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Obama's refusal to prosecute torturers will be one of his lasting legacies, and to America's enduring shame.
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This is a touchy subject I must say. I feel America is like a woman who lost her virginity long ago and has become a prostitute. Once your a prostitute you can not try to keep your morals or hold out to the best man for marriage. If you do all men (countries) will take advantage of you, in some cases you might get raped.
+Dan Gillmor sometimes enhanced interrogation is a necessary evil that need to happen to get the results to save American lives.. I understand that people don't like that the USA is doing this method of questioning on prisoners .. But it is necessary with the present state of our world to insure that the American landscape is secure from
I don't see how torture may help the safety of the USA... Information obtained through torture is not reliable, and once you take that road, you are saying goodbye to democracy. By the way, you might need to take a look to history and find out which country has been atacking others to defend its economic interest...
+William Johnston If you're going to defend torture, which is illegal, counterproductive and a moral disgrace, you should at least use the word.
That's because most Americans either (1) don't think that it was torture, or (2) believe that torture is just fine when applied to terrorists. Obama may be a socialist, but he is not a totally stupid politician. He didn't veto the raid on Osama either, because he knew he would be impeached if it leaked out that he had let Osama go. Likewise, he will not lift a finger to release terrorists from Club Gitmo, or attack those who nailed those bastards (I was living in NYC on 9/11 and I would be pleased to personally torture every single terrorist to death if I got my hands on these creeps) before November 7 of this year.
If everyone acted as you say, Americans would be killed at sight in most places of the world, seen what your Army has done over the years... Thankfully, people use their heads to think, not just wear hats.
And in which world is Obama a socialist? Not even the European Socialists Parties are really socialist, least a Democrat.
+William Johnston As a former US Army interrogator and Arabic linguist, I must strongly disagree with you on the necessity of torture. Torture is always immoral, not to mention illegal under both US and international law. And torture doesn't "enhance" interrogations. On the contrary, it destroys the rapport that is necessary for obtaining reliable information from prisoners.
+Dan Gillmor +George Maschke If we do not use a method that these people understand then we are doomed to be followers and not leaders. We are not used to the ways of foreign countries and or their moral or ethical standards, when we can save an American soldier by using torture then I am for it, as I have watched soldiers die in some horrible ways and would like to see it stopped in my lifetime. To many people in the USA want to be nice and play fair when this is not possible with some people or their countries if you are going to play the game you have to play to win ,not tie. and George understand that I have a lot of respect for the jobs that people like you do, but
I have been in the field to much to believe that you can talk a peace without using every means possible to win..... Rescue a POW or liberate a POW camp and then say that we should not use torture to save these POW's
William Johnson you should seek citizenship in mother Russia because that is where you and Cheney and Bush belong. You just don't get it! Dumb and dumber republitards!
+kevin ray  the United States is the ONLY country in the world that does not use enhanced interrogation  and that is because of all the crybabies in this country  ... you have to use whatever method is necessary to protect yourself and your country  everyone see's this but the crybaby Americans 
that don't go to the front lines and really don't know what the hell they are talking about 
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