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Dan Ho
Canadian photojournalist, nomad in Asia.
Canadian photojournalist, nomad in Asia.
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Hi, can we upload directly to an album? I've uploaded some files to Google photos manually via the "share" feature. And because they are older files, I can't find them. Apparently searching by the exif date taken didn't produce results so I am not sure where Google Photos placed it in sort order.

Uploading directly to an album I want would help, as would a recently uploaded grouping.

Thanks! ☺ 

Hello there! I'm trying to get this figured out ... I basically want the string

class="ab_section ab_section_lead bg_dark_gradient ab_blah_blah"

to be replaced to

class="ab-section ab-section-lead bg_dark_gradient ab-blah-blah"

Note _ gets replaced by _ only if it starts with ab_ only if it's class=".*"

I can get it to match all strings with ab_ but then .. it just replaces the whole ab_.*\s portion with -

Any thoughts, advice or answers? :) Thank you! 

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If this is true, Google's gamble paid off. With the UX being similar across all Lollipop (Android 5.0) devices, OEMs had to differentiate with hardware instead of software. And this cool rear connector by Samsung might just be a great example of innovative hardware! #android #tt

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If you don't stay for too long in one country, this could be a viable alternative to getting a local SIM card.
Can't get enough of 3G data while you roam? This could be a solution for you! #digitalnomad   #telecommuting   #3g   #smartphone  

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+Code School was a pleasure to attend!

My condolences to the soldier and his family killed in #Ottawa #Canada , my country's capital, today. #cdnpoli 
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