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Today the year in review as viewed through the lens of people's searches was published.
Surprising for me, but Andy Murray was searched for more than Jessica Innes.  What surprised you?
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The Google Glass skydiving at Google Io was a high point and a real WOW.
The terrible handling of Nexus 4 launch and continued terrible customer service and lack of information is a low point sorry to say.

Dan, please help protect Google's brand by taking control of this issue that is annoying hundreds if not thousands of your most loyal users.

Here's the email I sent and never got a reply to..

Original Email -

      I'm writing with my concerns as to the play store shipping & order system.
I have ordered a Nexus 4 with an estimated shipping of 1-2 weeks. That's fine, I was aware of this when I placed the order and am happy to wait.

However, it would seem that here in the UK a number of people who placed the earliest ordered were given shipping times of 3-5 days. And none of these have actually has shipping notifications.
The people who have had shipping notifications, and have received their phones, actually placed their orders later the same day and were given shipping estimates of 5-6 weeks.

So my concern is that the orders are not being processed in the order they are taken.
And therefore I have absolutely no faith that my order will in fact be fulfilled within the 2 week limit.  I quite expect to see more people who ordered later receive their orders before I do.

So I'm asking for someone to actually take the time to investigate this with the UK shipping department and be able to give me a definitive answer as to why this has been happening and that it will be looked at and resolved correctly.

And yes, I know that I'm still well within my 2 week fulfilment timescale. That's not the point. I need reassuring that the rest of the Dec 4th orders will in fact be processed fairly on a first come, first served basis.

And I'm not alone in my concerns. The forum that people are using to exchange this information already has over 200 orders in s spreadsheet to track shipping date v order timestamp. And there must be hundreds more people who are concerned and affected by this also.
So as some of your most fervent and loyal users & customers, we would really, really appreciate a full and detailed answer to our concerns. Concerns that have left many angry and disappointed in Google.

   Dylan Williams
I'm in the same boat as the two above. My 3-5 days delivery order isn't here, every time I email I'm ignored and every time I call I'm given a different answer.

Phenomenally bad service. Thought things couldn't get worse than the Nexus 7 launch but I've been proved wrong.

Can't see me ordering from the Play Store again. Great devices, absolutely terrible service, no communication.

All we want is a TRUTHFUL answer to where our devices are. 
Another annoyed customer here. According to the email confirmation I should have received my Nexus 4 yesterday. I've had no proper communication from Customer Services. Google haven't made any announcements as to what has gone on.

Total shambles.
Folks. I am very sorry to hear about your poor experiences. I will look into it and get back to you.
Another unhappy customer here. Ordered on 4th December just after 5pm when they went back on sale and was quoted 3 - 5 day delivery. No phone yet and it looks like the stock has been sent out to the people who ordered after us who were quoted 5 - 6 weeks wait.
Hi Dan,
I'm glad someone at Google has finally replied and said they'd look into this. So far all people have been getting is conflicting information or no's a real mess and all people are asking for is some clarity and answers.
Buying a phone from you shouldn't be this difficult.
Ordered nexus 4 on 4th dec at 5.09pm GMT, got email stating delivered in 3-5 days. We ae now on the 6th working day and there has been no information on the order since the 4th including zero replies to emails. I have contacted CS and all i hear is a different story every time and no-one has a clue about the status of my order Dan. Very very disappointed that a company so big is so poor in this area, I am a huge google fan but have since lost quite a little trust as well as faith in them over this experience. To add to insult, 99% of people that i have spoke to who ordered 2 hours after and got a 4-5 week shipping timeframe have all received their devices within 2 days from the 4th of DEC. This is madness considering the earliest purchasers of the device have not had a sniff of anything!
Same with 3-5 day, different story every time I call. They can't tell me when my order will be fulfilled and they won't let me cancel the order. Appreciate you looking into it. Steve 
Same here as above, I should of had delivery on Tuesday but all I get now is that its on backorder and 3-5 weeks till I get it. This is a real pain as one of the two I ordered was a Christmas present. How is it possible that we who had a 3-5 day delivery quote are now expected to be at the back of the queue and not be angry. A proper response and compensation is the least I would expect from Google and not lots of different answers from CS, look at HDUK website and XDA forum for how angry / disapointed people are.
+Dan Cobley Thanks, much appreciated. Hopefully this time next year we'll all be praising the excellent service as we await our Google Glass shipments :-)
Still waiting on my nexus 4, ordered 4th dec 3-5 days shipping no communication from google a very disappointing customer experience from such a large company.
Dan.  Thanks for this - it seems there's a lot of us in the same boat of being quoted 3-5 day deliveries on the 4th and then being dropped in favour of 1-2 week ones.  The Nexus 4 looks like a great product - I really just want a bit of clarity about when the stock will be in the UK and confirmation that you will ship in the order that the orders were taken - its just unfair if those of us who ordered at the beginning are being bounced.
Still waiting on my nexus 4, ordered 4th dec 3-5 days shipping no communication from google a very disappointing customer experience from such a large company.
Please look into the nexus 4 problem , take a look on xda and you will see the fiasco that is going.
Complete breakdown in customer services, being told different things every time anyone calls.
Please can you help with this .
I agree with Vinny. Dan has responded with good grace and think we should leave it at that and let him do his job. Thanks again Dan!
Sorry to add to the list, but my order has been down as "pending" since ordering last week, now today status has changed to "pre-order"?
I would just like to add the number of people expressing concern....
The thing that pains a lot of us is that people have received their phone after ordering hours if not days after a large number of us that ordered on the 4th December between 5pm gmt and 6 pm gmt ( this is all documented on a very popular deal site) please please help us that feel that we have been wronged.
The thing that pains a lot of us is that people have received their phone after ordering hours if not days after a large number of us that ordered on the 4th December between 5pm gmt and 6 pm gmt ( this is all documented on a very popular deal site) please please help us that feel that we have been wronged.
Also the same here... 3-5 days delivery ... day 6 and no sign of it and calling customer service reaps no reward just further confusion.

This entire launch has been a joke from the outset and Google seems to have alienated and pissed off a lot of the people who would have promoted its product.

Many are now giving up, cancelling and going back to the iPhone 5 after some being told to expect January delivery now...

Might i also add this link:
for 3000+ comments re this.
The unexpected event of the year for me was Google showing an uncharacteristic weakness with the N4 handling, I'd experienced the errors trying to order in November but could kinda understand the problems being down to an unexpected demand, but the problems (perceived or otherwise) with the second round of sales earlier this month was very surprising, I've got no clue whether mine will arrive in the promised 1-2 weeks and from the XDA forums don't seem to be alone. The lack of polish was not something I'd expected, you guys have a very large reserve of good will out there with the gadget buying public, but we're a fickle bunch and I hope it doesn't get squandered for future releases. More open communication couldn't hurt. We want to give you our money !!!
edit 18/12/12 - have since received a shipping mail, so it turned out well for me at least. Roll on the Nexus 5.
Another 3-5 day delivery customer who's still waiting on the device. Awful service. Seriously makes you question whether Google actually gives two hoots about the customers who are integral to the growth of its ecosystem. It wouldn't be half so bad if there was a common message sent out from CSRs on the phone but everyone gets a different message. This isn't the time of year to test people's patience!
Thank you for looking at this Dan, I'm a 3-5 day person and would summarise my annoyance as down to 2 factors:

1) Total lack of communication regarding everything. Not even a mass email to 3-5 day people saying your phone is delayed.
2) Later deliveries going out first. I don't mind (well I'm a bit miffed) that my phone is late. I do mind that first in first out isn't being obeyed.

These 2 together are what's really annoying.
Thanks for looking into this Dan, I would just like to add so you know that the numbers affected is quite large. ordered straight after 5 given 3 -5 day delivered in email and rang up multiple times, kept being told it is fine and unfortunately it never arrived (yesterday was the 5 days) and now I rang up again and a support person told me it is already shipped with TNT and that they will not know when it will be delivered, the support staff clearly arent getting information and simply make things up on the spot as 4 -  5 week orders have already been partially processed so it isnt TNTs end, I have had no contact from TNT.

Again thanks for your time, its appreciated that someone is looking into this!.
Thanks for looking into this.  I am in the same 3-5 day delivery group.  Normally I wouldn't be too bothered but the fact that there are people out there who ordered much later than me but have already received their device is frustrating.
You can also add me to the waiting list. On top of this, I was sent the wrong capacity nexus 10, 16gb instead of 32gb, which, after receiving a replacement from Google, they took over a week to send me return shipping labels for the original, plus the shipping labels had the wrong destination on them,they were for asus nexus 7 shipping labels instead of nexus 10, and my return was sent to Holland instead of Samsung UK.

Thankfully the nice people at TNT managed to arrange for it to be sent to the  right department, without me having to deal with the diabolical Google customer service.
I'm another early purchaser still stuck on pending that's been fobbed off with copy/pasted replies. I ordered at 5:06:21 and was told I'd have my phone within 3-5 working days.

My brother in law (who ordered the morning after me) received his phone the following day.

The biggest insult is the lack of honest information. I'm a bit sick of Google Play CSR bots telling me that  'Orders are shipped based on the estimate in your order confirmation email' and 'Orders are shipped in the order that they are received'.
In terms of customer relations, the way in which your company has handled the entire Nexus 4 fiasco is nothing short of atrocious. It has been without doubt the most prolonged, tedious shopping experience of my life. A basic concept of commerce is supply and demand and one would expect Google of all players to be able to implement the necessary systems to deal with such operations. However, time and again over the last few weeks we have been left disappointed, unable to even order, or completely in the dark with regards to completed transactions. This isn't a small amount of money either, this is a months wage to some people. To have it appear and disappear out of our bank accounts at Googles discretion and with no warning is completely out of order. Foolishly we expected Google to resolve any initial teething problems after the first wave of orders, however, we were sadly mistaken during round two on December 4th. We're now being told our orders may not be completed before Christmas after initially being given 3-5 day limits? 
It's ridiculous a company of Google's stature isn't able to successfully launch a product and satisfy it's customer base in 2012. Apparently it can map the earths entire road system but can't implement a FIFO system? Or even a pre-order system?
If cost wasn't such an issue I would of jumped ship long ago; this entire saga has left a very bad taste in my mouth!

