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Quite possibly my next computer, as long as hardware works with Ubuntu & vice versa.
The ThinkPad X1 Carbon is the thinnest 14" Ultrabook laptop.
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Weighs less than the old buckling spring keyboards...
does it come w ubuntu pre-installed? i had a thinkpad a few years ago that i installed ubuntu over and it wasn't quite a smooth experience — my guess is that things should be better by now (this was 2006) but i had some issues with certain drivers from what i recall
Ubuntu seems to work on most things. I have never had a real problem.
As an IBM employee who watched Lenovo
acquire IBM PC.

Thinkpad's were excellent!
Lenovo has not disappointed!

Of all in the "Windows" market,
I view Lenovo as the best.

They did, indeed, learn from IBM, -- IMO!
If they did a Linux preinstall that would be ideal. They won't...
looks interesting but has two shortcomings for me. Not enough pixels on the screen (minimum 1600 x 1000) and small hard drive. Makes me wonder why people settle for DVD players that can run Excel
Hope they'll include top of the line CPU as options. i7, no i5.
i7 mobile has little benefit over it's i5 counterpart. This will most likely be my next laptop in the summer.
Have two thinkpads running with ubuntu/xubuntu. Both work well since the recently updates. If you need devices that simply do things, then the thinkpads are my first choice.
Why do they have such low res screens? My X61s was only available with xga (1024x768), switching to a T60p with uxga (1600x1200), going to drop in a qxga (2048x1536) panel, and at 15", the perfect large laptop size (17 is too big, in my view).
+Ronald Pottol I'm with you. 17" is too big. My last Windows laptop was a Dell Latitude E6500 with the 15.4" 1920x1200 panel -- highest res i could find in that size, at the time.
I am not familiar with Ubuntu, can any commenter briefly explain why it would preferred over windows for a PC? Thanks.
I'm more concerned about its size. Does anyone know its size stats? Weight is also important, but since the ad says it's under 3 lbs, it's fine with me.
+Fawad Kazi Because it's free, because you not bother about viruses and because it's an alternative to windows and mac. I switched to ubuntu because the support for XP ends this year and I didn't want to buy an update.
Wish they would release another smaller machine. X220 seems way too big compared with the beautiful X61 I use now (because I can't put it down!) I just don't need something that big!
How do you like "Precise"?
Precise works fine for me, now that I got used to unity.

Both thinkpads had windows preinstalled. My T61 (on which I write this post) came with WinXP. And I used it for two years or so till I fell in love with ubuntu. First I tested ubuntu on a live cd, then I had it parallel installed until I recognized that I didn't start XP any more.
My x100e had Win7 but I only activated it to see if the device is okay. Then I get Ubuntu running all over the system.

Meanwhile I found that there are a few dealers who sell a thinkpad with a preinstalled linux or even without any system at all. Takes time to find one. My local shop only sells thinkpads with win on it, but he checked my T61 last year for little money or has devices which have run for testing or in the showroom. (Sorry if this post is too long :-)
+Dan Gillmor - Waiting for the weekend. Will probably format my netbook back to the stone age and do a fresh install rather than the upgrade.
+Dan Gillmor - Have you considered System76, ZaReason, or any of the other companies that specialize in Linux-tuned hardware?
I've been emailing with support at ZaReason. They plan to have an ultrabook in June. (I found out about them 'cause the founder spoke at Flourish.)
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