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"Let’s see if I have this straight, shall we? You are not going to pay me an advance for my book, so you are not going to guarantee me a minimum payment. In addition, you won’t be investing in a print run or physical distribution for my book, thereby significantly cutting your production costs. But, because you are (Insert Big 6 Publisher Name Here), I should be happy to accept the exact same royalty rate for my books as authors who are getting both of the benefits? Hmmmm, forgive me if I’m not impressed."
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Yet another reason why I am my own publishing company. Screw big mainstream publishers......
Yeah, you might as well self-publish at that point.
What are your thoughts Dan? I have to agree with the quote.
I'm going the self-publishing route with my third book. I missed the advance, but the digital/POD route means I can set lower prices for readers and still bag more in royalties.
Sounds like a great deal. Can I get in on some of your profits for doing nothing?
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