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The half life of technical and trendy items can be unpredictably short. I'd think twice before dumping any retirement funds in this one. For reasons that none of us now know, todays Facebook could be tomorrows MySpace.
I got $14/share ($35 billion) assuming that they would mostly saturate in a couple years.
I wouldn't do it. There are better opportunities out there than this. I look at this market going down, not up, in future years. Google's plan is different and I'm no fan out the way they are doing it.;) But it probably has a better chance.
It's also ridiculous to think that there are that many active subscribers. What do you guys think? I think it's about 1% of what they say. Here and there. I've been seeing this thing wane for months...and it just got started.
+James Salsman I wouldn't. But then I wouldn't take anybody's advice I found around here.
Buncha shitheads anyway.
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