'd rather have 50 that interact, than 50 that are among 500 who don't.
Many of those on the Plus team have said that the metrics aren't seeing the substantial amount of limited Circle posting people are doing.
Maybe we don't want to be discovered...
Public posts on Twitter remain anonymous whereas on Google Plus they will be linked to you.
I don't think they have the budget for that kind of advertising.
dan, re your betty whitespace ad idea; you're too hip for the room
+Dan McDermott The reason i post privately is because sometimes i just want to share certain stuff with certain people. I mostly share publicly because i want other people to really know my interests. Whenever i post privately it is mostly to my family because i share photos with them.
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