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A Mentored Life - Helping You Reach Your Ultimate Potential


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I don't even remember hearing the term ADHD when I was in school. Today, it seems like there's a few kids diagnosed with it in every class.

I've often wondered what could be causing that from vaccine injuries, frankenfood diets, overstimulation from technology or a combination of things.

The details in this article don't surprise me much. It seems like there's a pill for just about everything today, and if you do go to the doctor with a concern you're almost certain to leave with a prescription.

What do you think? Is he correct in his assessment?

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Ahhh, the City's Arts and Culture Department is at it again. Anyone remember the Big Blue O installed on Airport Trail a few years ago? At the bargain price of half a million dollars, certainly money well spent - I mean, it's not like there's any metal pipe in Alberta that could have been bent into a big circle and painted blue.

Today, we have rusty metal and rocks. Looks fantastic, and worth every bit of the $500,000 they spent on this "art", especially since the work was commissioned from New York artists instead of someone local that could use the work.

The proceeding comments were written in the sarcasm font, just in case your device doesn't support it. ;-)

I'm all for supporting art in public places, but couldn't the government find someone local for 10% of that cost, and put the money to use on a program to help people struggling to pay their bills, or out of work, or homeless or something?

What do you think? Money well spent, or a colossal waste of taxpayer dollars?

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If you have a wife, share this list and ask her how you're doing. I dare you. ;-)

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Go Granny Go!

Have you been skydiving? Do you have a bucket list? What have you checked off, and what's still on it that you want to check off the list?

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Last week we posted a video recording of a session which outlined:

-- how to build your audience on social media

-- how to get more engagement on your social media (so you can get more customers)

-- how to sell more to your current audience to gather social proof.

Sometimes it’s not WHAT you’re listening to though that gives you the belief you can do this too.

It’s WHO is receiving the information.

They say it’s not WHAT you know… it’s WHO you know…

… but in reality it’s who you ARE that counts.

In this video you’ll see more insights into building a social media presence that COMMANDS attention -- and results -- no matter where you’re starting from.

Oh… And it’s free :)

Check it out here:

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When someone who’s earned over a million dollars using social media promotions it’s smart to listen…

That’s what you’re going to get access to today, completely free

In this session, one of the most prolific social media marketers in the home business space walks a student through a specific process for:

-- how to build your audience on social media

-- how to get more engagement on your social media (so you can get more customers)

-- how to sell more to your current audience to gather social proof.

This is key information if you want to build a business using the largest platforms available for you.

And it’s free :)

Check it out:

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You’ve seen the courses…

… YouTube secrets

… Facebook Traffic Mayhem (lol)

… Social Media Mastery x 1000

But do you know there is ONE strategy that trumps them all?

In fact, you can use this WITH all of these strategies to turn on the fire.

It’s easy, everyone should be doing it, but most never even try.

When you notice the results though?

You’ll wonder what took you so long.

Because it’s right in front of your face.

⇒ Check it out here:

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Have you ever looked closely at a plane ticket?

I mean really close up?

… at all the details and what they truly mean?

You can learn a LOT about life by looking at a plane ticket.

I have an example in today’s episode of the Daily Shortcut.

In this video we’re going to outline the 2 parts of every plane ticket that show you specifically what to focus on in every part of your business journey.

When you have these 2 parts, you’ll find every part of your business runs smoother than before…

… from prospecting to traffic and beyond…

This part of your plane ticket is the key to your success.

==> Start watching and when you see it, SHARE it.

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You’re getting something special today.

It’s access to a PRIVATE ocean-front 1-on-1 training session with one of our elite members.

You’re going to hear a breakdown of effective recruiting, selling and personal rapport from a 9 figure income earner.

If you’ve wondered how to be more effective and influential talking to prospects, this is the perfect video for you.

Start watching:

==> special access: PRIVATE 1-on-1 training session

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When you’ve been marketing online for a while you’ll be able to see ‘signs’ when you’re barking up the wrong tree…

… or when you’ve hit a gold mine.

One of the ways to know in advance of any efforts is by looking at what you’re putting out into the world to ATTRACT the right sort of business.

Are you putting out content to attract the right people?

Or are you simple throwing rocks into a the social media pond hoping to make waves?

There’s a story where a child learned the this valuable lesson at the edge of a lake…

Once I heard this story I started approaching my business and marketing completely different -- and the results are proving to be worthwhile.

I’m sure you’ll see the same.

IF you watch this first that is ;-)
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