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What It's Like To Fly Like An Eagle [Footage Through a GoPro on an Eagle's Back]

This is amazing! Someone send this eagle a +Google Glass Explorer invite!

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An interesting video firmed in a breathtaking environ
I dont know about you guys.....but I can watch this all day.  
never thought I'd see the day I would be jealous of a bird! great video...
This is so beautiful, just to see where an eagle flys. The scene is breathtaking. ^j^ ~j~
Amazing, How this was done, Just Beautiful. Magnificent Birds, we 've
Got our Share of The Bald Eagles here, many are in the S E parts of
Our State of AK. And up here in SouthCentral .
I wonder if Google glass can be used by the Blind and visually impaired people, to get guidance from someone remotely, yet, live. That may be extremely useful as when crossing a street, or when lost, and the price for the product can be paid by medical insurance and government sources...
cool! were you riding on its back? Ha! ha!ha...
I can't imagine being on a paraglider that high.
Even better than sky diving...
Can anyone tell me where that was? Germany?
That's the coolest video. Awesome. Thanks. 
omg really, that`s a meditation I use........ lol awesomeness
Wow! Amazing vid... too bad the eagle didn't find any prey, though.
ooh my goodness i am in awe. that was a wonderful.
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OK, I'll ask it. How does one catch and Eagle and mount the camera? And then how does one retrieve the camera? ;-)
it is amazing they can see their prey to attack. i would like to see how the eagle actually sees. not how we see from their point of view.
I don't know how to fly in sky as a eagle.
This is awesome! I'll have to look into it. With this kind of technology, I could keep better track of my messenger hawk and carrier pigeons... and perhaps I could outfit them in some "How's my driving?" bumper stickers at the same time.
I want to fly in sky as a eagle but .............
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