P.s. We (as customers) can't expect to see massive improvements in communication from Google in such a short space of time, but at least relay some relavent information to your customer service rep's- they know next to nothing.

Same here, ordered at 5.06 and just keep getting messed around my the customer service agents. I was told it would be here on Wednesday, called yesterday to confirm (also called on Sunday) and was told it would be out today. Today I am told thats not the case and it could be 3 -5 weeks. Called customer service again this evening and am told there is no complaint procedure or anyone senior to speak to. Not even a supervisor or manager. Why am I loyal to Google when you cant even get it right? I had similar experience when i purchased the first Nexus direct from Google on launch.
I would just like to echo the concerns and frustration of others. My order was complete on the 4th December @17:08 when in stock and receipt stated delivered in 3-5 business days and still showing as pending in google wallet. Every time I speak to a customer service representative I have a different answer and it seems that thanks to the guys on here and hotukdeals am more well informed than your staff who know nothing and say anything to get rid of us. Can we have an informed response and accurate shipping information from them? Shocking that your delivery system was sending shipments out in reverse. Thanks for looking into this.
I would just like to echo the concerns and frustration of others. My order was complete on the 4th December @17:08 when in stock and receipt stated delivered in 3-5 business days and still showing as pending in google wallet. Every time I speak to a customer service representative I have a different answer and it seems that thanks to the guys on here and hotukdeals am more well informed than your staff who know nothing and say anything to get rid of us. Can we have an informed response and accurate shipping information from them? Shocking that your delivery system was sending shipments out in reverse. Thanks for looking into this.
This^ order said 3-5 days, and i've heard nothing since placing my order! People who ordered hours after me and had shipping times of 4-5 weeks have got their devices! This is so disorganised and unfair,  the call centre staff are just frustrating - each time I call I get a different response, and its obvious that I'm just being lied to. Please sort this out - the latest i've heard is that google messed up the 3-5 day orders and now we have to wait 5-6 weeks, just because google wants to be a crowd pleaser and not delay the orders of all the other people!
+Dan Cobley can you have someone explain what's the difference between "Pending" and "Pre-ordered"? It seems that currently nobody knows what's going on.
I'm a 17:07 and am getting pretty frustrated but there are a lot of people with orders earlier than mine who haven't heard anything either. See above or XDA...
I'm a 17:06 with the same story as the numerous posters above. Thanks for looking into this Dan.
Mine's 17:05. According to the XDA spreadsheet only two people who  ordered before 18 have received their phones.
17:06 16GB "Pending". Analogy with Airport check-in. I made the effort to arrive early. A queue built up and the airline decided to startchecking in from the back of the queue. So, 5-6 weekers first. Sure,  I'm sure we'll all get the flight but the erstwhile most keen passengers (and advocates) will have been needlessly antagonised and their experience with and impression of that airline has suffered. Simple Comms would have alleviated much of the bad feeling.
Affy M
17:07 here. Thanks for taking the time to look into this when I am sure there is a manager / supervisor that could have handled this in the correct manor instead of trying to brush it under the carpet.

Thanks to Google Search is quite easy to find people in the same situation as myself.
Hate to add myself to this growing list but would appreciate some answers. Ordered on the 4th and was told 3-5 days delivery, no consistent answers from the Google CS team as to what's holding up my order nor when to expect it.
Great way of getting people to use Google+.... I ordered an 8gb at 17:08.09and got told 4-5 weeks
I can echo all the concerns here.  I had a 3-5 day order which i was told by play team on two occasions that my order was being delivered on time, needless to say it hasn't arrived.   I've now just had an email saying its on back order with no anticipated delivery date.  This is pretty poor service, coupled with the fact that people who ordered with longer lead times (4-5 Weeks) have been receiving their devices.  Am now just left in limbo as to when i might receive anything
Ordered on the 4th at 17:07:05, got a 1-2 week estimate. A friend who ordered several hours later received his phone on the 6th. I live 2 minutes walk from his house... This is unacceptable, please get us some results!
I ordered at 17:07 and got a 1-2 week shipping estimate which I am happy to wait for. However, when i called google support last week for an unrelated issue, I took the opportunity to ask when mine woud be delivered. I was told it would be either friday or possibly monday or tuesday this week. This didnt happen. Again, Im happy to wait but it seems Google CSRs are just plain and simply lying to get us off the phone.
And another here, ordered 17:06, 3-5 days delivery. 3 phone calls to CS, 3 very different answers. 2 emails, 2 generic holding replies. Complete shambles! Not impressed. Tempted to cancel and see what Samsung have to offer at CES.
I think reading this has put me off purchasing a Nexus 4. 

Sad times :( 
Any update on the ordering issues? It looks like a new batch is being prepared for shipment for those who ordered later than the 3-5 day orders. No point in calling customer services as they are only telling us standard response. No emails to my "escalation" with them either.
Update : Looking at the information sheet on XDA Developers it appears that ALL 3-5 day people are showing as COMPLETE on the Play Store but phones have not shipped. Is the system overlooking these because of this?
Hi Dan,
I realize you're a busy man, but so are we, and many of us have had our time wasted trying to order or find out about our orders of a Nexus 4.
We're not crazy, we understand it's just a phone...we just want a few answers and honesty so we can decide whether to wait or to cancel orders. It doesn't help when TNT have been turning up with phones without giving customers any notice that there phone was being delivered.
It's been alomost 24 hours since Joe Ashley brought this to your attention...surely someone in your position can make a quick phonecall and find out what's going on ? This whole thing has been dragging on too long, the phone was released in Nov. 13th and it looks like many won't get it until Feb 2013.
I reckon Dan has gone back to twitter....
I guess any reply from Dan would do for now. This silence from Google and automated emails to the ones who asked what was happening with their 3-5 days orders is at least not ethical and I am not even talking about this being not professional. Every business would understand that every single customer is of paramount importance. We are taking our time to check the status of our orders, to share the information with other unfortunate customers who are in the same sinking boat, we are taking our time even to send emails to Google to ask about the status of our orders. But shouldn't this be done by Google? Taking good care of their customers?
Dear all.  
Thanks for your patience and my profuse apologies again for the poor service you have all received. I agree that this is not how we should be communicating with our customers.
I am still waiting for an answer from the team that I think is good enough to share.  I hope to get that and share it tomorrow.
Thanks for your efforts, it's much appreciated.
Many thanks Dan. It would be great if google could put this right. Not even sure that our orders aren't lost in the system somewhere.
Nice to see you are working on an official answer. The irony of a company that is amazing at organising search information being unable to communicate properly with customers and organise deliveries... I think we'd all just appreciate honesty! But good to see it being tackled now. Thanks Dan. :-)
Thank you Dan, you are an example of how Google customer support SHOULD run!
thanks for your help.  First positive sign we have all had since placing our orders.  Im in the 1-2 week bracket.  What makes it worse is that when you send a query to the google wallet support address you get an automated response within seconds stating you will receive your order within the allotted time.  Nobody can even be bothered to read our concerns!

On the verge of just buying another brand as I can go without a phone for another month!
Thank you Dan.
Hoped for any reply and we got it. Glad that at least someone will genuinely look into it. Of course official statement of what's happening will be appreciated though what would be even more appreciated that people with 3-5 days shipping confirmation would wake up with actual shipping notifications in their emails which we've all been waiting patiently since the day we all managed to place the orders for this great device. Hopefully, that whatever the news we receive it will not ruin Christmas spirit and brand new Nexus 4s in the hands of their righful owners will only bring joy to thousands who managed to place the orders.
Thank you again Dan
Thank you Dan, I just hope I receive my Nexus 4 in my 1-2 week timeframe and that it is indeed dispatched tomorrow or Monday at the latest.
Thanks for getting back to all of us Dan, it's appreciated.
I hope the information promised clears up some of the mess and doesn't add yet another layer of confusion to the whole fiasco.
I cannot believe the incompetent foray of Google into the world of selling actual products.
I  have  a 3-5  day order put back to goodness knows when.
I contacted support and spoke to a CSR who then emailed me this:

Hello Elizabeth,
Thank you for contacting us. I am emailing you in regards to the shipment of your Nexus 4 device. I see that we gave you a 3-5 business day shipping estimate when in fact we were informed today that it might take up to 3-5 weeks. My sincerest apologies go out to you as you have explained this device was meant to be a Christmas present. I apologize for the delay of this product and for any inconvenience it has caused you. 
If you have any further questions, please feel free to respond to this email.

Having purchased(or tried to) four Nexus devices for family menbers for Christmas, it seems one will  now get  an estimated delivery date  instead.  Based on this experience I hope the others don't have to contact Google for aftersales support!
Dan Cobley Nov 13, 2012 (edited)  -  Mobile  -  Public
Privileged to have Sir Terry Leahy speaking to our Googlers today. One pearl of wisdom among many: "its not the criticism that damages you, its how you react to it". So true.

and ....Hoist!
Hi Dan,

I ordered a Nexus 4 on 4th December at 17:07:11 for my birthday and was given a 1-2 week shipping time frame.

Having previously made 4 phone calls to Google regarding my Nexus 4 order and been told that vastly different stories 'Your order is now with TNT', 'Everything is fine with your order' and 'You will receive shipping conformation within 24-48 hours', I called again this morning as a result of still being apprehensive. 

Speaking to Krishan - a Google rep, I was told that all of the information given to me by his colleagues was 'just plain wrong' and that the depot is in fact fully depleted of stock and that Google will endeavour to receive a shipment and get the phone to me by Tuesday 18th - 14 days from when I first ordered. This seems more than farfetched as ideally it should have shipped today at the latest.

I really hope that Google do in fact take this matter with all the seriousness it deserves and can come to an arrangement where customers are respected with fact rather than fiction. I suppose I still have until Tuesday so fingers crossed!
Hello Dan,

Thanks, I'm looking forward to hearing the response from the Google Play team soon.

I ordered my Nexus 4 on the 4th December at 17:05 and was given a 1-2 week shipping estimate. My online shopping experience with Google play has really put a damper on my enthusiasm in purchasing the Nexus 4 phone and any Google related product.

