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Breakups hurt a lot. Sometimes more than we think they should or is reasonable. If you are someone you love is going through this universally painful experience, here are some helpful tools and insights to help one make it through to the other side with more strength, wisdom, and love.

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"There is a fear deep down in our collective unconscious that God is still angry and must be appeased, much like an angry parent. However, within the ancient doctrine of ancestral sin there is no trace of punishment. We have done nothing wrong. Our so-called 'transgressions' are born out of a fundamental innocence and goodness.

Just imagine if those who now subscribe to a tradition preaching original sin could hear the message of ancestral sin, a message coming from within their own religions origins that states that there is no inheritance of guilt and that there is no need to prove one's worth or repent for any original state of sin. Perhaps then it would be possible for many to open and step out of the cage they condemn themselves to and feel the warm rays of love that have always been shining but for which they have presumed themselves unworthy of."

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Here is a guest post from Cecelia Johnson at RecognitionWorks on making the tough decision to go to treatment for addiction and the benefits that can come about from taking the leap.

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If you have ever noticed the tendency to get stuck in feelings of shame, unworthiness, or self-criticism this series might be for you. Learn the origins these self-aggressive beliefs and how to overcome them. I hope you find this journey as helpful as I have.

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A relevant post from the archives. Why most resolutions fail within the first few months and how to create life intentions that actually change your life :)

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Concerned about what the holidays have in store? Fear not! Here are 6 simple ways you can prepare and remain calm.
Looking for some simple practical steps for improving your experience of family over the holidays and perhaps even start to transform the system from the inside?

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Are you or someone you know struggling within a politically divided family right now? Are you dreading going home for the holidays and being confronted by this divide? Please take a look at my latest post for some practical steps for navigating these murky waters.

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Hello Everyone,

In the coming months I am starting a therapeutic support group for an underserved population, young adults (ages 18-39) with chronic pain and illness. The 90 minute group will be held weekly at my office in West Boulder. If you are interested let me know and also please pass along this offering to anyone you think might be interested. Thank you so much.

Young and Chronically Ill:

Chronic pain and illness is often associated with the later stages of life, an idea furthered by the fact that support groups for chronic ailments tend to be full of people in their 50’s and up. However, there are a great many young people today who endure chronic pain and illness on a daily basis, and do so quietly, often without the support or understanding of their peers. This isolation can add significant suffering to an already difficult situation.

I have lived chronic pain and illness from both the perspective of a patient with irritable bowel syndrome and Lyme disease, as well as a caregiver during my mother’s nine-year battle with kidney failure. I have also had the honor of working as a counselor with many young people suffering from chronic conditions, and have come to intimately understand the unique struggles of the young and chronically ill. I am passionate about offering a place where people can receive support along their healing journey and relieve their suffering.

I see a great need for young adults to have a place to go to share their experience with peers, support each other, and receive professional therapeutic support specific to their needs. This is why I am offering an affordable therapeutic support group for young adults (ages 18-39) with chronic pain and illness.

Group Details: The group will be held once a week, likely on Tuesday evenings, from 5:30pm-7:00pm, and start sometime in November. The group will be held at my office at 1910 7th st near downtown Boulder CO and, after the initial meeting, I am asking for a 8-week commitment with the option to continue if the group decides to. There will be no more than 8 group members and the cost will be $60 a group paid monthly.

The therapeutic focus includes an invitation for group members to deepen their experience through various therapeutic interventions that focus on the present moment and group dynamics. I will be offering guidance and support along the way as well as specific techniques for working with the challenges of chronic pain. The format itself is intentionally open so that each group member has a big say on what you want the group to be and where you want it to go.
If you have interest in being a part of this group or you have any questions send an email to Also, if you know someone who might benefit from such a group please let them know.

Take care and I look forward to beginning this journey with you.

Dan Entmacher, M.A., LPC

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Interested in learning how your brain is involved in choosing who you fall in love with and how understanding the biological drive of romantic love can help you make better choices? Take a look at my latest post . . .

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Have you ever experienced the power of exercise to lift your mood? In my latest post you will learn all about how exercise increases mental health and how to best harness this power . .
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