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More unbelievable antics by Arizona politicians (and some birther-sounding commenters below):
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That's Romney only chance to win Arizona
Oh, it's believable. I think only con men become politicians in America anymore. I'd like to believe they make promises and try to keep them, but I think it's more likely they just knowingly lie much of the time.
While I too would hope that the birth certificate issue is a phony issue, what is more troubling is the continuing warfare between Obama and a State Government on all levels. The time has really come to stop the foolishness in Arizona on BOTH sides. lets go forward with REAL issues.
being white or black is not matter ,wait for election boxes tell us.
Arizona has had two candidates for President of the USA, but nether John McCain or Barry Goldwater was born in the USA.

Goldwater was born in 1909, but Arizona wasn't a State till 1912 and John McCain was born in Panama
The issue of whether Arizona is fully a state with electoral college votes and not a territory is a highly controversial one. Are there any eye witnesses who can testify that it was properly admitted? We need to study this issue for at least a year.
His campaign for Governor of Arizona has begun. This is what you have to do to get elected in that state.
Worth noting, while I think Obama was born in the US in Hawaii , he DID tell his literary agent in 1991 that he was born to his father and mother in Kenya, grew up in indonesia, and immigrated to Hawaii. I can see why some people are up in the air about where he was born when he himself has been slightly dishonest about it.
I love this, these idiots don't even know the law. The naturalization law of 1790 states "the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens". Even though the laws that later repealed this law (the 1795, 1798, and 1802 naturalization laws) never directly assert this language, it's still held. I was born to American Citizens outside of the jurisdiction of the US and am considered a natural born by the federal govt.

His mother was born a US citizen, raised in the US, therefore, when President Obama was born, doesn't matter if he was born on the moon he is a natural born citizen born of an US parent. otherwise, you are saying that every child born overseas of US Military parents are not Natural Born citizens and THAT is a direct insult to the people who defend us.
+Jarrod Henry: he did not tell his literary agency that; the mistake was theirs.
The loathsome fuckery of Arizona's right wing appears to be boundless. Moreover, this mother of all voter suppression schemes is being mounted by a state official with an obvious conflict of interest. Arizona lost my business years ago, and this latest insult simply confirms that decision.
+Ron Echeverri Yet, they left it on there for 16 years, and the wording of the bio was used when Mr Obama was President of the Harvard Law Review, and his advisor at Harvard said Mr. Obama told him he was born in Kenya? You gotta admit, there are questions there. Like I said, I think he was born in Hawaii personally. I think he just felt being Kenyan would gain him some advantages at the time. I don't think he's ineligible to be president , and I'm certainly not a birther. I support President Obama. Just think he was doing something politically expedient, which you have to admit, he's been good at :D
Who do you believe? A guy that can't remember the last time he told the truth, or the agent and/or his faculty advisor, each of which have no axe to grind. Seems like he finally got caught in his own web of deceit.
So where's this Kenyan Birth Certificate?
+Paul Mooney I don't believe he was born in Kenya, so there probably isn't a Kenyan birth certificate :D I just think he said he was to appear more a minority.
Why are you calling these unbelievable antics? It's in his job description to do this.
Now read the fine print. It's also in his job description not to waste precious state resources catering to extremist nutjobs who have already been proven wrong repeatedly, and just can't accept defeat and move on.
I love Hawaii's response to this... ask him for redundant certification that he's in charge of elections in AZ. Major style points in my book for that. Well played, HI, well played.
The right wingers seem to heed their ex-VP's teaching well. I would encourage them to move more to the right, however they want to do it. The more outrageous, the better.
+Paul Mooney Ask Obama for the real one. Hawaii isn't willing to release anything but a certificate. If the real certificate exists, why is it so hard to have it released--unless, of course, it doesn't exist. I would prefer to think it does, but then, if it doesn't we have had four years of a liar, a cheat, and laws signed that are invalid. What's the problem with Hawaii releasing the damn document if he has nothing to hide?
+John Tieso: please pull your head out of your ass. Thanks.
+Ron Echeverri Nothing to pull out. Obama could have ended this ridiculous charade a long time ago--simply by producing a credible copy of the birth certificate that could be verified. Sorry you don't agree
+John Tieso Personally, I would encourage you to expose Mr. Obama for this. You should personally travel to Kenya and Hawaii, collect all the evidence, and get it all out there, with pictures, interviews and all that -- maybe even a documentary or two. You will be a national hero who exposed millions and millions who have partaken in this enormous cover-up.
The constitution requires each state to honor the public acts and records of other states. The relevant Hawaii officials have repeatedly confirmed Obama's birth there, releasing both the short form and the long form. Now some of the birthers demand "the original", something that is never given out. If they got it they would probably vandalize it.
And that should be the end of it, +Joe Buck

Worth noting, when I got my passport in 2006, and requested my birth certificate from Michigan, they sent the "short form." I asked them what happened to the longer birth cert, and they said that they, Hawaii, and a few other states do not use long forms or "decorational" birth certificates anymore. That it's all "certificate of live birth" there, pulled from a computer.

