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I cancelled mine.  I thought it might be a problem with my VPN it was so slow.
I literally just updated from 12.04 to 12.10 and it didnt take but 10 or so minutes to download. If you are trying to download that .iso, I recommend mirrors or torrents. Good luck!
Upgrade or you downloading the ISO? If the latter I'd stop it and restart so it grabs a different mirror.
I just started a 6.5 hour download of SQL Server, I guess I should quit complaining.
Maybe the fact that I cannot download now because of work is a blessing! 
I figure it's always best to wait a day or two after release for any downloads. Or at least queue it up overnight.
I was able to get it here at work at 2+ Mbytes/Second. 
Always do the update before the release date. Nice fast servers :-)
I have not even tried yet.  Will try in about 24 hours.
I stopped and restarted.  That appeared to help a bit, but the download speed is still fairly slow.  Original dl speed was 5kb/s.  
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