My first attempt at ordering the Nexus 4 on the 13th November Google Play involved spending a 30 minutes to an hour frantically trying to add the Nexus 4 to my online shopping basket to check out only to be met with many errors and ultimately I could no longer place an order as the item had SOLD OUT.

Second time lucky or so I thought. On the 4th December, I successfully ordered a Nexus 4 16GB shortly after 5pm GMT. I have called and emailed Google Play numerous times as I have been a little concerned about orders shipping out in the wrong order, with those ordering much later than me and with shipping estimates of 4-5 or 5-6 weeks receiving their Nexus 4 devices within days of ordering. The customer service representatives have failed to provide me with any further details of when my order will despatch, and they on numerous occasions said that orders are sent based on your estimate, but as the XDA develops forums show there are many reports of orders going out in the wrong order.

I would therefore be grateful if you could provide us with clearer information of a more precise time scale when we can expect our devices. This will allow us to decide whether we should wait or cancel our device orders,

Many thanks
+Dan Cobley really hope you can shed some light on what Google did and how those of us that ordered our devices first and were sent confirmation emails stating shipping within 3-5 days are now being told we're on back order and have to wait several weeks into the new year to get our Nexus 4, while those that placed their orders several hours later received their devices promptly despite being given a dispatch of several weeks. The customer services team are unsympathethic and keep telling my phone will be shipped in the promised time frame and all orders are processed on first in first out - both of which are not true: ordered 10 days ago so the time frame has expired, and as mentioned previously it seems it was more of a last in first out process! I'm fed up of calling google and being lied to by different people everyday. Could never have imagined customer service so terrible from a giant like Google. The best thing that can happen now is ensuring the people who ordered first get their devices before Xmas, if thats impossible, the hope of a public statement and apology for this fiasco is the only thing keeping me from purchasing another device.

Sorry for the essay, just needed to vent out a bit!
"Hello Lee,

Thank you for your reply.

We're researching reports of delivery lead times being misquoted to some customers, and apologize for the inconvenience.

We take these reports very seriously and are working hard on a resolution. Though I'm unable to provide specific delivery information at this time, I've made a note of your order and will get back to you as soon as we have an update to provide. We expect to have an update for you in approximately 24 hours.

Kind Regards


To be clear, I don't feel this is a case of being advised the incorrect delivery time. There a numerous cases of customers placing orders 6-10-even 24 hours after mine and being shipped within days and I fail to see how can be a case of incorrect times being advised opposed to a shipping mistake. 

As previously discussed with the CSA, I understand that mistakes happen and would simply like Google to be honest about the issue and put those affected to the front of the queue for existing stock, not placed on back order for new stock. I still find it strange that one of the largest technical firms in world is unable to allocate stock on a unit by unit basis and therefore provide an more accurate shipping date. 

Apologies for the rant, it just feels that neither I nor Google have a clue what is going on at the moment.
Also any truth in this:

"We are making progress with earlier orders as compared with late orders which were getting shipped first". He said that they are looking to process those who were quoted 3-5 days in the next 2 working days and those quoted 1-2 weeks in the next 7 working days. Apparently they have put all new orders on hold so they can work on those who ordered earlier.
He also said that Google is due to issue a mass email in the next 2 days giving everyone information in respect to the orders.
Hi Dan,

I appreciate that chasing up customer support and inventory isn't what you're here for, but I'm really pleased you've acknowledged the problem are working to resolve it.

I won't add any more other than that you can add me to the list of frustrated people with a 3-5 day shipping window and no communication.

That's great thanks. now I know I won't get the Nexus 4 I ordered on 4th December at 5.06 (1-3 week delivery) until after Christmas. Thanks Google you are officially hopeless at eCommerce.
Dear Dan,

Not sure if this is already communicated to you.
While people who have ordered on 13-Nov-12 and 27-Nov-12 waiting for their shippment, few random folks started getting their shippment which they have ordered on 3-Dec-12, 7-Dec-12, 11-Dec-12 and even 13-Dec-12. 

You can have someone to read this thread which has grown a lot and still growing on posts.

Google's problem is that they are an engineering company and they are simply not structured at all right for the customer service business of shipping hardware. What seems hard to understand is why the combined brain-power of Google which is not inconsiderable, didn't learn from the previous experience and realise how much goodwill this kills. The Nexus 7 launch was exactly the same - no-one you could call (the only number was the poor receptionist in Dublin) and haphazard automated replies were extremely frustrating.

I'm guessing the problem is no-one owns this properly in the way a customer-service-centric company would immediately get. Google senior management needs to step in, appoint someone from Amazon or similar and totally overhaul how this is done internally. Contrast the iStores and experience to this. Terrible.
It's not clear to me how a global business competing with Apple thinks a UK launch means marketing a new Nexus branded handset that isn't actually shipping even some weeks after launch.

Did the marketeers bring the launch forward as a counter-Apple coup, even though you knew the handsets wouldn't ship for weeks?

Retail and customer support basics just don't cut it right now. No-one is saying engineers have to put on a tie - just get organised and communicate better to us (not us->you).
Thanks for looking into this +Dan Cobley I think as a good will gesture you should send the official bumpers with each device just to make up for it. What do you think? 
Let's just concentrate on getting our devices first!
+Saqib Ali I completely agree with this, there should definitely be some form of compensation for the poor service received.
Agreed. I just want the devices to be shipped!
For the record, I have 16gb, 17:06, (1-2 weeks) and 8gb, 17:09, (3-5 days) 
Ship 16s with bumpers and free postage and upgrade 8s to 16s the whole thing is a complete joke.
+Dan Cobley Looks like you're working some magic. Latest reports via email and phone csr's are that some kind of investigation is going on into misquoted shipping times.
Sounds like it's delaying any new stock going out but I'm happy to wait a few days extra to have shipping working fairly and in the correct order for everyone. Thanks and have a good weekend. 
Dear all
Thanks again for your continued patience. We continue to work on resolving this issue and I am confident that we will have a more definitive message in the next 24 hours. 
I can only apologise again for our communications having let you all down so badly through this period. 
Dan, It isn't just communication as there is clearly a massive issue with the ordering system which was shipping old orders first. I really hope we aren't going to be fobbed off with some excuse like we were given incorrect dates. First come has always been first served. If this wasn't google at this point I would think I was victim of a scam website. Not a nice feeling. Thanks for the investigation but please ensure that whatever remedy your colleagues come up with doesn't make your customers look like mugs.
+Blankity Blank I think we should forget about gifts or things like that for the time being. Let +Dan Cobley get the whole situation sorted before we worry about things like gifts.
I've just cancelled my nexus 4 order with Google and opted to pay the extra £100 and collect it from carphone warehouse. 
+Gavin La-Haye Thanks, everyone is talking about how Google should just focus on us getting the phones, I agree with that but waiting idly like going through pages & pages of forums to get the latest news on what is going is BS. I think this is all a ploy for us to start using Google+ probably the second time i've used this, its not half bad lol. 
a tech company that cant manage a simple queue or reply to an email, what a sad joke. "more definitive answer" nobody has given any answers that aren't lies yet, don't expect this will be any different, I am sure you know exactly what has happened.
Hmmn, 2 lots of being told to wait for 24 hours or a bit longer... Sounds like Google just can't deliver information quickly which is kind of funny really. 
As long as i get my Nexus 4 before christmas then im happy. But im worrying that wont happen. Also can you please confirm wht the change from "pending" to "pre-ordered" meens? Cheers! Hope you can fix the problem Dan as im getting very frustrated with Google now! 
Having the same problem, I sent an email to check my order status and haven't even got a reply!
Just sent them an email again and got exactly the sma e reply- Orders are shipped based on the estimate in your order confirmation email. Once an order has been processed you'll receive a second ship confirmation email with your tracking number. It may take 24 hours for the package tracking to return any information for your tracking number.

If you have not received a package tracking number after the time quoted in your order confirmation email, please let us know.

According to our records, your order should ship by the evening of 19-12-2012.

Neuxs 4 backorders: Please note that the above date is based on typical shipment processing and does not apply to Nexus 4 backorders. Nexus 4 backorders are being delivered based on the order in which they were received. If you receive a shipping confirmation email, then you will be able to track your delivery.

