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+Equaldex on Google Play Newsstand.
Equaldex is a crowdsourced knowledge base for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) movement. Follow for curated news about LGBT rights, politics, and culture.
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Dan Leveille

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Finnish photographer Juha Arvid Helminen conveys a message on the misuse of power in politics and religion in his dark, faceless portrait series, "The Invisible Empire."

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Finnish photographer Juha Arvid Helminen conveys a message on the misuse of power in politics and religion in his dark, faceless portrait series, "The Invisible Empire."
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Some striking images in that collection.
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Dan Leveille

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I'm looking for people to participate in a simple 2-week test program for +Equaldex!

This test program will simply deliver curated ‪#‎LGBT‬ news to your inbox each day (or less) and you'll receive a short survey after the test. Thanks!

Sign up here:  
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+Dan Leveille  no problem im glad to help
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Dan Leveille

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He filed a discrimination complaint because they wouldn't discriminate... 

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+Tony Bonavera
Satire is protected by freedom of speech. But here's where you really aren't grasping:
You can draw a comic, make a speech, or create a cake saying whatever you want.
However, you can not force someone else to do it for you through bribery, force or extortion. That is infringing on their right. Is that clear?

The baker will not create an offensive cake. Not against gays. Not against Muslims. Not against Christians. She is actually not practicing discrimination, as she is not denying her services. she is simply acknowledging that her services do not fit within the scope of what is being requested because she does not do offensive cakes. 
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Dan Leveille

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Sriracha beer! Would you try this?!

By Rogue Ales:
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absolutely not
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Dan Leveille

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que lindo gato
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Dan Leveille

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"Bi the Way, We Exist"

Viet Vu's +TEDx Talk on bisexuality, coming out, #LGBTQ rights, and

#lgbt   #bisexual   #gay  
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boa tarde 😘
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Dan Leveille

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Google Introduces "My Stocks" Feature

Google now lets you "star" a stock (strangely not connected to Google Finance though?).

Try searching "my stocks" or search for a specific stock and star it. :) 

#Google   #Finance   #SEO   #StockMarket   #googlefinance  
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Wow, think i must try it 
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Dan Leveille

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Spent the past couple hours researching #LGBT rights in China for Some interesting facts:

- 21% of the Chinese population think homosexuality should be accepted (2013 survey).
- In 1998, China banned gay men and women from donating blood out of fear of spreading HIV. In 2012, they removed that ban, but for lesbians only.
- Though the country is still pretty behind in LGBT laws, last month it became the second country to ban gay conversion therapy (Brazil was the first in 1999). New Jersey and California banned in a few years ago and Washington, District of Columbia banned it last month.

#LGBT   #Gay   #China   #LGBTrights  
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 Japan has no laws against homosexual activity simply because it doesn't decriminalize homosexuality. On the contrary, they have legal protection for gay individuals.@256Chrisemma
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Dan Leveille

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Check it out! Just launched a new feature where you can browse #LGBT  Kickstarter projects on +Equaldex:
Browse and Discover LGBT Kickstarter Projects on Equaldex

Equaldex just launched a new way to find and support LGBT creative projects. Equaldex’s portal of #LGBT +Kickstarter projects lets you browse and discover new and old crowdfunding projects about LGBT topics or by LGBT people.

Read more: #crowdfunding   #gay   #queer  
Browse and discover new, popular, and successful Kickstarter projects about LGBT themes, or by LGBT people.
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Dan can you please add me back on FB?
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Dan Leveille

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Baby Instruction Manual

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Why are these so funny? They shouldn't be funny. :-D
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Dan Leveille

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Panda under fire!
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I thought I was the only person who trained their Panda's this way. Need to fight off the Canadians somehow... I kid I kid :P
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August 5
I got food poisoning here. I wasn't sure at first, but I had mild food poisoning symptoms after eating the Panang Curry here. The symptoms went away that night, and after eating the leftovers the next day, I had strong symptoms and was sick in bed for almost 2 days. My friend, who had a small amount of my curry, also had mild symptoms the next morning, which made it clear that the food poisoning came from this restaurant.
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This place is a hidden gem! Great selection of good quality items and the prices are so cheap!
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Very Good
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I'd recommend this place to absolutely everyone with a lot of time to spare. 48 minutes for a panini and a grilled cheese? The food was pretty good, but the panini was cold and our chips were stale. Besides one girl, the staff was very unfriendly. The atmosphere is like none other--you'll be graced by the presence of homeless people and pigeons pecking at your feet--that is, if you're lucky enough to sit at one of their few tables.
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