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New York Times demonstrates classic hypocrisy on copyright.
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Great article. Really points at some of the key questions.
I liked the Robert R comment: "Now you know why SOPA/PIPA was so dangerous - you didn't need to bother calling the lawyers, you just had to place a call to the DHS and have removed from the US DNS system and have whatever bank processes their payments revoke their account. "
The follow up mentions that the Times solution to this problem is linking to the Boston Phoenix article instead of posting an uploaded PDF version. Remember a few years back, the Times tried to sue to stop THIS practice too. This is all madness all the way down.
Wow, Keller was pwned even before halfway through the article.
+Matt Dempsey In the case of the original article, it's not online anywhere. (That's a shame, because the Real Paper was a one-of-a-kind journalism collective that launched a number of amazing and distressing careers.)
+Dan Gillmor it's only infringement if someone else does it to your stuff otherwise it's OK when you do it to others yes he should sue
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