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Awesome video!
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Silly video.  Tells the story very well, but silly video.   ;-p
Hmmm... is it at about :20 in the upper left corner?
The first one should be at about :25 on the big drum of liquid...
My feeble eyes and weak brain are also unable to discern it.
oh this is so weird. There should be a hidden annotation on the big drum of liquid. I'm seeing it when I hover over it with a mouse. But it looks like a lot of folks aren't getting it. It doesn't work on mobile, but it should work fairly consistently on desktop. What browser/OS are you on? 
Oooh!  Links!  I see it now!
Nice glassworks link as well!
Google Play didn't work very well when I was on a trans-Atlantic flight. Even with 'make available offline'. So now I download the MP3s from Play to my desktop, and upload them to Play on my phone manually. Sigh.
I've had a pretty good experience with playlists that I've marked as "Make available offline," but I do understand the frustration.
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