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Glad to see the Washington Post editorial page locate its spine regarding Romney's incessant deceptions. It's late, but welcome. 
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Agreed.  A really good article on the character of a man.  And the Astute American Math wizards that are voting for Mr. Romney call me brainwashed.  
Four more years of Obama and the Congress as presently constituted spells no progress on any serious issues. I keep waiting to learn what Obama's plan for deficit reduction is. Taxing the rich doesn't produce significant revenue and he has proposed no entitlement reform...that's where the money is. Some is available form cutting back on the defense budget, but that means job losses.
+Alexis Praga with Romney at the top, they can keep plundering with no one to stop them just like they did when Bush was President for eight years, plus they hate African-American to be at the top job.
+Alexis Praga it's become a tribal thing in the United States. Religion is behind a fair amount of support for the Republican party, due to the radicalization of the religious right by Roe v Wade. The Republicans also attract support from the rural 'mind your own business' segment of the population and from business owners who tend to bear the immediate burden of government regulation and who would profit from having less of it.
Don't know anyone who reads the Washington Post outside of government workers and journalists.
+Alexis Praga  Religion is what makes the Republican party work.  The party has built success by defining the rich and the religious as its dual bases.  The rich turn out the money and the religious turn out the votes.  The party spends most of its effort catering to the rich, but just enough effort catering to the religious that they feel like they're being well-served, when aside from religious issues, being mostly poor, they're being completely screwed by the predominant cater-to-the-rich policies.  They just don't realize it or don't care because the position of the Democrats on religious issues is so distasteful to them, and they value their religious issues that highly, practically above all else.
President Obama has insulted me and all the rest of the voters with his incessant lies lets start with Benghazi, Guantanamo, enriching his  corporate cronies (government sponsored alternative energy) , fast and furious, and the big lies about the improving economy.
+Dan Gillmor I'm not sure you can correctly attribute it to spine, because it's pretty late in the game.  Since it is now unlikely that Romney will win, they don't really have to worry about offending an incoming administration.
+Alexis Praga  You've never been to the center of this nation, have you?  In nearly every state that doesn't have an ocean coastline, and isn't way up in the northeastern corner, the religious are not nearly the minority you're assuming they are.
Without question, Hurricane Sandy is being call the "Perfect Storm". I beleive this Perfect Storm is Gods "Perfect Answer" for those Democrats who boo-ed God and Jerusalem. Here is God's answer to the those Democrats, "and I will bless them that bless thee (Israel), and cruse him that curseth thee", Genesis 12:3. The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, is not only going to have the last word, but is going to impact this election..Why? Like the Titanic whos Captain didn't take heed to the warnings they were headed in the wrong direction, and sank..our Nation  also is headed in the wrong direction. Obama has raised his fist towards God saying "I support gay marriage". Roman 1:26-27, Leviticus 18:22, and numerous other verus clearly show God condemns gay marriage. Obama who claims to be a Christian beleives like Oprah Winfrey there are many ways to God. John 14:6 states that "no one comes to the Father except through me". Obama supports aboration. Exodus 23:7 states that the shielding of innocent blood is wicked, In Mat 1:23 , God calls the baby a child. To those liberals who find this hard to believe, find this hard to believe as you watch on national television as Obama, Michelle, and the girls are flown away on Air Force One Helicopter from the White House.
this campaign year was the final straw for me in terms of deciding we need to switch to a merit-weighted voting system, where no longer does every citizen get an equal vote, simply for occupying space and breathing air. i've began designing a proposal in my free time, at least as an intellectual exercise.
+Lars Peterson I can't speak for +RAY WILLIAMS but, Romney being Mormon has absolutely nothing to do with The points he made. Romney is good for nothing, the same as Obama, the same as Bush, and on down the line. The fact that his statements made you automatically think about how you negate his points by talking about Romney, is exactly what is wrong with this country. This Republican vs. Democrat non-sense is a ploy. Please look up the "Hegallian" principle.

Thesis v Anti-thesis = Synthesis

It's an ancient methodology intended to create strong enthusiasm for one side or the other. Don't you see, there are more than two options. Granted, we know our president will be one or the other. But, that doesn't mean we should support either one. 
I'm quite aware of Mr. Rommey Mormon faith, and very aware of their theology. Let me make this very clear and simple for those of you who don't believe in the Bible or God. I'M VOTING THE BIBLE..WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? The candidate that best supports the Godly foundations that this Great Nation was build upon. Example:  Obama supports gay marriage, Rommey states marriage is between a man and women, and I agreed not because of Rommey's view, but the God who created you and I. Do I feel Rommey is the perfect candidate, of course not. I only know one perfect candidate, his name is Jesus Christ. So the main question for you Lars is where do you stand? If you support the murdering of 60 million babies sence the 1973 Roe vs Wade decision, VOTE OBAMA…if you support gay marriage, VOTE OBAMA…if you don't support the Nation of Israel and its Jewish people, VOTE OBAMA,..if you wish your children, and grand-children to live in an ungodly nation not knowing the truth about God's plan for there lives, VOTE OBAMA.  Without God, there is no hope, Ephesians 2:12 
+RAY WILLIAMS It's nice for you to vote the Bible...however, the Bible is not this country's ruling document.

The Constitution is.

Can you point me to anything in the Constitution that mentions the Bible? 

This is why we have separation of church and state.
+Alexis Praga in the United States, religion has (almost) never been sponsored by the state. We've never had a nationally adopted theology, so we never had a reformation against a powerful church hierarchy the way that Europe did. Religious drive gets intensely channeled into otherwise secular politics, and the only power it has is in the fervor of the believers, so they tend to be very dedicated on the issues they are organized against. 
+Bonnie McDaniel If you read the book of Deuteronomy, you will see that it is quite clear that much of the Constitution is based on guidelines God set for the people of Israel.