The really sad thing is, I was certain it just pulled the information I typed into a web form and put it right back onto the paper they emailed me :P
The problem is, also, with Fair Faith And Credit, is that the clause reads like this: "Full faith and credit shall be given in each state to the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state. And the Congress may by general laws prescribe the manner in which such acts, records, and proceedings shall be proved, and the effect thereof."

Congress hasn't clarified what a natural born citizen is. It has n't clarified whether these new computer generated short forms are or are not acceptable, or how to handle them.

Therefore, it comes down to state legislatures to define what their state will or will not accept as legally proven. Congess can solve this right now if they want to.

The first continental congress, defined natural born citizen as one who was born ANYWHERE to Citizen Parents. (Both.) Five years or so later, it was altered to born to a citizen, but that citizen had to be a male.

The intent seems to be that if you're a US citizen by birth, you're a natural born citizen. However, the problem is both those laws sunsetted out in congress. But do recall, under the original constitution, the father could not have been a citizen, the mother could not have voted, and the marriage could not have occurred, and the child could not have been a citizen.
Again, you are wrong; the law on who a natural born citizen is based on both the 14th amendment and acts of Congress. The documentation that has been released more than suffices to get a passport, and there is independent evidence: a birth announcement in the Honolulu Advertiser, published within days of his birth. Birthers are excited because some literary agent made a mistake, but when we ask if someone is American born, we don't ask their literary agent, we ask the relevant office of the state of their birth. But birthers aren't interested in the truth, only in proving that Obama is illegitimate. No amount of evidence will satisfy them, so Obama should not engage.
+Joe Buck First, I agree. Barack Obama was born in the US. He is president of the united states. He is a natural born citizen.

The problem really is, nobody's defined natural born citizen. McCain got the congress to pass a resolution declaring him one. It really isn't cut and dry, and that's the problem. Citizen, yes, that's pretty easy to determine. Natural born? Not so much. The 14th amendment doesn't say someone is a natural born citizen. In fact, natural born citizen exists in one place in the constitution, and that's under the requirements to be a president.

There were two laws, one in 1790, and one that superseded it in 1795. Since that second law removed the phrase "natural born citizen", congress has NOT defined it. It's been left up to the courts.

And this whole "is Barack Obama a natural born citizen" is not the first time we faced this. It's not the first time a president or presumptive president has been challenged. In fact, it's more often the democrats that did the challenging.. Barry Goldwater, George Romney, John McCain, Llowel Weicker...

I just wish congress would pass a damn law saying "A Natural Born Citizen is one who is born of US parents", like the founders did in 1790 in the first congress when they realized there was a problem with the language of the constitution.

Under that law, Barack Obama is a natural born citizen, and this is all moot, and then we can go on with life :)
+Joe Buck Joe, I agree with you. My only concern was the way that it seemed to be evasive on his part. I agree thatHawaii provided an unsigned copy, as did the White house. That will never completely satisfy all the skeptics. it could have been handled much better
It was handled just fine for anyone who isn't a pedant, an idiot, or a demagogue.
The "skeptics" just don't think it could be possibly legitimate that a half-African man whose middle name is Hussein could be the president. They start from that belief and then desperately look for evidence to support it. Also, resolutions passed by Congress have no legal effect: McCain was a born citizen of the United States because his parents were; the Constitution requires that the President be born a citizen, not that he be born on "US soil". The Panama Canal Zone was not US soil, it was only leased to the US by Panama. But this did not matter, McCain was eligible. Likewise, Mitt Romney's father George ran for president even though he was born in Mexico. Again, this was legal because he was a citizen at birth because his parents were.
+Ron Echeverri Thanks for the effusive compliments. I always like to hear from someone who, having nothing substantive to say, chooses insults as his response. Have a great day.
+John Tieso: better than your insubstantive paranoid bigoted sophistry.
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