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At a food stand at SFO: tricky new way to raise prices... 
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Benefiting employees is good for the economy, right? :-)
Is that right next to the sign that says, "Ask about our convenient Payment Plan"?
Ha... just add the 1% to the price and be done with it... I would have to know what the markup on the sale of the item was before I could feel good about the increase... if I am being gouged already...
That's next to the sign that says "20% tip included?" There isn't one?
So, do the employees actually get any benefits (health, pension, etc.)?
Tipping is not a norm in India so most restaurants apply a 10% service charge in bills here. This charge is sort of absurd...
This is political grandstanding about them having to actually provide medical for their employees. They still don't have to pay them minimum wage, because they get tips!
Things like this and the illegal minimum credit card charge is what pisses me the most.
Funny way to boost employee moral, don't you think? Look what we are doing to support our employees. Now, employees, enjoy your 1% and listen the customer voice their thoughts. Congrats on your increased benefits. That is just so wrong.
So... if I have to pay the employee benefit then I'm a partner... When do I get paid?
As of yesterday, San Francisco now has the highest minimum wage in the entire nation: $10.24/hour. This, on top of mandatory 9 paid sick days per employee and mandatory health coverage, costing anywhere from $1.37/hour per employee (for small businesses with 20-99 employees) to $2.20/hour per employee for larger businesses with 100 or more employees. Now why in the world would anyone be surprised that prices are skyrocketing?
Terry, since your a "System Admin" I guess none of this applies to you or benefits you. So taking your thinking, as a Senior IT Manager in a Fortune 5 company, maybe I'll support reducing your salary and taking away your benefits to save even more money. Heck..maybe I'll just outsource your role and you can get one of those $10 hr jobs and get back to us. At what level of income should we with means ride the backs of those who provide goods and services to us?
Heh, people who always advocate others having to pay more for something sure don't like this. lol
A 1% charge to provid needed benefits for employees who are part of the 99% is far better than going in debt so the 1% can get 99% of the tax cuts which they don't need.
I don't object to paying the higher price. It's the deception that's obnoxious.
+Terry Floyd Food service staff who get tips are not paid minimum wage. And often have part of their tips sequestered to share with kitchen staff... and why would the owners do that, except to allow them to pay them less than minimum wage as well.
I hope that catches on elsewhere in the US. As an Australian, the whole "tipping" thing has always struck me as bizarre and demeaning.
Most restaurants in San Francisco also now have a 4% fee tacked on for employee health plans. SF is one of the few (only?) places in the US mandating waiters get health insurance. The restaurants chose to itemize the cost and pass it along.
+Nelson Minar Of course they should pass it along, but why itemize? The price of the meal is the price of the meal. If they want to say 4% of the price is for employee health care, that's great. But it's misleading to list a price and then tack on a surcharge.

BTW I think this is true of taxes as well, though people are pretty much accustomed to thinking of sales taxes as something to be added later.
My guess is it's a form of protest by the restaurants to keep the extra cost of employment in San Francisco visible to customers. The 4% charge is generally disclosed on the bottom of the menu. It's definitely obnoxious.
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