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Techdirt says CISPA just got vastly worse, and passed the House.
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Huh, what....I thought the White House threatened VETO and chilled the whole deal?
The issue here is the "Protection of Children" clause in the amendment. With the elections approaching quickly, voting against that amendment would be twisted into "Your representative refused to prosecute child porn!!!elevenz!!111!!!" commercials.

No one really wants to spend money trying to explain why that's not true, and with a promised veto from the White House, the Dem leadership probably did a quick count, wrangled enough members into voting no on the final bill to make sure that it would be short of the 2/3rds necessary for an override, and released everyone to vote how they liked (for their own protection) on the amendment, and the folks in the vulnerable seat to vote for the final bill.

Now it gets kicked over to the Senate, which is slightly less vulnerable to this sort of election blackmail. If it doesn't die there, it gets vetoed, and not overridden.

Sound and fury, signifying nothing.
Wow, a banner day for the federal government to be sure.
So how many of these fools can we un-elect in November?
It's not too late to call your representative, and as appropriate, praise them for voting against it, or asking for an explanation of why they voted for something against the interests of their electorate.
So people really believe that Obama will veto this? In an election year? That would definitely improve my impression of him if he did, though I have a lot more faith in the Senate killing it first.
Here is Ben Quayle's statement defending his execrable amendment: <>

BTW, Ben Quayle's real name is Eugene. He prefers Ben, apparently because it is easier to spell. You DO know there is a spelling gene, right? That's science! Just like there is a gay gene and a straight gene. Oh, wait… I said "gene". Okay, I'm stopping now.
did anyone post a list of the losers who voted for it yet?
the politicos who voted for it will not be getting ANY support from me and everyone i share that list with, re-elect none of them!
Very cool +Keith Keber, thank you! It's great to see that our new Rep is continuing the Oregon tradition of doing the right thing for her constituents. I will definitely e-mail to thank her.
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