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If you don't want Windows 10 u better read this.
Microsoft goes TOO FAR...
#Microsoft #Windows10
Microsoft has a sneaky new way of getting Windows 7 and Windows 8 users onto Windows 10...
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Dan Manahan

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nice contest 
Time limited contest: Enter to win a fully unlocked 1 year version of Ahrefs the popular SEO tool plus enjoy the review
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Dan Manahan

Google & Bing Tools  - 
Just launched a site, going through the routine, and G sends me this GSC to do list.
all makes sense, but #4
How does sharing  access [to GSC] with co-workers help Google better understand how to crawl the site???
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I don't think it helps them understand how to crawl a site but it is good for you/company to have more people across GSC - which also benefits Google overall ;p
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Dan Manahan

General Tech Talk  - 
Just checking if anyone else is having problems with WMTs Structured Data Testing Tool. Using the Structured Data Testing Tool to check live data for errors, but getting a 500 server error for
Test your structured data markup using this tool
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never mind it's back, seems G was having temp issues
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Dan Manahan

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Just got followed by +So Evolve Marketing and was interested to read their "learning from SEO Experts" e-book; but the url: yeilds an internal server error.  May want to fix this...
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Hey guys at +So Evolve Marketing​ ya all still haven't fixed this...
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Dan Manahan

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My ten year old visited me in the office just now:
"Dad, what's a YellowBook?" he asked referencing a stack of the yellow pages editions upon my shelf.
"It's a book with the names and phone numbers of businesses'", I replied while pecking at my keyboard
"Why?", he asked.
"So folks who need help can find the right business to help them"
"Are you in the yellow book?"
"Because it 's expensive"
" It costs money?", he exclaimed.
"Sure, Yellow book is a business too and they need to make money to stay in business so they charge money to have your name and number in the Yellow Book"
He paused for a moment digesting our conversation and asked,
"Are you [meaning someone in the YB] not allowed to be on the computer (i.e. internet/website) is that why you pay for the yellow book"
"No, they can still be on the computer"
He was visibly stunned.
"Well that's just stupid! Why do you have them?"
I laughed.
"I call up a few of them everyday and ask them the same thing"
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Dan Manahan

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Excited to be testing hotjar's beta
Want to see how visitors are REALLY using your site? Do it the Hotjar way – Request FREE early access today.
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Dan Manahan

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Thanks +John Mueller​ for sharing the search quality raters guide.
We've put an updated version of our Search Quality Rating Guidelines online. If you're a search-geek, this is going to be interesting reading material tonight :)

As mentioned in the blog post, these are for evaluators who assess the quality of Google’s search results—give us feedback on our experiments. Ratings from evaluators do not determine individual site rankings, but are used help us understand our experiments. The evaluators base their ratings on guidelines we give them; the guidelines reflect what Google thinks search users want. 
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Dan Manahan

General Discussion  - 
Recently granted patent, 9/8/15. First in awhile that I've seen with a google serp image -fig 12 A screenshot illustrating inserting a query parameter set into a browser address bar.

Fig 6 still blows my mind. IF/Then statement 
Is the Query data text...No-Data is image...then convert the query data into text, process text, create query parameter, transmit query parameter to the search engine, end...Crazy to think that all happens in about 1/2 second.
Methods and apparatus for providing query parameters to a search engine are described herein. In one embodiment, the method includes receiving selection information, wherein the selection information
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Dan Manahan

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Dan Manahan

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In Google: First You Get Impressions, Then You Get Position, Then You Get Clicks.
By Perry Bernard - Organic Search (SEO) Specialist.

The answer to "why is my website not in Google search right now?" is often one that business owners find hard to get their head around. The fact is, getting ranked takes ages. Here's some cold hard facts you probably need to be aware of to have a realistic view of what might happen:

1. First, after launching a new website, you have to wait until your website starts getting search impressions in Google search. Usually, that starts off on some page you don't want it to be on, like page 27 of search. NOT on page 1.

2. Next, you do some more waiting. Eventually, your website starts getting some half decent rank positions, like the occasional page 1, a bunch of page 2 and a lot more on page 3 and later.

3. Finally, after you've waited some more, you get enough searches getting you onto page 1 that you get some half decent traffic from it.

Images from Google Search Console. Find out more about GSC here:

This process might have taken 6-12 months. And: it depends on your website deserving the rank position relative to its rank competitors. This does not relate to whether or not your business is bigger or better at serving its clients than the competition. Self confidence is not a ranking factor in Google.

If your website isn't sufficiently SEO'd to be better than the rank competitors' websites you will never reach the 3rd stage of this process.

These are the cold hard facts of Google organic search.

Need help with it? Contact Forge Online on Auckland 09 302-0447 during business hours and ask to speak to a sales consultant, or visit Forge Online here:
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Dan Manahan

commented on a video on YouTube.
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A couple comments mentioned a "fall" from the incredible song Multiplied. It bears noting that TN Girl aired nearly three years prior.  Rather then a "fall" it would seem a climb, or dare I say a redemption from this supposed regrettable video.
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