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In the new issue of Columbia Journalism Review I warn of threats to free speech in America:
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Do you know that the CJR bought MORE magazine in 77 or so to put the clamp on the cover story that was going to come out about the Pulitzers being rigged in 75 or 6? That would make one hell of a story for someone.
No where are the corporate "choke points" more evident than in the tech media arena. Companies play the journalists like violins by selectively releasing information, embargoing information, choosing preferred voices and locking out those who dig for information and report on it. In the end, readers get a lot of industry hype and not much real reporting on the industry.
as long as corporate money and its agenda dominate the media, honest journalism will remain on the fringes.

public debate without honesty is the farce we see today.
In the UK I do say anything and everything and some don't like it but, secretly, most do!!!
Dan, in case you don't know, the article can't be read on a mobile device. Tells me I need to be on a desktop in order to read.
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