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Elevator shaft transformed into bathroom

In a penthouse on top of a 70's Mexican colonial building in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, an architecture studio transformed an unused elevator shaft into a bathroom with a glass floor that looks down all 15 levels of the building. Creepy!

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Can't see anyone suffering from constipation in that one. ;-)
People will be afraid of farting there.
(Sorry, couldn't help making that joke)
Gives a whole new meaning to taking a dump. I would dislike this as intensely as the public toilet with one way mirrored walls
Wrong..............on so many levels!!!!
Yeah creepy but nice!!
whoa!!!! scary!!! and kinda cool at the same time
this guys live in castle or somethin ? thats a hole..!
what the hell that is cool and werd
I would be forever worried that the floor would crack. I hate these kind of things.
Hey while any one see up then..what happens..
Certainly solve bunged up problem ;o)
to make life enjoyable that's great!
naaah, uh-huh ~ just don't think I could " relax & read a mag" ... is this suppose to be ur washroom...first i thought it was ur living room:)
u can heart attach if in there...may be
i prefer no to do it in a such horrible place! ;)
i wonder if the top of the elevator its self is glass
That would scare me to death
Jeremy Maybe its not even covered...
i would fall because im so heavy LOL
just remind the person in the elevator shaft to not look up when you're in the bathroom...
wow i think i would without a doubt fall lol
Which would scare you more? Looking down - or looking up ? :-P
it shame 2 lookin down if any body
Curse you, fear of heights, CURSE YOU! Still, that's pretty epic.
Sina AZ
Damn! I Forget what i wanna do!
actually love this.
lol, that's very disturbing,....
so, people see u doing your business? I'm not going in there anytime soon.
good thing it's the bathroom I'd be scared shitless

I wonder if there is a camera at the bottom? (excuse the pun)
know that is useing your brain and that my frenind is the coolest bathroom that i have ever seen!!!!
That's awesome!! And if your having trouble going, just look down. That should help!
Ha Ha ha ha good one Johnny
Nice photo - I'm pretty sure I could never use that particular restroom though lol.
I like heights, but I'm not sure if I like this or not.
when you shower, Im going to be in that elevator shaft
ohh အသည္းရားလိုက္တာ
Does the waste just drop down? eewww.
Woow i would be too scared to go to the bathroom!!! lol
I don't think I could enter this room, ever.
"You say you have constipation issues, sir? I think we may have a solution for you."
he might be crazy but its pretty awsome
Double Rolls, that's what I need at my house
Think how much scarier it would be without lights in the shaft.

If you have a problem going to bathroom, just look down. It's an instant laxative.
Mmmm, so long as nobody looks up when it is in use!
not good for a person with a phobia of heights XD
Very creative architecture. I love it.
Bet someone on another floor below will have one build but with a glass ceiling lol
wtf man that would really scare the shit out of me lol
lol wow, i would definitely not let it go there.
Jay bow
Hope there's no weight limit on the glass. Would feel sorry for shamu taking a dump there.
Jay bow
It would be cool if you can shot into the shaft. Push wait 3o seconds and hear the shit land
don't understand for what purpose is this???
One would literally be scared 'shit'less! hehe
Wow! Not sure I would like that... Still, looks really cool!
It would fascinate me..and disorientate me at the same time!
That's something to 'poop by...
i think i'll have a good shit there!!
Really thats cool well not when they look at you but, it just looks cool.
Where'd they put all the cable?
that is werid i think i might fall
Thats amazing. BIt of wasted space below though.
I want to see all the way down, ok!
Awesome! I have to visit that place, I'm from Guadalajara!
it would suck if you were scared of heights but had to pee
Hmm! Does it go down to the 1st floor???!!
That is a sweet bathroom
i wanna watch my shit fall down that thing lol just puttn it out there.
oh hell no! i would never use the bathroom.
this bath room look interesting...
the hell if i used that bathroom i would be scared to just peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Scares the shit out of me.
i prefer using bush instead of that toilet.
would scare the shit out of me lucky there would be a toilet there.
Bob Job
As long as no one can look up at me and the glass can hold my 200+ lbs., I think it's pretty cool. I might develop vertigo after a year or so.
i aggre it is w e i r d . . .
Looking down there will help you take a crap.
Itllcome running out.
I guess the person that lives there like to crap on others. :-)
At least figuratively. 
Creepy!! im kinda looking down 2 see how will ppl stand! :D xD gr8 Arch! :)
Leo Plumley is a CROOK! He refuses to return our money with lame excuses blaming us for it, but keeps the money for himself for noting in return.
it would make pooping alot easier at least for me, it would scare it right out of me!
Nice..good idea...fue ppl that take forever yo use it.this would make them hurry their way out...
I would keep thinking:*I hope I don't fall through* And be scared for my life!! still amazing though
haaa cool but ppl be lookin at wht yu been fuin!!!! wanna hav uno!!
I wouldn't call that a PRIVATE BATHROOM,when 15 floors can probably hear every bowl movement one makes.
Please tell me it shoots straight to the bottom.
hello any one here
if i was dying for the toilet i wouldn't step into this toilet
And if the glass broke?............. Bye bye.
imagine doing your business when suddenly you look down and see a dark humanoid shape slowly crawling up towards you.... /evilgrin
I would probably shit myself prematurely.
wierd who would even think of that.this world is crazy but thats why i like it i love cracy people.
oh my GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Every time you sit on that toilet...looking're gonna have a bad time...
H*** NO!!! How are you supposed to "concentrate" while looking down 15 flights of stairs? How do you know the floor will hold? Where's the "business" going after you flush it? What happens if there's a leak? What if that leak is visible down the wall of the shaft? What if you have on 6" heels and have to reach up high but then when you step down off the lid onto the floor your heel cracks the surface? How do you get a streak-free shine when you mop?
Note being scared of heights means I can use that facility without butt-puckering blocking my business....
lol this is somthink coll for fresh relaksation
i dont think i would want to go to that bathroom,... :S :P
Paul Ho
I'd be afraid of the drop(ping of a deuce).
Imagine the reaction from your guests as they go in for the first time.
If you take too big of a crap, will the glass break?
Oh how lovely... i hope nobody looks up the elevator shaft... :)
omg that is awesome i would love to sit there im not sceard of eny think
u know that pic is so old u know
issint it too much Revealing... what if some one doen tehre sees up and :-) ... hehhe
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