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Dan McCarthy
Passionate about developing great leaders!
Passionate about developing great leaders!

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Eight Ways Mentoring Brings Out the Leader in Your Employees
Guest post from Patty Alper   “Employees want to be
part of something that is bigger than a company. The business culture is
internally based, but the philanthropy is external. That volunteer ethos
provides something more than a quarterly return on earnings...

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Effective Leadership Is Just Seven Questions Away
Guest post from Michael
Bungay Stanier: Recently,
I stepped into an elevator on the way to a meeting and noticed that the button
you press to close the door quickly was much more worn than the one you press
to keep the door open. You’ve probably done the sa...

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3 Tips on How to Become a Magnetic Leader
Guest post from Roberta
Matuson : Lots
of people think they are magnetic leaders when they are anything but. I define
magnetic leaders as those who appear to effortlessly attract talent that will
stick around. I
open my book, The
Magnetic Leader: How Irresi...

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Mentoring Moments and More for Millennials
Guest post by Dianna Booher :   Millennials drop an employer
quicker than they leave a boring party when they see no career-growth
opportunities. Career development is the cool calling card––a powerful tease to job seekers you’d like to have join your

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Mastering the Art of Coaching
Guest post from Gregg Thompson: The barriers to
entry into the coaching business are very low. In fact, anyone can throw up a
sign that declares that they are a career coach, a life coach, a business
coach, or just about any other type of coach, even if the...

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How to Spot A Player Talent in an Interview
Guest post from Rick Crossland: Why Don’t Executives Love to Interview? It is
surprising how many executives and even HR professionals do not like or look
forward to interviewing candidates.   After
all, this should be the celebration of bringing on another...

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Leadership at Two Levels
Guest post by Mark Miller: Leadership is a
fascinating quality. There are countless articles, studies and opinions about
what makes good leadership. But, no matter how you develop and act out your
own leadership qualities, there will always be two sides: ...

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How to Rapidly Resolve Crises in Your Business
Guest post from Nat Greene: You can probably remember a dozen times just like this:
you’re at the head of a conference table with a haggard, tired team sitting
about you. They’re anxious, but eager to take action. You’ve assembled them
because a new crisis ...

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How to Create a Rising Tide of Talent Within Your Organization
Guest post from Scott Wintrip: Great
leaders lift up the people around them. They help employees harness their natural
abilities, guide the development of their skills, and support them along an
internal career path. Nurturing your organization’s team membe...

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Playing by the Brain’s Rules to Make Communications Stick
Guest post from Tim Pollard: Despite the
fact that the stakes of business communications are often high, it’s sad
reality that most are really not very good.   Survey after survey reveals that only about one quarter of internal
business presentations are ra...
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