If this is correct then i would be very happy with it, but im really doubting i will get mine by Tuesday evening!
+Nath Ward
This is automated email so you can just disregard it. People even sent just meaningless sentences and got the same replies. The only person who can provide real insight into the issue is Dan so hopefully after another 24 hours there will be no more additional 24 hours required to provide detailed information of what happened and of what 3-5 dayers and 1-2 weekers should expect. 
That's it Dan?  Still? Oh the irony.
Thank you for you reply Dan. The world is watching closely what the next 24 hours bring. 3-5 dayers (including me) and 1-2 weekers are holding their breath as to what the next few days will bring. This will be either ruined Christmas for all of us who ordered these brilliant deivces of their loved ones or it will be really great Christmas with Nexus 4 in hands.
I am another unhappy customer very annoyed at the lack of communication google seem to be providing with the nexus 4's
So 48 hours later and still nothing more than "we should know more in 24 hours".. Dan given your position I find that laughable to be honest.
This is really getting beyond a joke now! 
Rang Google play support to get an updated status. As my card issuer declined my original purchase due to suspected fraud my order didn't go through until the 6th so its now 1-2 weeks from the 6th which means ships from the 20th.
 However I received this email last week.
 According to our records, your order should ship by the evening of 19-12-2012.
 Google tell me that they should have stock in by the 20th and that my order should be fulfilled by then and if the stock comes in earlier they will send out earlier.
 T-6 days.... This is really starting to test my patience. But there's nothing to do but wait.
 I really don't want to pay an extra £100 for the Nexus from CPW when Amazon have the S3 for the same price.
 For £299 at this time of year (Not just Xmas but MOT and Car Tax) Ill wait and keep on watching YouTube review videos of the phone and look forward to it. I think its worth the wait.
 Good luck with your purchases.
Same here as all the rest.... ordered 17:09, UK, Dec 4th 2012 and no update until I checked the order status and now told 'pre order'. Strange how people who ordered after me, received that week.
Dan, I have been waiting months for this phone, had a shambolic first round experience in November, waited again, ordered at 17:09 on the 4th and was told 1-2 weeks.  I will be leaving the country on the 20th, At this rate if it doesnt arrive before Im gone Im going to be refunded and have to order another one and wait another 6-7 weeks???? this is outrageous. we are people who really wanted the product, and waited months for it, but at this rate - google is pushing us away to buy alternative products.
Im praying that Dan will use his magic and get us 1-2 weekers and the 3-5 dayers thete phones before chridtmas likr we deserver. Otherwise you are going to have ALOT and i meen ALOT of angry customers and google is going to get some bad things published about them from sites like CNET UK and The Verge!
Ordered 17:08:58, quoted 1-2 weeks.  CS now say 3-4 weeks but can't say if this is from the 4th or now?!  If I haven't got it by Christmas I'm cancelling.
Been told by a shipping specialist that the reason they have not sent me my phone, I have a 1-2 week estimate and ordered at 5.05pm, is that they have ZERO stock in the UK warehouses so effectively everyone is put on backorder. The 1-2 week estimate is the time they are scheduled to receive more stock from their manufacturer. The Customer Service Specialist said that the phone should be delivered by 21st December. I am losing confidence in Google Play and am not sure whether to believe this. May end up cancelling my order next week if I don't hear anything.
+Wei Chan Really hope that its true. Like iv said as long as i have it for christmas im happy.
Exactly the same thing happened with the nexus 7 launch. Google's products and services are great but this really sours the experience. 
+Dan Cobley I hope you don't go down this route of us being given the wrong timescale. The timescale was fine, as clearly shown by the late orders who had the phone ordered and delivered in the space of 2 days. The problem seems to be the first batch of orders didn't get sent properly from Google to the distributer in order to liaise with TNT. Even if the 3-5 dayers are sorted, there are a lot of people, myself included, who cancelled when the shipping time was changed from days to months. Now if i want the phone I'm at the back of a queue, which was the best place to be ironically.
Dear all, I know that what you are going through is unacceptable and we are all working through the nights and weekends to resolve this issue. Supplies from the manufacturer are scarce and erratic, and our communication has been flawed. 
I can offer an unreserved apology for our service and communication failures in this process. 
I am optimistic that we will be able to share some positive news shortly, but I do not want to cause any more disappointment by making a commitment until we are 100% sure we can deliver on it. 

I realise that the people who ordered the Nexus 4 so early are among our most committed and loyal users and we are doing all we can to put things right. 
Thanks Dan. Would it be possible for you to post updates in a specific location (new post on here perhaps) please? G+ isn't too friendly when it comes to scrolling down past 100+ comments ;)
Dan, You havent explained why those that ordered on the 5th have received phones yet those who ordered in the first half hour havent. You havent explained why people are being lied to over email, you havent explained anything all you have done is posted an apology.

You say supplies are scarce and erratic so how is google staff working round the clock going to produce more handsets?

It just sounds like more guff to me.
+Darren Watkinson definitely a good point, also they need a -1 option, someone liked +Dan Cobley most recent comment, I need to put that into order ;) haha
Cheers Dan, as long as we have some information as to when we will receive the phones that would be a good start!! All this waiting is going to mean a lot of cancelled orders, considered cancelling myself...
Thanks for the update Dan. Hopefully the situation will be resolved soon.
So another 24 hours down the line and we still have no explanation or plan of resolution. Find it ironic that Dan preaches business transparency in his keynote speeches, I guess that doesn't extend to customers. I also wonder why no mass apology has gone out via email or the play store?
"and our communication has been flawed."...Flawed ?, Flawed ? I think the word you're looking for is abysmal.
Yeah thanks Dan... For ruining Christmas. Last time I buy anything from Google. 
I ordered my LG nexus 4 on 4th Dec just after 5 pm, and got 1-2 week delivery guide, but this thread doesn't encourage me to believe that will be honoured. I emailed Google yesterday and have not received a reply. 
I ordered my LG nexus 4 on 4th Dec just after 5 pm, and got 1-2 week delivery guide, but this thread doesn't encourage me to believe that will be honoured. I emailed Google yesterday and have not received a reply. 
Quite surprised by people commenting how shocked they've been by the poor handling of the Nexus 4 releases through the Play Store.  If you'd had any experience of the Nexus 7 release through the same channel you wouldn't be shocked, you'd just be a little annoyed that they clearly didn't review how badly they had performed and rectify the situation.

Dan: You really need to sort out the customer facing side of things if you're going to continue selling devices as at the moment the poor and conflicting communication tarnishes Google's image.
The main concern is that we are all part of a community who share information and as a result we are aware of the fiasco that has transpired, however, we're the tip of the iceberg.

Imagine Joe Public who is blissfully unaware of the issues believing the lies they are being told by apparently well informed customer service representative and that their device is ring processed and not to worry. Google should add another option to the phone attendant ... For Nexus 4 delivery information please refer to

Beyond astonished that I'm dealing with Google and not some Eastern European scammer on eBay.

I really hope that this can be resolved quickly and some logic applied to the deliveries and your order handling system upgraded or handed over to someone who knows what they're doing.
+Dan Cobley
Dear Dan,
I ordered my LG Nexus 4 on 4th Dec at 17:08 and was informed 1-2 weeks for shipping. Whilst I know its "in date" the comments on here don't fill me with confidence that I will get my smartphone by middle of next week. Can you please have someone check, and reassure me that it will be shipped by Tuesday as advised.

Hi Dan, Looks like something is happening tonight with funds being ear marked in people's accounts and order dates changing on the play store. Is this something you were aware of?
Dear all

I know that what you are going through is unacceptable and we are all working through the nights and weekends to resolve this issue. Supplies from the manufacturer are scarce, and our communication has been flawed. I can offer an unreserved apology for our service and communication failures in this process. 

For those that originally received a 3-5 days shipping estimate, your orders are now in process for fulfillment. You can expect an email notification early this week which will include tracking information.  Although you will be initially charged in full, you will receive a credit for the shipping charge soon after. 
For others that received pre-Christmas shipping estimates, we anticipate processing your orders for fulfillment this week. 

I realise that the people who ordered the Nexus 4 so early are among our most committed and loyal users and we are doing all we can to put things right. 

Sorry again.

Thanks Dan as I know without your intervention this would not have happened.
Thanks for sorting this out - much appreciated
Thanks Dan, although we should have had this level of communication without your intervention, your work is very much appreciated, and apologies if some of us have acted like spoilt kids a Xmas, we get to excited over new gadgets!
I'm a 1-2 weeker ordered at 5.06 and the 'we anticipate fulfillment' doesn't exacty fill me with confidence. We shall see I guess. 
In the same position as all the rest here, people that ordered over 3 hours after me have already received nexus 4, mine is only showing as pre-order/pending. Little disappointed in the unfairness more than anything else. 
Thanks Dan. Really appreciate all your help with this. It's refreshing to see senior management of a global company interact with customers and hear us out. Thanks again.
andy m
For those of us lucky enough to have our Nexus 4 can you provide any info on the mythical creature that is the Wireless Charging Orb? Does it exist?.. Will it be going on sale?.. If so, when is it likely to be on sale?
Many thanks Dan, its great to have some official clarification. I look forward to receiving my shiny new phone this week!!
Dan, can I suggest you email / put up a message on googleplay to confirm this to all involved
1-2 weeker here, just noticed the date on my order status page changed so i dashed right here! Cheers +Dan Cobley actually got to play with an N4 for the first time yesterday so very much looking forward to getting it soon! My dual core Galaxy Nexus is so last year now..... #firstworldpains
Thank you for the clarification.

So I guess the original stock for the 3-5 delivery estimates was sent out to the wrong group who ordered much later.

Now the stock originally allocated for the 1-2 week estimates will fulfil the 3-5 day orders. I do hope that ALL the 1-2 week estimates get their orders delivery well in advance of the 21st and and don't get left out due to Google Plays incompetence.

It would be good to send an email out to 3-5 day delivery and 1-2 week estimates to inform them of the situation and apologies for any inconvenience caused.
+Dan Cobley thank you for the clarification, I had an estimated time of 3-5 days but the google support team told me its on back order and I will get it by 8th of january!!! I hope what u said is true and I will get it this week. Cheers
Thank you Dan, its refreshing to see such a senior member interact and resolve issues for its customers.
+Dan Cobley Well Dan you do seem to have made the best of this mess, doesn't help me or the large amount of other though that were told their 3-5 day orders were now 6+ weeks and cancelled. I was told February, 2 months is unacceptable.
Hardly confidence inspiring. A company the size of Google (that is used to handling massive volumes of net traffic each day) can completely turn the launch of a mobile phone into a fiasco! I was quoted 2-3 weeks (which would've been ideal seeing as it is an xmas present for my wife), now im being told January. This is unacceptable. If it is a "supply problem" - dont sell a product that you dont actually have. Reverse the situation, how would you personally feel about the service Google are providing? And what would you think of Google as a company if you had been given the same shoddy service?  
Hi Dan
Thanks again for looking into this mess and trying to do something about it.
From the 13th of Nov until now the whole Nexus 4 experience has been a frustrating pain in the backside for many people, I hope Google learn from this and get their act together for future releases...and hopefully we all won't be sending you more messages next week.
Dan, you seriously need to reach out to the Nexus 4 customers via email. The people that are complaining here are just the tip of the ice berg. What can us 1-2 weekers expect for example? COMMUNICATION is key - Google should know this by now! 
Dan - can you please advise on the proper complaints procedure, as I cannot find one on your website. Filling in the form get's no response, so that it not an option.

We are on a 3-5 business day turnaround, yet nothing!

