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Dan Eastwood
"Information itself has a liberal bias." - Steven Colbert, 28NOV2006
"Information itself has a liberal bias." - Steven Colbert, 28NOV2006


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The oldest zero?

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Immune Cells May Heal Bleeding Brain After Strokes

While immune cells called neutrophils are known to act as infantry in the body's war on germs, a National Institutes of Health-funded study suggests they can act as medics as well. By studying rodents, researchers showed that instead of attacking germs, some neutrophils may help heal the brain after an intracerebral hemorrhage, a form of stroke caused by ruptured blood vessels. The study suggests that two neutrophil-related proteins may play critical roles in protecting the brain from stroke-induced damage and could be used as treatments for intracerebral hemorrhage.

The research is in Nature Communications. (full open access)

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On tonight's episode of The Flash ...
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The Bryce Eastwood Quartet
Live at The Jazz Estate
September 9, 2017

Billy Johnson (Bass)
Neil Davis (Guitar)
Gustavo Cortiñas (Drums)
Bryce Eastwood (Tenor sax)

There are a few videos too - the sound quality isn't great but you can get the feel of it.

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Not settled ...

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How to talk with Evangelicals about climate change.

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We can hope.
Following the publication yesterday of a paper in Nature Geoscience which found humanity's "carbon budget" is somewhat larger than previously estimated, David Roberts sets out this and two other research publications looking at mitigation strategies which he argues together offer some hope that a limiting global temperature rise to 1.5C "may not be impossible yet". #ClimateChange

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"I don't really like the news, but people need to hear it."

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This Boy is Ignorance, this Girl is Want

I used to be amused by emails claiming Nibiru is going to kill us or the Earth is flat. I'm not amused any more.
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