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Dear journalists: Don't you realize that no normal person cares at all about who, if anyone, got alleged "scoop" on Santorum's exit from the presidential campaign?

Update: In the comments, +Krishna Bharat points out that there is some news of general interest in that story, namely an inadvertent sending of an unconfirmed story to Bloomberg by the Post.
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I care a lot about this. It's the first time ever that +Rick Santorum pulled out of something.
Inside Baseball is probably worst in the journo space... That is why they get so annoyed at bloggers breaking news...
Thank you why do we need to continue to hear about this. Journalists are over paid and redundant.
Santorum was not going to make it, I could told you that and i'am a mechanic sorry. And normal people don't care, is it over yet?
+Dan Gillmor Traditions in the journalism business will probably take a bit of time to pass. It took time for companies to stop thinking press conference for news announcements.
+Dan Gillmor The public interest angle here here isn't so much who broke it, but that the Post transmitted an unconfirmed story that went live on Bloomberg terminals. See 5.25pm update.
+Krishna Bharat OK, that does make it at least slightly newsworthy... but there's a lot of who's first stuff here too.
In other news... Hooray, Santorum is out! He made me more nervous than Rick Perry.
And Romney lost 4 years ago to McCain... Ack!!
Dan that's a bit of a sweeping statement... Somebody, somewhere, cares a bit ;-)
I would like a ranking of news sources not by how timely they are, but by how effectively they help readers act on what they report. For example, now that we know it is going to be Romney vs. Obama, which news sources have done a recent side-by-side of their proposals, and of those, which noticed that would charge minimum wage-earning parents an extra $1,000 per year?
Bob Dylan said it best with You don't need a Weatherman to know which way the wind was Blowin' . (paraphrased and not an exact quote) =)
This kind of "scoop" is based on which journalist has done the best job sucking up, and therefore has friends in places of power. I respect a journalist who gets a scoop, but only when the story is something that the powerful don't want us to know or that otherwise would not be told.
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