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Girls Get Easter Pranked with Live Animals

Someone do this to me, please. :P

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I saw this, i love Critters . my last dog was named critter, SHE liked it, she's still out there on an island somewhere chasing Beaver, i swear.
Why does everyone on YouTube care how these guys spend their money? Bunnies and sod aren't that expensive. It's a great and funny prank, very sweet. You know if it were an Easter marriage proposal prank or something then the comments would be all, 'awww sweetest thing ever' rather than 'waste of money'.
The curtain dropping revealing the Easter Bunny costume @ 3:48... talk about nightmare fuel.
It is very sweet of the guys to do that - All the planning, co-ordination, time (and cleaning up after, I hope).
i did not see the video soo this is the comment :p
I want to do this to someone but use snakes instead!
It was funny how she said it was like a nightmare. Then screaming at the Easter bunny XD Yes, I would probably scream if the Easter bunny was in my house too.
That is so funny, the sort of thing we all wish we'd thought of — and done to some unsuspecting friends.
Who doesn't like a prank that starts off with "We broke in while you were gone"? :)
+Gillian Ivy Agreed! And I hate when people say "you have too much free time on your hands."
This was hilarious! Well thought out, planned and executed and I hope all y'all had fun cleaning it up! Def a share!
This is how people should be pranked, they took so much care to make sure it was perfect with no damage to the room.
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