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United Airlines wants you to print out your boarding pass with all kinds of advertising attached. Only at the very bottom of the page do you discover that you can print it without this stuff -- but the link to that information is deliberately obscured with blue text on a blue background.

Note to United: This isn't clever marketing. It's obnoxious.
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I'm using the android app ad free atm
It's long been my opinion that American airline companies literally hate their customers. I'm pretty sure the avoidance of "obnoxious" is quite low on their to-do list.
Not to mention the unnecessary waste of (color) ink to the unsuspecting.
BTW the whole online experience with United Airlines sucks particularly the opt out of Economy Plus etc
I don't get the advertising value of printing the ad you've already seen.  The airline has already delivered the ad to your browser and you're the only person likely to see your ticket.  I don't think the ticket scanner person in NYC really cares if Cirque du Soliel is playing in Vegas.
Honestly flying with United is awful especially trans Atlantic. The video screen in front of me would not have been out of place in the film version of 1984.
Ryanair does something similar.  They also specify that you need to print the boarding pass on an A4 paper.  (I'd otherwise used A5, because that's the size of my travel folder.  I find it wieldier.)

One time, I actually asked in advance if I may be denied boarding if I don't use a 80g/m^2 paper.  I was assured that 60 g/m^2 is OK, but strongly recommended to refrain from using a 250 g/m^2 cardstock.
I flew Southwest for the first time last week and was pleasantly surprised by the lack of anything but the ticket information on what I printed.
But wait. Why do I have to print this out to begin with. There is zero value in that. Just do away with paper boarding passes
obnoxious is the word of the day :)
(I agree - it is obnoxious)
thanks for the tip on where the real print button is.
+Dirk Hohndel I will continue to print out boarding passes as long as airlines continue to have computer downtime...and they do periodically.
United's efforts at modernizing the ticket process do indeed suck.  In addition to the pages of advertizing they try to get you to print out, I find the constant attempts to sell me "mileage multipliers" really annoying.  For their frequent flyers, at least, they need to provide a permanent opt-out for all that crap.
"And for only $100 more, we will take you from London to Paris via Moscow, which will greatly multiply your miles!"
+Andres Soolo But you'll be in coach on a Tu-104 (hmm, that might actually be better than some of United's current aricraft ...)
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