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Dan Hiester
UX designer, videogame enthusiast, technologist, foodie, ex-college journo, serial assumption challenger.
UX designer, videogame enthusiast, technologist, foodie, ex-college journo, serial assumption challenger.

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Hey everyone! I'm working on consolidating my Gmail accounts, and that means I am sunsetting this Google+ presence. I'll still be on G+, but you can find me over at +Dan Hiester. Sorry for the confusion, and I hope to keep seeing you here on G+!

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It's always good to see some recent research on this.
InVision's handsome and well-researched 2016 product design report contains useful information on how design is viewed by organizations, what designers earn, the lack of diversity in design, and more.

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“Your emails are encrypted and stored locally and securely on your Mac, not on an online server.”

Wait. How many other desktop email clients store your email on their server? I'm familiar with Nylas N1. Are there many others like it?

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This makes me feel even more sympathetic to software testers. 

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According to a recent study, young adults have high expectations of websites, and are very confident in themselves, despite the fact that they get things wrong often. So, in other words, they're young.

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One thing I really love about working both with design, and with code, is how much overlap there is between those two fields and how to constructively handle criticism—even criticism that isn't offered constructively.

So, judging from the activity on my Bittorrent client, it looks like Fedora delaying their GA by a week has caused a spike in demand for the beta release.

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I am often left with the impression that marketing agencies don't really get software development. #InfosecIsHard

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This looks very interesting to me. You may not agree with all of his decisions, but I like that he shares the antipatterns he'd like to avoid, given his experience with writing REST API servers over and over again.

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This quote checks a lot of boxes for me, but I struggle to reconcile it with my experience working in iterative processes.

Designers like to think we'll get it right on the first try (or at least, do better than colleagues who don't have the word, “design”, in their job title), but in my meager experience, what really matters is designers being given an honest chance at any stage of the project—even if it isn't the first stage.

Your mileage may vary. What do you think?
"When we build websites or apps, we often wait until the last minute to bring in designers to “apply” design, or look and feel. This is akin to baking a cake and then hiring a baker to make it taste good."
-Mike Monteiro

Why is this guy so quotable? ... and why haven't I read this book yet?!
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