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I'm paying almost no attention to the Olympics. The corruption of the games -- and the control-freakery of the big-money interests that pay mega-billions into a corrupt system -- have left me not caring at all. An example: 
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I still watch even though I'm with you in terms of the corruption and politics of the games. 
"Remember back when large public events were also the locus of large public protest?"

When was this, exactly?
+Dan Gillmor I respect your view. At the same time, I think I can support Canadian Olympic athletes without supporting the big-money, etc. Just like I can support our troops aboard (fighting as directed by our governments) with/without supporting the governments or the military-industrial complex behind the business of war.
I just have two problems with this years games; IOC won't acknowledge moment of silence for victims of 1972 games because they don't want to offend Arab world, and Romney going there supposedly for his horse, but we all know it's to pander.
good article, I too am concerned by the over militarisation of western society, when I was growing up during the cold war, I never thought I would see the day that our libertarian governments would clamp down on freedom of speech and freedom of expression.
what kind of olimpics seasons are now at days?, the corruption olympics?
Ask the participants if they think it's about control-freakery and big-money interests.
+Dan Gillmor: and yours is the first post I run into after I make my banwords comment.  Which is to say:  I sympathize and agree with you totally.
Having actually watched the Opening Ceremony last night, it contained both a one minutes silence and a sequence to remember those who died on 7/7 to the song 'abide with me'.
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