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Dan Downing
~Please keep singing your Songs of In Love I say to you~
~Please keep singing your Songs of In Love I say to you~

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Every man is me
I am his brother
No man is my enemy
I am every man
and he is in and of me
This is my faith
my strength
my deepest hope
and my only belief

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This recently re-discovered video was originally produced in the mid 1980's. Andrew Weil MD introduces Robert Fulford DO FCA, and includes a discussion of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (OCF) aka, Cranial Osteopathy.

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It's great even without the glasses!

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Peace Like A River Lyrics
Words & music by paul simon

Ah, peace like a river ran through the city
Long past the midnight curfew
We sat starry-eyed
Ooh, oh,we were satisfied
O-o-oh, when I remember
Misinformation followed us like a plague
Nobody knew from time to time
If the plans were changed
Oh, oh, oh, if the plans were changed.

You can beat us with wires
You can beat us with chains
You can run out your rules
But you know you can't outrun the history train
I seen a glorious day, aiee------

Ah, four in the morning
I woke up from out of my dreams
Nowhere to go but back to sleep
But I'm reconciled
Oh, oh, oh, I'm going to be up for a while
Oh, oh, oh, I'm going to be up for a while

Oh, oh, oh, I'm going to be up for a while

Lyrics found <a href="">here</a>

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Very inspiring palindrome [word or phrase that can be read both forward and backwards] made into a poem “Lost Generation” written by Jonathon Reed, a graduate in his twenties. As you begin reading the poem, the narrator illustrates the current generation having a hopeless future and the world is ugly by talking in a very pessimistic tone. When you turn on the news, most of the content is just bad news – Wars, unemployment, environmental disasters, poor education, poverty, and bad news goes on and on. The lost generation is portrayed to be living the harsh life like the bad news given to the people in our mainstream news media throughout the depressing monologue. However, at the end, it directs you to reverse it. When read backwards, there is the totally opposite positive perspective which presents hope in our future through CHANGE. It’s like a paradigm shift, a shift in mindset in the way you look at things. The poem has a great positive message and does a great job at showing how the way you look at things can change the view into a hopeful one. Very inspiring. Hope it encourages you to be a part of the good change of our generation for the better future.
“Be the Change you wish the see in the World.” - Gandhi.
~excerpt from.......…/a-poem-lost-generat…

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I will keep the lamp lit and the door open always for you my Love
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