How do we explain to children that their Christmas present has not been delivered by Google as promised?
+Ian Walmsley Dan has stated above that the 3-5 day deliveries will be sent early this week. Christmas deliveries for the kids will be fine if this happens. 
Dan, will you explain why there has been no official announcement from Google on this ?  Those less pro-active than us have a right to know surely ?
Weird to see people talking about such old Nexus 4 orders when I see US users talking about ordering this week and receiving their Nexus 4 already. So glad I was not tempted to get involved in another Google fiasco. They could not sell something online properly if their life depended on it.
Dan, i understand the 3-5 dayers and the 1-2 weekers should be catered to ASAP but please don't forget the rest of us who were delayed from ordering as there was no notification email and only managed to order an hour after the launch on 04/12, we are not any less loyal than the early birds and would like nothing more than to receive our new phones as early as possible. cheers!
Sorry-can't join this love-in. Until phones start being delivered this is just more Googleese, and i've had enough of that from Customer Support staff. This is more than just a scarce stock and poor communication story; this is end to end process incompetence. This communication has been late and inadequately targeted  The situation should never have been allowed to get so out of hand as to require your (tardy) public intervention. I'll save my sycophantic praise.
It would be nice to receive an N4 before Friday - I would at least like to try it out before the World ends ...
we want the nexus 4 in spain too :c, when is it going to be avalaibe?
Sorry, but not just those awaiting the 3-5 day order have been effected. When I ordered, the order page stated 1-2 wks however the receipt states 3-5wks. I now have to wait till january for a phone I purchased and expected to arrive before xmas. Your contact us page seems to have nothing but generic email FAQs and lacks a simple complaint email. I can see why after all the forums I have read regarding the late delivery of this phone
I am still waiting for my 1-2 weeks order to arrive...To be honest, I don't mind to wait for a bit longer if you are having problems of getting them in stock. However, what I can't accept is your customer service keeps lying to us by saying 'you send them out in the order that they were received'. Obviously, according to many cases, the first come first serve thing a big lie. People who ordered later have received their phones, but early birds like us are still waiting for our phones to arrive. Is it lack of customer service training, or just the staff is told to lie to your unhappy customers, or something else?  I don't know. The only thing I am sure is this issue has completely ruined my view of Google.   For me, an apology is not as important as a true explanation now. If you screw up, just admit it and you might gain some respect back from your used-to-be loyal customers. Keep lying does not help the situation.  
I don't think there can be an explanation until Google stop trying to throw responsibility onto LG. Google isn't just a shop that sells this product. They are the reason people are buying it and effectively in many peoples eyes LG is just a Foxconn.   
How can i write an email to the customer service? I spent an hour to find an e-mail address but all that i've found was a page where i can give them my number to call me. Currently i am not in the UK so they can't call there any other way to contact the customer service?
log on your google account and go to your account, you should see your order, and then click contact us, click device
(if that's the case), an email us option should show. Just a reminder, if you send email to them, normally you will receive a standard reply from them straight away. But if you reply to that email, someone might reply you, that's how I got their reply. Hope this helps.
HI Dan,

I'm sure Google won't cry over one lost order, but frankly I cancelled my nexus 4 order after this debacle. Your apology is the sign of a big man and I commend you for it, but I'm sorry to say for me and for many others it is insubstantial. Frankly I don't want google to have the money for that phone more than I want to own the phone, sorry but there it is. Coupled with Google's move of shutting down EAS and locking out functionality from users of older hardware (blackberries, symbian phones and, oh yes,  windows 7.5 and 8 phones)  in your winter clean, I'm migrating off google products wherever possible. Perhaps you can tell us all with a straight face what happened to 'do no evil' please?
+Dan Cobley I ordered my Nexus 4 on 4th December at 5:06pm and was told 1-2 weeks delivery time frame, but it's now almost 17th of December so I'm expecting my phone this week. Hopefully its fulfilled and i don't experience what some others have. I commend your efforts to correct this fiasco but Google really need to review its ordering system if it is really serious about selling smartphones. 
Where is my Nexus 4 Christmas present please, ordered with 1 to 2 weeks delivery and I know for a fact others who ordered after me have already received their devices. I'm a big advocate of Google, I thought everything they touched, they made better, but this online ordering debacle is truly a school boy error for which serious consequences should fall on those responsible.
Only a week left Google to fulfil my order. You better come up with the goods!
After reading this i am excited to hopefully be getting my phone this week, after being told 1-2weeks and being messed around alot through the other services. I have noticed the money has been re-held in my bank which i am taking as a positive move.... 

Thank you Dan Cobley for informing us with real information, unlike the other teams.
It seems as though a mass-email went out 10 minutes ago to everyone affected by the delays....apart from me (17:06:21, 3-5 days).
Why is anyone saying thank you to Dan Cowley for as he said he'd "look into it" when he should have been already doing that. If this were a government issued then as minister in charge he would be resigning without pay-off for a) not knowing about the problem already, b) the original failure and c) the abysmal lack of communication. 
Totally agree Jim it's nauseating reading all the "thank you Dan, you're so wonderful" messages from all the sycophants on here!
Shame that the mass email didn't actually apologise at any stage. 
I have not received an email about the delays either ...
Here is the email:

We are reaching out to you with an update on your Nexus device order that experienced a shipping delay.

We can confirm that your order is now in process for fulfillment. You can expect an email notification early this week which will include tracking information.

Please note that your order will be charged in full when it ships.  As a courtesy and to thank you for your patience, you’ll then receive a credit for the shipping charge .

Thanks again,

The Google Play Team
I feel so grateful that they have waived the fee, oh thanks Google like I wasn't expecting that tenner back which I paid for as express delivery! And that is supposed to be good enough?!? 

Thought the Google mantra was - Don't be evil - Here is your chance +Dan Cobley to live up to that!
Google are a global organization and we have no knowledge of how the supply chain was established nor do we need to as long as it functions correctly. The fact that an issue was flagged to Dan and he has intervened and appears to have, at least in the short term, addressed the issue.

Like any organization I`m sure that there will be further discussion to address the issues that have developed and to establish who was to blame, however, for obvious reasons this won`t be published in the public domain.

I don`t have a problem thanking Dan and if people think that`s sycophantic then that`s okay with me.
Hey +Dan Cobley 

While I think everyone here will appreciate the coming response, it is pretty poor that it has taken over a month to arrive. Surely Google UK and Google USA are in constant communication with each other, and this problems started over 1 month ago in the USA.

I was there for very disappointed when I was told by a CSR that Google has NO policy or procedure implemented to inform customers that their order is late after their shipping estimate has lapsed. I was told on the phone on Friday that they do not know when stock will be back, and they are not sure if my phone will be shipped on Friday (my 1-2 week estimate deadline). I was then told that I have to call Google Play again to find out what has happened, as the CSR did not know if Google will contact me to let me know.

The previous day, after using the contact form, I was given a generic auto response that was contradictory. The start of the repose said to expect my Google Play order based on the original ETA, and then n.b in the email said that the N4 was an exception and there was no eta.

I'm looking forward to a response that we can all believe, and some consistent communication across the board. Everyone can (hopefully) accept that demand was way higher than anticipated, and problems happen (although the Play store failing is close to inexcusable) but hopefully lessons are actually learned. Surely you guys know how many units LG are making, and how many orders you actually took. It doesnt seem to hard to do that maths and let us know when we should expect our phones. 

+Ben Lowe It is funny failure doesn't generate any headlines but Google commenting on their failure does.
Oh yeah and why did i have to pay for a 2 days delivery?:D It was obvious i won't get the device in 2 days:)
+Peter Sinnott There have been plenty of headlines about the Play store/N4 ordering failure. How have you not seen any of them?!
+Tamás Klein You paid for 2 day shipping, not 2 day processing. The device will take 2 days to ship once it has been processed.
Dan's gone quiet maybe Larry's given him a slap for apologizing ;-) 
Or maybe he is working? I'd assume part of his job isnt Google+ spokesperson for the company. He answered a fair chunk of questions, which was great (and he kind of had to), but he cant be hovering around G+ all day answering everything
Haha, i just really wish that Google won't turn into Apple:) Let's go Dan!:)
Never recieved the mass email
Someone HUKD has said that 1-2 weekers will get an email at 00.00 GMT tonight
Yes just noticed that the mass email was only for 3-5 day ppl. Why are they sending out so late?
Can we get some reassurance that people who ordered the Nexus 4 on the 4th Dec and got a 1-2 week delivery time will still receive their order in the quoted timeframe?
Good Dan, however I have a feeling a few have been missed... My order (3 - 5 days) is still set to 4th december no movement yet most have had their payments reapplied, I have not received the system wide email about delays, I ring up customer support who this was rude and claimed I was on backorder and that I never should have got 3 -  5 days and infact this was meant to be 3 - 5 days after it got back in stock (complete bollocks we all know...) and on top of that when trying to explain that you yourself has even confirmed this is false he then went off on one, he didnt know who Dan Cobley was he thought I was lying to him and responded sarcastically to the mention you were the managing director of google uk....

Im sorry but please can someone tell support staff to be honest, I now have to conflicting statements, one from Dan saying its ok all ready for this week and no email or order updates to confirm this, then support staff tell me I am on backorder. Sucks now...hopefully you're right Dan!.
+Blankity Blank  Hardly trolling, your complaints are pathetic angry anonymous internet man.
Oh you are a delight. Your life must be in tatters with the unbearable wait you're suffering. I can only imagine the mental anguish, you poor soul.
I'm a 1-2 weeker, so trying to be optimistic that it'll arrive before Christmas. Am I foolish? :-\ 
If its such a problem why dont go leave this turn off the computer and walk over to Africa and help the children?. There is a breakdown in communication and it seems to be happening again, its infuriating not knowing what happening.
Ordered a Nexus 4 16GB from the UK Play store on November 13th and I am still waiting for the order to be processed.  I have contacted customer support several times but my order has yet to be resolved.
Ordered 5:09pm on the 4th, quoted 1-2 weeks.  Heard nothing, nada, zip - until googling ETA and finding this thread.

Disappointing, especially when combined with my Nexus 7 3G order - where I ordered 1, but received (and was charged for) 4...

