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Don't miss Glenn Greenwald's latest piece in Salon. If the tech industry gives into this one, we are all thoroughly screwed.
As the FBI seeks full access to all forms of Interent communication, it is not voters who need to be convinced
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It is things like this that temp me to think I should withhold my vote from Obama this November.
You should, +Karl Auerbach I've already decided that's what I'm doing. Nothing will change until politicians start seeing stances like this measurably erode their base of support.
When I first read about this I was astonished that the FBI apparently does not yet have access to most Internet communication. Then I realized that the "problem" is that it is still a bit too complicated for doing automatic large-scale interception of communication.
Also, in the longer run, such an initiative raises the question what to do with open source software. Either software with cryptography functionality will have to be forbidden or people will have to disclose their keys.
So much for the internet, we will just have to go back to old fashioned 'brush passes' and dead drops - the FBI will be so busy trying to uderstand G+ posts and email to granny that they won't have anyone to follow and intercept - lol.
A quote from the article, apparently missing the inherent irony: “If you create a service, product, or app that allows a user to communicate, you get the privilege of adding that extra coding,” [Emphasis mine]
+Steven Sudit It's obvious, but it's also a reward for egregiously bad behavior. That's the dilemma.
So far, I've found fit to +1 every comment. Well done!
And as a separate comment, I would point people to The Road to Serfdom, by Frederich Hayek. There's a cartoon version, and a Reader's Digest version, heck, there's probably even an interpretive dance version.
With free services you are the product and the chump.
Why am I a chump? I have entered into this relationship freely with my eyes open.
Because the rules change. And supporting a near-MonoCulture of locked-in-scale puts you in a honeypot for government sniffing.
That would be a concern for me if I desired privacy.
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