So, if you vote the Bible, you vote much of the Constitution. The problem is, most candidates aren't talking about the Constitution. 
If politicians cared about the Constitution, they would never have passed the "Patriot" Act...
+Andy Crosby Those numbers are quite staggering, but it is a trend that is on the rise up until our demise. It's not that Obama, is so much worse, it's something that we have seen from both parties. It's the party system that is a joke. They don't disagree on issue that actually affect the nation.
Deceptions about what ?   47 million on food stamps, 23 million unemployed, $ 6Trillion new Debt in 4 years, average household income down $4500,  7.9% unemployment, if you do not count all the people looking for work, nearly 14% if you count them,   62% labor participation rate, then lowest since 1948.  GDP @ +15% when tkeep up with population growth you need +30%,  4 Americans dead and 7 weeks later "we are Invistigating?..which story might work,   "the video that was on Youtube in July, the State Departments fault, no it's the CIA, well maybe it's Leon Penitta and the DoD, who will "take the fall" and cover the Emperor's rear?   and the FBI can not get there 6 weeks later to sift thru the rubble at the Embassy facilities......who are you kidding?
+Jarrod Payne  Spot on.  I had been saving my last political contribution of this election cycle until about a month before the elections, figuring I'd see how things were going, and among whom I'd feel compelled to apportion it then.  By the time a month ago rolled around, I was so fed up with all the candidates failing to tackle the real issues that I gave the whole lump to  At least there, I know they're doing with it something I really believe in.
+Jarrod Payne Seeing as very few of the Founders were Jewish, that's nonsense. 

Do you have any specific proof that the Constitution was written based on the book of Deuteronomy? Sorry, but your (religious) opinion doesn't cut it. 
+Bonnie McDaniel Well, if you don't want to read it for yourself, I suppose I could pull out some examples. After reading your bio, it seems as if it would be useless. 
+Carl Miller thanks for pointing out the Stop NDAA site. I haven't visited before. Will certainly read into it. 
Paul Greenwood, go get yourself educated, you talk rubbish and Ray Williams, you think the world is going back to 2000 years? HELL NO. So flush your Bible argument down the toilet and let  people make their own mind.
+Jarrod Payne I don't mean comparing the texts. I could write a Constitution based on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, because those are timeless human principles that every religion espouses, in one form or another.

That doesn't mean I want to be ruled by the Bible, or anybody else's holy book. 

I mean historic proof. Quotes from primary sources, say a letter from Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, or John Adams, saying the Constitution is based on Deuteronomy (or any other part of the Bible, for that matter).

If you don't have that, you got nothin'.
This election has many facets and much is at stake for the American People as they define who they are. It is very disturbing to hear the discussions about the fate of the nation described by the personalities of the gentleman who are running for president rather than discussing the social policy that will govern our lives in the near future and will define our interfaces to our fellow nation states. I am appalled by the rather individualistic thinking that is persistently influencing the decisions of citizens. We have forgotten that we live and perish together and judging from the meteorological activities in the last year we must think of each other and a potential future. Much of what we are experiencing economically are due to the influence of technology and humans moving thru to another human epic like when we went from agrarian to industrial. Too complex for those who are not educated to understand, so they blame Obama.
+Bonnie McDaniel
Well, I don't know if this is a proper medium for a full on lesson which is why I asked that you read the Good Book for yourself. Here are a few quotes anyway:

"Hear the causes between your brethren, and judge righteously between every man and his brother, and the stranger that is with him. Ye shall not respect [discriminate against] persons in judgment; but ye shall hear the small as well as the great; ye shall not be afraid of the face of man; for the judgment is God's: and the cause that is too hard for you, bring it unto me, and I will hear it." (Deuteronomy 1:16-17)

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal." Declaration of Independence

"Suppose a nation in some distant region should take the Bible for their only law book, and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited! Every member would be obliged in conscience, to temperance, frugality, and industry; to justice, kindness, and charity towards his fellow men; and to piety, love, and reverence toward Almighty God ... What a Eutopia, what a Paradise would this region be." John Adams, February 22, 1756 (Federer, William J., America's God and Country Encyclopedia Of Quotations , FAME Publishing, Coppell, Texas, 1994, p.5)

"No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States" U.S. Constitution, Art. I, Sec. 9, Paragraph 8)
"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." John Adams (Federer, p. 10)

"It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible" George Washington (Federer, p.660)

"These laws laid down by God are the eternal immutable laws of good and evil .... This law of nature dictated by God himself, is of course superior in obligation to any other. It is binding over all the globe, in all countries, and at all times: no human laws are of any validity if contrary to this...

"The doctrines thus delivered we call the revealed or divine law, and they are to be found only in the holy scriptures ... [and] are found upon comparison to be really part of the original law of nature. Upon these two foundations, the law of nature and the law of revelation, depend all human laws; that is to say, no human laws should be suffered to contradict these. William Blackstone (Federer, p.52)
+Bonnie McDaniel So much more can be found here:

But hey, don't take my word for it. Read the thing for yourself.

I understand that you will want to refute this without reading, but I am in no place to convince you of something you aren't willing to investigate for yourself. I have been on both sides of the fence in my life, so please don't discount me as [place name here].
Every Election Is Always About the Lesser of Two or More Evils!
This election is about Liberty & Tyranny.  

If you have a hard time understanding that , Mark Levin has written a very good book on the subject
Well, I am sorry it seems so confusing for you.   Perhaps a remedial USHistory and Government class would enlighten you a bit  But, then it is not taught in our Public Education system these last 25 years
+Steve Gutierrez 
You read one biased book. Congratulations on your "erudition".

We've got you program, Steve. Blather!
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