Delays I can handle, the world is not crashing down - but poor customer service, lack of information and plain disinformation was not expected.
What number are you using to get a phone update?  I've got
+353 (1) 436 1001 for Google Commerce in Dublin, but that number just goes to a fax machine.  Google not answering emails, and directing a phone number to a fax - this would be funny if it wasn't so tragic!
A line my order confirmation reads. "If you need general support for your order, call us at 0800 328 6081".
Ordered mine on the 4th at 17.07 with a 1-2 weeks estimate and since then, not a single word from Google. +Dan Cobley has been the first one to publicly acknowledge the problem. That does not solve anything though...
+Dan Cobley I'm assuming there were some crazy errors then that must've led to people ordering their products 2-3 hours after the restock opened up (where the ETA was 5-6 weeks) getting theirs last week or the week before? 
Dan - what's happening with the Nexus 4 deliveries??? I'm one of the people who managed to order a N4 at 5:07pm on the 4th December.... then get no word from Google regarding my order only to find out people who ordered way later than me have already got their phones!!! What's going on? I'm still waitjhing to hear back from Google with a real answer to when (and if) my girlfriends christmas present will arrive in time for the 25th!!!.... Very dissapointed with the GOOG right now!!!
+James MacRae What shipping estimate were you given? My order was confirmed (in my google wallet) at 17:07:02. I'm on 1-2 weeks. Time's up tomorrow, and I'm not holding my breathe on having it shipped
wired..I just found out that my nexus 4 order on 4/12 has become 15/12 on my google still shows 4/12 on my wallet. Is it just me?and what does that really mean?  +Dan Cobley, I do appreciate that you stood out and mentioned this delivery issue, but when will you give us some explanation? still waiting.............
+Wendy Hsieh It could be because you've ordered the device on the 4th but google just recieved your order on the 15th because of some issues. I've ordered my device on the 14th (google play said the phone is still in stock and i can order it) and on my account it says 16th. Probably the ordering service is a mess...i was on the 5-6 week list and now i am on a pre-order list that i am not happy about...
"We're currently experiencing a high volume of customer support calls....orders will ship in the timeframe quoted...if you have other questions, please stay on the line..."

"We're currently experiencing a high volume of customer support calls....orders will ship in the timeframe quoted...if you have other questions, please stay on the line..."

"We're currently experiencing a high volume of customer support calls....orders will ship in the timeframe quoted...if you have other questions, please stay on the line..."

And over and over and over again.  No music in between, just the same voice repeating ad infinitum.  Had this for 8 minutes so far.

That's what I get when I contact 0800 328 6081.

If orders whip within the timeframe quoted, I should have a shipping number at 1708 today.  Frankly I'll be gobsmacked if that happens.

Much as I hate to say this, you wouldn't get this sort of service from Apple!
+Wendy Hsieh Same here - was 1-2 weeks from the 4th, seems that the order status has changed to "Pre-Ordered" and is now dated 15th.  We'll see how this plays out...
+Jon Tasker +Jon Read Where about are you guys seeing this info in your account? AFAIK I thought you could only see this info in your wallet?
I am not clear what their 2 days delivery means, is it 2 days within the quoted period or 2 days after that? 
it happens to my husband as well, so i guess most people who ordered at the first 10 mins when it re-opened on 4/12 have the same problem? wish someone can tell us pending, pre-order, and backorder mean in their system 
+Dan Cobley It's DISAPOINTING to see +Google +Nexus +Google Play "FAIL" like this, but we still love ur products cos...IS THEE BEST :).Hopefuly will be available on Google Play France soon! 
When will be the nexus 4 available in France ??? It was only available for 1h and we've been waiting for weeks ! it's unbelievable ! And absolutely no communication about France's situation !!!!!
I got the same timescale +Ryan Cormack .... really hope it comes!!! I am a bit concerned to see my order status as "Pre-Ordered" rather than just ordered but assume this is just a terminology thing on an already flawed system!!! How p1ssed off is everyone that ordered in the first 30 mins of (second) release only to find out people who ordered later already have their phones? It's all quite dissapointing if you ask me!!
Can we now get the official response from LG as to how many Nexus 4 devices they have produced, how many they are producing, how many WILL be produced -- and when -- etcetera, etcetera...?
+Dan Cobley

Ordered the 8 gig model on the 4th at 5:07:07, the web page said 3-5 days, the confirmation email 5-6 weeks. I know people who have not only got 3-5 days confirmation after my order time, but people who have already received theirs and ordered hours after me!  

This is crazy, and on top of this I now have to wait until the New Year for a phone that should have arrived almost two weeks ago. How can we get any further information or clarify, clearly wrong shipping estimates?
I was amazed to get my nexus 4 last week, but after only four days it slid off the table and the screen is smashed. I wonder what are my chances of a timely and reasonably priced repair in the UK? I suspect my phone is now useless. Watch out. They're extremely slippery and unreasonably brittle! Bumpers are out of stock of course. I guess I wouldn't even be able to order a replacement phone as I've reached my limit of one. Not happy with the build quality and the situation I find myself in already. I have until the 22nd if I want to return it to Google as worthless junk for no refund. Shame. I love my nexus 7.
Just checked my Wallet and the order date has changed from 4th December to 15th December!!! Admittedly a bit of movemement if nothing else but also a concern if that means I've been moved to the back of the queue regarding dispatch of the phone!!... Tomorrow is "D Day" for the original 1-2 weeks delivery estimate... I totally wouldn't have left the Girlfriends christmas present to chance if I thought this would happen.... I should have ordered an S3 or iPhone 5 from more reliable sources.... it's probably going to cost me as much as one of these anyway now as I now need to go out and buy something else as an alternative... and then assuming the phone does arrive... i'm not, not going to give her it am I??? Shameful service from Google!!!
I ordered on 4th December at 1-2 weeks, then based on the message about "You will not be charged until your order ships" panicked and thought it would be better to save my pennies for Christmas. Therefore I cancelled and re-ordered at 6-7 weeks availability. Little did I realise that despite not "charging" me, you had still pre-authorised the transaction meaning that I now had the cost of two Nexus 4s unavailable in my account, leaving me worse off financially than before (it took nearly a week for the bank to remove the first authorisation).

Now my question is: based on the experience of those who had 3-5 days etc. lead times, am I likely to see a Nexus 4 in 6-7 months let alone weeks?
In the same situation as everyone else. Ordered on 4th December and have no idea what is going on. Haven't received any communication from Google. Appreciate what you're doing on this thread +Dan Cobley but it would be great if you could get direct communication with customers sorted too.
hie I love Google products..and i cant wait get my hands on nexus 4..  everyday i search for news of availability in y country (India).. but there is no Google play store in India can you please tell me why is Google  not look at u as a important market for country with population of around 1,241,491,960 ??
+James MacRae I have the same issue as you - my order date has been moved from 4th to the 15th - god knows what this means. I woke to the nice email this morning saying mine would be shipped early this week then I got another email this afternoon is response to en email I had sent at the weekend saying my delivery date couldnt be given as they dont have one! Are they having a laugh! Talk about mixed messages.
+Dan Cobley Dan, I'm a 1 - 2 weeker,(17:15:35 4/12/2012), and the phone was bought as a Christmas gift. It will be of no use if it doesn't arrive before Christmas. I contacted the CSR's today, and they say there is no way of cancelling the order as it is being processed - what is the official policy on cancellations given these circumstances?
I just got an email saying My Nexus 4 is shipped. Well here's hoping for it to be delivered by Wednesday then as that is what i paid for an additional £10 shipping charge
I had a chat with Customer Support rep. Nice lady told me that my order has been processed and it is with the shipper now. I should get an e-mail with tracking number this week (!!!???)... It is really strange because order status in google wallet is still "Pre order" ...
+Wendy Hsieh No its not just you, mine is exactly the same shows 04/12/2012 on wallet, but 15/12/2012 on play account :-(
Just got email from Google Play, mine and my husband's nexus 4 have been shipped!
good luck to those who ordered on 4/12, I think they are working on it now.
I just received shipping confirmation! A day before the 2 weeks was up. On time. Really happy about that. Hopefully others will get theirs soon aswel. And hopefully Google's communication improves in the future. It still was not good enough the past month
Can't believe they've answered to my email in 3 hours, something is happening there:D
I ordered on 4th too just after 5pm with 1-2 weeks despatch and I've had no update since the order. I emailed today to be told it had been escalated to a specialist but they have not contacted me.
+Steve Kadwell Steve, check your order status on google play. I didn't get any email but my status had been updated on google play's order list.
we called a few days ago to ask about our orders, was told to call them back today if we still haven't got email from them about the shipping information... no need to call them now, but you may want to try? 
Tamas, mine is showing "pre - ordered" with a date of 15/12/2012 on google play, but is showing pending on my wallet with the correct order date of 4/12/2012 :-(
So Dan: I ordered at 17:05 on the 4th, yet people who ordered after me have received shipping emails. It's great that you've acknowledged the problem, but surely you should be looking to solve it too?
Pete Stoneman:

Mine was ordered @ 17:15 on the 4th..... does that mean by reverse order fulfilment, I should get my shipping notice 10 mins before you ? :-)
Google shipping randomly again......will they ever learn? Doubt it :-(
Received my shipping email too. Ordered 17:05 on the 4th. Hope the rest of those with 1-2 week or earlier estimates get they shipping confirmations soon.
Hi Dan. You guys really messed up this one....Here from canada the phone showed in stock only for 6-8 hours in total since the release.
Google telephone Support have just informed me that the message purporting to have been from Dan Cobley and distributed via user forums relating to the Nexus 4 was in fact "fraud"!
It seems quite incredible what they assume licence to say to customers. 
I hadn't realised that there was such a deluge of dissatisfaction until I read PC Advisor today, and saw the article that Dan Cobley and Google had apologised for the delays in shipment. Well the apology is fine, but it is appalling that they didn't issue any notice early to pre-empt the poor reaction.
I was given a 1-2 week estimate when I ordered at 1725 on 4th, and technically that is not up until tomorrow, but there has been no withdrawal from my Wallet, and no notice of pre-authorization. Apparently there were also huge problems on delivery for the 4 and the 7 in USA. I will wait forth is email re status 'early this week'! I hope Google Commerce have someone noting this comment, and also that they update their contact number on the Wallet invoice page in the near future!
Google are officially completely crap at eCommerce and any kind of customer support 
where are our nexus 4's at brah? 
So now even more people that ordered AFTER me are getting their Nexus 4 delivery notices! WHAT ARE YOU DOING, GOOGLE? 
Yes Adam, Google are at it again!
Just when I thought the issue was resolved there is no change whatsoever...
+Andy Nicholson I guess, but a few people on the comments getting a shipping email isn't that promising... as I got 3-5 days i'll probably get it by about March if i'm lucky...haha
+Dan Cobley I live in Dublin, the city where Google's EU headquarters are, yet the Play store says I can't buy devices in my location. Can you explain the logic behind this?
Wow. The first person to actually shed some light on what's going on with the Nexus 4 debacle. Good on you, +Dan Cobley. +Larry Page , +Eric Schmidt, +Sergey Brin : Promote this guy, please. You need more people like him running things.
There is another theory to be had here that's just come to me...

