Corporate Culture: Barrier or accelerator for innovation

"[ #executives ] have a key role to play in building an overarching framework for innovation in any organization that hopes to succeed at innovation."

"Corporate culture exists at the intersection of corporate memory, corporate history, business context and operational effectiveness."
Short term thinking: Failure to  #AnticipateChange  

"When the culture adopts and sustains short term thinking, incremental improvements and an aversion to risk and uncertainty, it can be difficult to introduce even modest incremental innovation concepts, never mind larger [ #DisruptiveInnovation  ] or the risks associated with “open” innovation. And, since corporate culture is largely intangible and made up of attitudes, behaviors and past experiences, it is exceptionally difficult to change. That means that the firms that often need innovation the most face corporate cultures that are the least open to change."

#TodaysChallenges  : Innovation requires Change

"As an executive, a leader, a manager who wants more innovation, there’s no more important aspect to focus on, and none more difficult to influence. Nailing jello to a wall is probably an adequate metaphor. But it must be done. You can’t sustain innovation without changing the culture, and your business can’t thrive without sustained innovation."
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"Innovative cultures sustain innovation as a way of operations, rather than thinking of innovation as an occasional, sporadic process. Innovation cultures welcome different points of view, different perspectives and seek to association disparate ideas and technologies into new products and services. It will be rare to hear someone in an innovative culture say 'we’ve never done that before' as a way to shut down ideas – rather, it will be considered a challenge worth pursuing."


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