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mmmm love ribs .. looks yummy, can almost smell them  ;))  +Dan Lewis 

Dan Lewis

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+Frosty McCool , I hear ya brother. Want to hog tie to back my bike and drag... 

Dan Lewis

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Since the majority of abortions are done on blacks, and prochoice'rs support abortion:

Does that make them racist?

And if prochoice'rs don't believe they're viable humans...

..... Does that mean they're harvesting non-human Organs for human use?
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They don't are they're not human . They believe they're not people. Just like a kidney is human, but it's not a person. But yes, it makes them racists.

Dan Lewis

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I'm in hell ; I do Dialysis every other day next to a Bernie fan....

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Tell him if he wants to enjoy the benefits of socialism he can start by not buying toilet paper and live like a Venezuelan.

Dan Lewis

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Dinner.... In 4 hours... 
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Lol +Dan Lewis​
Have him in circles
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Dan Lewis

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Usually I smoke ribs on the grill, but wanted to try this recipe for crock pot ribs from +Meathead Goldwyn​​ at . Also here at +Barbecue

These guys are the MIT of grilling.

Anyway, I've got onions, diced apples, potatoes and bbq sauce, 2 more hours to go. 
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yep.  Which is why I find the pressure cooker so amazing.  It uses just a little wet stuff to cook at a nearly perfect temperature, like quick sous vide, but hotter.

Dan Lewis

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To illustrate the importance of the Altar of Meat....

+Leslie P​

Dan Lewis

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Big government at its finest.

H/T to that illustrious Buddha, +Pradheep Shanker
As Venezuela's food shortages worsen, the president of the country's Food Industry Chamber has said that authorities ordered producers of milk, pasta, oil, rice, sugar and flour to supply their products to the state stores
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Dan Lewis

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Integrity, Fidelity, Sacrifice

Regardless of your politics, regardless of your views on the federal government,

These men are heros.

Some of the five servicemen who were fatally wounded effectively sacrificed themselves during the assault on Thursday, diverting the gunman away from a larger group of potential victims, according to a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation into the killings.

“This could have been a lot worse,” said the official, who did not want to be identified because he was not authorized to discuss the investigation. “It could have been a horrible, horrible massacre — so much worse.”
Officials said Marines and sailors tried to distract the gunman who assaulted a naval center, helped people scale a fence to reach safety and returned fire at the attacker.
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Here's indeed +Dan Lewis 

Dan Lewis

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I'm speechless.
FB posting from my friend, who happens to have been born and raised in a Socialist nation.

It's Independence Day, and I am once more reminded what a spoiled brat I am.

The liberties and freedom I often take for granted were not earned by me, but paid for by people I may never meet to thank.

I have never enlisted in the military. Nor have I lost a loved one in a U.S. war.

As an immigrant these things were bestowed upon me as a free gift upon my acceptance of United States citizenship.

It took me a long good time to understand the definition of liberty. 
The word "liberty" literally doesn't exist in my native tongue. 

The word "freedom" does. 
I had been told by the government that I had freedom when living in a socialistic country.
It was all I knew. So I assumed it to be true. 

I was free to pay my taxes. And free to conform to government rule and regulation.

I had a "free education," and really expensive "free healthcare."
I had the right to collect "free" money that other people had earned if I was home sick, or just had the blues enough to justify not going to work.

And if I would have raised my children in Sweden I would have collected hundreds of kronor every month in chid support from the GOVERNMENT- just for the woman's privilege of having kids in the nanny state.

So yes, liberty was quite a foreign concept to me when I came to the United States, with two suitcases and $200 in my pocket.

I had learned to hunt and gather in the government system.
I then realized there was no EMPLOYMENT agency that would send me along with hundreds of others to compete for jobs we didn't really want or weren't qualified for. There was no HOUSING authority that told you which apartment you could rent.

This was the land of opportunity. Not the land of guarantees.
And I fell in love with it.

Liberty isn't a noun. It's a verb. It's something you have to experience to completely understand. Once you do, it is natural to want to protect it.

And that's what millions of American military service men, women, and their families have done for you and me.
I also realize that it is a work that is never done.
Our freedom is under continuos attack still today.

I contend that the greatest threat to our liberty today is that so many Americans don't understand the definition of liberty. That is why it is being surrendered voluntarily to a government that is rapidly devouring our rights at a glutinous pace.

So this Independence Day I want to thank all of you who serve, or have served in the military. Those who have lost loved ones in duty. And all of you who continue to fight for our country to know what liberty feels like.
----With gratitude, Karin
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Cilla C
This actually made me tear up reading it. 

Dan Lewis

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Happy Independence Day... My own red white and blue 
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Happy Independence Day +Dan Lewis​
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