1) There was a problem, we do not know what it was. Call it an issue.
2) There a people working on it, we do not know how many or what they are doing. Call it a task group.
3) This afternoon there was a huge increase in publicity.
4) Early evening, a seemingly small amount of shipping emails have been released.
5) A flurry of happy comments hitting the net.
6) All the time we still don't really know what's going on.

In order to stem the bad publicity, Google may have released emails to people who had been processed by the task group, that had fixed the issue. Hence there not being a logical pattern to the responses, which is causing more worry and panic.

I have since sent another open letter to Dan, time will tell...
what we suspect | nexus4cr

The main point here is that other than shipping refunds, we are still none the wiser because of no real, factual communication.

Dan, your company STILL can't get it right can you!!! Bloody useless
+Andy Nicholson Seems realistic, at least the mass email promising shipping this week gave a glimmer of hope. The question is, can it be fulfilled as promised.
+Daniel West Exactly, not knowing is the worst part especially at this time of year - I don't have a car and will not be anywhere near where mine "will" be delivered any time this week - it is the same for a lot of others, too. Hence the large numbers (or so we think) franticly checking sites for info.
+Andy Nicholson Yeah I know what you mean, after Friday I won't be able to get the phone until after new year, unless I can get to the depot, wherever that is... 
+Andy Nicholson The message posted here. By Dan. Google Telephone support told me it is a "fraud". 
will those who ordered on the 4th Dec be getting the shipping refunded??
+Dan Cobley Thanks, just got my shipping confirmation for 16GB ordered 17:08.  Maybe it would have happened anyway but that's not what the evidence suggested / I was being told last week.  Everyone still complaining about these newly dispatched orders still being in the wrong order, I agree the information has been terribly poor but please remember there are two different products here (three including the bumper) which will have sold at different rates. We should expect the queues for these products to move at different rates and judging by the huge demand and how much it outstrips supply I can see how orders placed minutes apart could quite correctly end up being dispatched days apart. 
So +Dan Cobley, here I am once again watching orders that were posted after mine being shipped before there's sign of mine. I ordered at 17:05 and had a 3-5 day guide. I know for a fact that orders with 5-6 weeks and today 1-2 weeks have been shipped. Why is this so difficult? Seriously unimpressed! If I didn't think that it would take an age to reverse the hold you have on the funds in my account I think I would probably cancel right now.
00:25 and still no email from Google. Looks like Ill be using an old Nokia for Christmas.
Just pitching in to say that I'm a 1-2weeker myself, ordered a 16GB at 5:09 on the 4th, and have heard NOTHING since, no sign of any kind of delay notification, no updates, nothing, all i have as proof is the confirmation email, seemingly mocking me with its 1-2 week dispatch time, which runs out tomorrow, and I don't have high hopes for it being sent out then, from what I'm hearing.

It is however reassuring to hear that +Dan Cobley is aware of the problem and dealing with it as best as possible, but alarming to hear of 5-6 week dispatch times already having theirs delivered when the devoted android nerds who hit f5 on the play store until their fingers ached are being ignored.
4 December 2012 17:07:59 - Still nothing
 To the people who have had emails. What date do you have on Wallet for Google Commerce Ltd received your order.?
 I have it down for the 6th as I think Halifax refused the order due to possible online fraud and it took 2 days for me to get through to somebody to clear it.
To those complaining about December orders, I ordered a Google Nexus on Nov 29 when they went back on sale in the US and I haven't heard a word from Google, just an estimated 3-5 week shipping date. If Google is giving credits for shipping for December, I would expect the same. What a mess Google has made of this release, with such poor customer service.
+Adam Collins I know the feeling, ordered back in November and people in December have already received their nexus phone.
Why having LG as a partner? Samsung and Asus already prove to be better!

I've Ordered mine in US at the following time and got estimated delivery of 1-2 weeks. It's already 3 weeks that I placed the order, but still my order not processed. But there are many people who recived their devices, whose orders are placed far than me(Also with 3-4, 4-5 weeks estimate also). 

Order Date: November 27, 2012 1:55:26 PM UTC-8

Whenever I contact support, they're saying that "Please wait for 24 hours, we're processing your order and rest assure that orders are being processed in the order that we received" from last week.

Please look into this as well.
Kal N
Dan, I live in Canada and I'd just like to know why in the hell the website keeps saying "Sold Out". I missed out on the first sale back on November 13th and since then, I haven't been able to pre-order anything or get any response from Google as to why they are screwing up so badly. I'm a very annoyed potential customer and if this issue is not resolved in the near (and I mean VERY NEAR) future,  I'll be forced to purchase a device from another company.
+Dan Cobley You made the news today.  Anything that brings attention to Google+ is certainly a good thing.  Please start another post soon so we can keep commenting and complaining.
+Dan Cobley Do you have any idea how the UK orders are now being processed? Because it certainly isn't First In First Out. Me and many others seem to have early orders (17:05:59 in my case) and still no shipping emails, whereas plenty of orders after have their emails and theirs phones are en route. It was already frustrating but seeing everyone else receiving their shipping emails pushes things even further.

It's like you're at the airport at 4am and you're waiting for your suitcase, the carousel keeps going round but your baggage just doesn't seem to be appearing. You've been travelling for days to get home and all you want is your nice comfy bed. Everyone around you are picking up their bags and joyfully going home but you're stuck stood watching the carousel going round with no hope of sleep for a few hours or even a day. 
Same situation. Dec 4, 2012 5:08:42 PM GMT is my order date and I've heard nothing either whilst my friend who ordered a few minutes after got a shipped email about 12 hours ago. Does Google still not understand what chronological means?
Dont know how their shipping is calculated.I think they stick names into a tombola. But I cant really complain yet. Its only the 18th and my confirmation email says shipped by the 19th. 
I wouldn't normally complain but people who ordered after me are getting it delivered already. This is absolute bullcrap.
+Dan Cobley  In the latest round of dispacthes, there's still people with 5:20 orders that are getting their phone shipped! Can Google just not ship them in the order they were placed? I placed mine at 5:07 and have nothing yet. Unless your shipping all the 1-2 weeks so you don't have to refund their shipping charges too, and that way us 3-5 dayers have to wait longer...oh the joy!
How's this for irony. I told my mate to go back to order this at 5:10 (2 minutes after I did) and he's got a delivery email from last night whereas I have nothing. Bravo Google and your inability to count time.
+Dan Cobley the people who waited and ordered first still don't have their devices shipped. Is there any particular way orders are chosen for shipping?
I ordered on the 4th December at 17:06:21 and my order still hasn't changed. 

I find it utterly disgusting that all I've received are lies about shipping times from Google Play. Whilst I appreciate that +Dan Cobley has made the wheels turn faster in regards to getting their phones, I've yet to receive an explanation as to why my order is in limbo and if I can indeed expect this Xmas present to not only arrive before Xmas, but if it will even arrive at all!
+Dan Cobley any news for us today Dan?

I did send a message to your helpdesk and got a very prompt reply confirming ...... wait for it..... Nothing!!! Can you not at least be honest with us, if we're not getting our phones at least tell us.... that way we can get on with buying alternative Christmas presents for (in my case) the Girlfriend!!! I usually wouldn't really be too bothered about these things, but the injustice of seeing phones being dispatched to people who ordered later is just an insult and the lack of any form of voluntary informtion being offered by Google (one of the  biggest and best known companies in the world???) is shocking to be honest!!!..... Dan, please get it sorted!!
My Nexus has shipped! Exactly 2 weeks after I ordered. Cutting it fine, but woohoo! :-D 
There's clearly a huge outpouring of anger about the Nexus 4, but what about the Nexus 10? As far as I can see it was only available in the UK for about 20 minutes and since then absolutely nothing? Sold Out on the Google Play website since launch with no availability info whatsoever. Why the hell didnt you delay launch until after Christmas if you didn't have the stock to fullfil the orders? That's why people are so annoyed. You launch these new products. Give test devices to every geek site on the net so they can all tell us how good they are, then pull the shutters up and go quiet!
3-5 day order from the 4th shipped yesterday, thanks for sorting this mess out +Dan Cobley 
Still no update on my account. Hey Google, and lineal number sequence goes 1 2 3 4 etc. Do I have to run that through again? 
Actually there is a lengthy process of complex series of algorithmic procedures that ultimately determine the order of dispatch. Stage one is putting all the names in a hat...
I ordered on the 4th at 17:07 GMT. I quickly alerted my less 'techy' friends and they managed to put in orders a few minutes after me. It's funny how they have shipping confirmations and I'm sitting here cold. 
+Ruhul Amin Mine was placed at 17:13 on the 4th and was given 1-2 weeks shipping.  Got email stamped at 2:36 this morning that it had shipped. Wonder how many dice they throw? ;-/
Bizzare. Order placed 17:08 on 4th. This morning it was delivered. No shipping email, my status still says Pending.  Strange. But happy
I'm actually fighting a losing battle. My parents and siblings are very much 'Apple' people (I'm embarrassed to say) and I've been trying to hold them back from buying Apple stuff and more specifically the new iPads and iPhone. I convinced them to give my beloved Android platform a try and they agreed. This fiasco has just embarrassed me and I don't know how to retaliate or what to say. At least in this case, Apple has won. This would never have happened at Apple. [Written from a stinky new iPad :( ]
I rang customer service again, was told my order was sent to their delivery company (TNT) so I have to wait for them to do something. Except, I rang TNT already and asked if anything was due for delivery to my address... there wasn't. Next time Google, give your phones to amazon for selling etc. I'd gladly pay an extra 20 quid for their seamless service. Right now I give you 0/10 for customer service. No, make that -1/10.
No confirmation here (17:09).  Order status "Pre-Ordered" and moved to the 15th.

