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This pastor is calling for child abuse -- be clear on that.

Not surprised, in light of today's vote against same-sex marriages, that he's in North Carolina.
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All about enforcing sexual stereotypes. I am noticing the same thing in many conservative religious groups. It is about protecting and maintaining the perceived order rather than living by what is of "most value!"
This is a sign of cognitive impairment and cognitive disabilities,because these pastors are living in the stone age failing to educate themselves on the digital revolution.
It's people like this and actions like this that make people hate religion and gives good honest Christians a bad name.
Agreed, they unconsciously perceive the end is coming and to this it means the end of their way of life. As a result they view it as spritual hard times. It is, your way of thinking and living is no longer relevant in a digital age of information rather than ignorance promoted through a patriarchal society.
not sure what's worse - this video or the fact that it doesn't surprise me. Not everybody in NC is a retro-grade, but unfortunately, we've got enough of them that makes this state appear very regressive at times. It is sad. Brian from Apex, NC
I hope people can see that this is NOT what the bible teaches. That as a Christian I find this behavior unacceptable.
It is a sign of a cognitive disability by relying on an arbitrary standard rather knowing what is of "most value!"
Stuff like this is performance art, rather than inspirations of faith. You can tell he's feeding off the bigotry and fear of homosexuality of the crowd to +1 his statements as he goes along to the point he advocates violence. It's times like this when Christ facepalms and says to his Dad... "Not this sh*t again"
The only possible response to this guy is a photoshop of da Vinci's "Last Supper" with everyone facepalming (let me go see if the internet has spontaneously generated one yet. ..... oh dear, I need to unsee a lot of things now. There was some good stuff in the image search results too though.)
He's not a Christian. He's a Churchian. Big difference. Tares are sown with the wheat. When Jesus returns, He will separate the genuine from the fakes. This guy is a nutjob fake.
"If you gave Falwell an enema he'd be buried in a matchbox."
Long live Christopher Hitchens attitude toward all of these fakes and frauds.
Tares are the flesh, because you can't tear the spirit which is the wheat.
Punch him, yep looked it up and that's what Jesus would do. Give me a break you fascist f*ck Harris. May the grace of God go with you :-)
Dear NC,

Thanks for taking the focus off the idiots in SC for once.

I'm pretty sure Jesus said something about not being an asshat. So, I guess the next time we see this guy it's God's will we punch him?
The bible does say a fools mouth invites blows... just keeping in the word here... "without love I am nothing"
+Will Johnson I thought tares where fake Christians who go to church and pretend to be genuine, whereas wheat are the real deal. Like the mixed multitude in Israel, where only a small remnant really honored God and loved people, in contrast to the half-pagan fakes who worshiped the true God and also idols.
Those who worship the Lord must do so in truth and in spirit! Because that which is greatest is that which you do not see!
Jesus' most harsh condemnations were to religious "holier than thou" hypocrites who looked down on everybody else.

And Jesus never said a single word about homosexuals, even though there were two naked guys living in the tombs who cut themselves as self-harmers and he healed their minds and set them free. Not sure if they were gay, but they were naked and living together.
There are somethings I don't need to know. What they did is between themselves and their Lord.
I'd so love to see this moron be interviewed by Stephen Colbert.
He is only saying aloud what a great many christian evangelicals believe, especially in the South. It's God-approved hatred wrapped in righteousness, easily applied to other undesirables as well. We have a long history of using the Bible to justify bigotry and violence. See the history of the Southern Baptist Convention and its relation to slavery.
No, nothing is sacred when people defy God's word and make a sexual abberation socially acceptable. Regardless of the how or why, homosexuality is wrong in God's eyes and no amount of accepting it, tolerating it, or justifying it by man will change that.
In regards to advocating violence against children, this pastor is wrong. Children learn their behavior from their parents. Maybe dad needs to man up & be around more so jr doesnt define his personality from too much mommy exposure. Well balanced children are a product of well balanced parents.
Finally, the underlying insinuation that all southerners are inbred racists is as incorrect as it is insulting. Its unfortunate that our entire culture is defined by a few idiots too stupid not to put their idiotic opinions on camera. Yes, we southerners have a different outlook and belief in what is right than everyone else. The wonderful fact about being American is that we're free to disagree and as a southerner I can say we think yankees are too willing to roll over & give up their principles. Just because everyone else says its okay doesn't make it so. Only God is the authority on God, his will & what is right or wrong and he had it all put down in a book that many people quote & use to justify themselves but few actually read cover to cover and even fewer have the capability to understand what is written.
Before taking up and defending the rainbow banner, people need to don the tunic of God and walk in his word - not walk in whatever interpretation of his word suits their needs on any given day. People also need to realize that things were differwnt in biblical times and the interpretations put on them by modern people are false & flawed due to the collective created reality steeped in an acceptance of thing that are, in fact, not acceptable (according to the bible) to God.
I suppose arguing with a religious nut if futile, but I do want to point out that god didn't write the book. People who thought god was speaking to them wrote the book.
It's tempting to believe that that those whose preaching is the loudest, most strident, and / or most financially rewarding, are actually non-believing, cynical opportunists. I wonder though, +Cheryl Ann Fillekes whether the vast majority of Christians are really sincere in their beliefs (however misguided those might be).
But that's your believe, I mean, I don't believe in god, so I do not base my behaviour on any "sacred text", I base it in a simple rule, life and let life. Society is a human construction, and social rules vary with time (and place). Many of the things that you think are right in 2012, weren't so for people some time ago, or in other places in this world. That's why atheism is superior to any religion: we don't intent people to have a only and one way of live. We are open to many answers, as long as you don't attack other people.
Some good points +Cheryl Ann Fillekes. Hypocrites may be smart enough, though, if they have little fear of getting caught in this life or the next. What concerns me most is whether +Chris Mooney is correct, in The Republican Brain, in claiming that about 50% of us tend to be "true believers" because our brains are wired that way. That would explain the deep polarization which has been evident for a very long time.
Why is the world so wrong? Come on, let people live in peace, do whatever they want to do as long as they don't hurt anyone. Is this too difficult to understand?
William Wilberforce was the Evangelical Christian man in England, during the 1870s, who was a member of Parliament and fought to abolish the slave trade and finally got it done. He also championed animal rights and fought to stop child labor.

Much of the progress of civilization can be attributed in part to dedicated genuine Christians who tried to reform society. Now the Church world seems to be warmongers, materialist hedonists, and flakey "smile and be happy" lemmings with no social concerns.

Wilberforce saw the same complacency and hypocrisy in his day. His book A Practical View of Christianity was a scathing rebuke on the lukewarm Christians of the Church of England, focusing on the evil of the slave trade. In spite of the reproving and guilt tripping nature of his book, it was an instant best seller and helped change the consciousness of England.
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