Emailing Play support got a canned response back:

"According to our records, your order should ship by the evening of 19-12-2012.

Neuxs 4 backorders: Please note that the above date is based on typical shipment processing and does not apply to Nexus 4 backorders. Nexus 4 backorders are being delivered based on the order in which they were received. If you receive a shipping confirmation email, then you will be able to track your delivery."

Delivered based on the order in which they were received?  That is plainly not true, Google.

None of this would matter, if only Google could give an honest update as to what is going on.
Well miracles do happen! About 12 hours after posting my comment above, and remarking that I hoped someone at Google was monitoring these criticisms, I received a tracking number. Now let's see if it arrives as I made a typo in the post code, and was unable to get a response from my email correcting it. The GPO are generally resourceful when it comes to finding semi-rural addresses, so fingers crossed. Tracking reveals it was only 30 miles away at 0930 this morning, and sent 1 day before my 1-2 week estimate expired! Phew!
I wish they would ship mine LOL

I am seeing people who had a 1-2 week time-frame get shipping, but I have a 3-5 business day delivery and nothing :(
Just to add a positive post here. I ordered mine on the 4th with a 1-2 week wait and it arrived today, so within schedule. Thanks Google.
Has anyone with 3-5 day delivery got an email yet? Seems like it's still going backwards...
HOW ON EARTH CAN IT STILL BE GOING BACKWARDS!!!! If it is a software glitch and not just pure madness then surely one of your software devs can fix it in two seconds?
Check out the thread on XDA Developers for who is getting what at the moment. Google Nexus 4>General>UK thread - Contracts, news, information, etc 

I am a 3-5 day delivery and mine is out for delivery today.

We applaud the steps that you have already made in communicating to customers the possibility of a shipping refund, and for those people who have received either a shipping email or the device itself, that is great news indeed. The statements made so far have been enormously appreciated.

However, please consider our original complaint regarding communication standards. For many, it still feels as if this is not happening, or even getting worse. Having to spend hours surfing the web, reading hundreds of pages in forums to find any sort of information, and constantly checking emails so we can ensure the delivery is made correctly is becoming tiresome and stressful. 

We understand you may well be busy and would fully understand if a comment did not come from you personally, but any kind of communication from Google would make a lot of people feel much happier about this whole situation.

It should not be left to customers making wild speculation about what is happening further confusing the issue for many – will there be another batch of emails, what does it mean if funds could not be requested, what will happen when new orders are taken, or how are the orders being processed, for just a few – so many questions with so little information.

I ordered mine November 27 and still have no order status. I'm kind of frustrated that people who ordered December 4th received there phone before me. Not fair google.
I think Google should hire XDA Developers as their PR company, there's far more knowledge and information coming from them than there ever has been from Google about this continuing mess.
Google blaming LG, LG blaming Google, TNT blaming Google and the list goes's pathetic.
Almost 4pm and still nothing. So where is my phone? 
According to TNT there was another clanger dropped last night by Google. Some people received shipping notices late last night / early this morning (my self included), with a reference number to track the order with TNT.
When I checked on the TNT tracker site, my order was shown as being at a dispatch depot in Rotherham, so I called TNT to check on a likely delivery time/date, only to be told that my order was actually in a loaded trailer on Google's property, as it had been loaded too late last night to be collected by TNT's drivers !! it sounds more and more chaotic every day.... TNT did say that they hoped my order would actually be delivered tomorrow.
ordered mine on 4th said 3-5 days delivery.. no email yet saying shipped...why are people with 1-2 weeks getting theirs shipped before the 3-5 days if this was resolved
Is it too much to expect for Google to issue a simple table, with two columns for each device, showing order date and expected delivery date (as of today). This is the information that I want. I am not interested in whether LG haven't produced enough product or Google haven't dispatched enough or even if Google are working throughout Xmas. I just want an up to date "expected delivery date". Thankyou.
Order Date: December 4, 2012 5:06:45 PM UTC 

Has it been shipped? Hmmm, no.

So your email was just a bunch of lies it seems.
Dan Cobley's first entry in this thread was, "Surprising for me, but Andy Murray was searched for more than Jessica Innes."
Why is that surprising? I've never heard of Jessica Innes, though Jessica Ennis was runner up in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Bit more attention to detail required at Google?
Have patience, my shipping notification (3-5 day estimate) didn't get sent out till 2am this morning and the phone arrived by lunchtime. Looks like it got upgraded to next day service according to the TNT site. It's not uncommon for shipping labels to be sent out in bulk at the end of a shift (load). 
My year in review
Highlights include 161 trouble-free transactions with Amazon UK . 
My Nexus 4 finally shipped today.  Unfortunately it shipped via Google's chosen delivery agent TNT.  As a result I have stayed in all day and nothing has been delivered in their 09:00 to 18:00 window.  I tried to contact TNT but that just resulted in over half an hour spent on hold.  This is poor service heaped on poor service.
+George Poles True, but TNT isn't controlled by Google, and it is an incredibly busy time of year, don't think you can blame Google for that.
Finally got my shipping email at 6pm today, the 3-5 day orders are being sent out.
+Andy Nicholson I do take your point - and I'm willing to admit I'm in no mood to be fair to Google after the delays, self-contradictory "support emails" and TBH the crowing about tax evasion - but there are other delivery agents (DPD for instance offer a delivery window of an hour) and Google chose this particular one.  
+Daniel West According to the tracking code, my phone was on a van this morning and out for delivery today between 09:00 and 18:00.   
Finally got shipping confirmation today at 18:35.  Was a 1-2 week order.

Still a farce.
+George Poles Perhaps a choice would be good next time, Google. That way people could decide which courier suited their needs best?

Anyway, I'm sure Dan wants is G+ page back, so I'm off. If anybody wants to chat, come find me on XDA (smadger)
It's now 7:30pm and still no dispatch note. My mate has already got his
phone. Where's mine?
+Daniel West my suspicion is overloaded pre-Christmas van+busy route=ran out of time. 
+John Fegelein You didn't read the part where the email states that it can take up to 24 hours for the tracking number to update with TNT.
my estimate was originally set to 1-2weeks, i received my shipping email early hours this morning to my joy! at lunchtime i clicked on the tracking link to TNT, is states 'please call' as the status. when i called, they said that they went to collect the package from google yesterday but there was NOTHING THERE and that i should speak with google to arrange a new collection!!
so, i telephoned google, the young man said 'leave it to us, we'll sort it out' i don't have much hope though...
Dear Dan I would like to express my disappointment in the way my order has been handled. 

I eventually got hold of an honest customer support representative and he dispelled a lot of the information I was told in prior calls. My order was one of the first from the December 4th batch and it has been stuck in processing since this, the CSR said that it has been put on backorder when it really should have been given stock but instead the 1 - 2 weekers have taken my stock so now I will unlikely be getting it for christmas, he said he cannot give me an ETA only the news that I will be before the 6 - 7 week orders.

I cannot in words describe how frustrated I am that you could not even deliver on your promise and even after numerous times of being told by staff my order is fine, it now turns out that it HASNT moved anywhere. Seriously Dan I was ok with a delay that happens but now its more than a delay, why has this happened?.

I see these words did little for my order, they seemed to have helped most people who ordered after me though.
Gotta say I'm in the market for 2 new smartphones. Unfortunately, the delay with the Nexus 4 is a deal breaker. Looks like +ASUS will be getting my business this year. I'm more and more impressed by their efforts the more I read. My next phone purchases won't be for another couple of years at least. I like +Samsung Mobile , but there is something to be said for a vanilla Android experience.
LOL as annoyed as I am, I wouldn't say 'I'm suffering' like some people have. Three words people... First. World. Problems.
Yay my order was delivered today! Cheers so much Dan for getting involved and sorting things out.
i had 3-5 day delivery on the 4th and just got a shipping email today at 5.30pm. about time!!
Ordered on 4/12 17:07:50. Shipping confirmation received on 18/12 22:32:08. This is First Lietenant Amin signing off. Godspeed conrads. 
I finally received my shipping email, at 22:30 ish. Literally more than 24
hours after my friend who ordered after me but at the very least I know
it's coming.
Well - it looks like in the UK you were actually able to at least order some. In Australia there was 15 minutes of stock November 13th and nothing (not even a peep from +Google. 
Kal N
Does anyone know who the MD for Google Canada is? I'd like to send him a very strongly worded message.
things change... a lot.  having been out of day to day management for 12 years I can tell you that these endless management mis-steps by every major tech company (and some soon to be also-rans) would have had many managers losing their jobs when I sat in senior management meetings. the apologies are hilarious. "still waiting for an answer?" Dan- tell these fukers to get the job done and in the meantime give everyone their money back.  what a joke Google is.
Dear Dan,

Thanks for your efforts, I see that quite a few people are getting the Nexus4 now, and also saw that your packaging folks are creating loss for your company, thought update you on this.

so i ordered four nexus4's 2-8GB's and 2-16GB's on the 27th nov, and got shipped out on the 17th, received them on the 18th.

got home from work and opening up the box, all four devices are 16GB's! 
did google ran out of 8GB's and decided they send out 16GB instead or was it a mistake? either way im happy lol. 

If your service/packaging team goes like this, its a big loss for your company, please do check and fix them up.

Great...after going through all the problems of ordering in Nov. and then Dec. TNT finally delivered my 16gb Nexus 4 a few minutes ago. I open the box to find the rear glass is I have to go through the process of returning and getting another one.
What fun!
I didn't get to order one until Dec 12th so I fully accept I'm way down the list. What is striking about this purchase is the apparent lack of connectedness : it's obvious Google has no idea when LG will fulfill these orders and in recent years we've become used to good visibility being the standard in web purchasing. I think if this wasn't Google I'd be concerned at a complete absence of post-order information so Google are trading in a fair bit of customer goodwill here which they didn't need to do as a great spec phone at that price should have left everyone happy    
My Nexus has been delivered today afternoon. TNT is so poor... The did not left any card... I rang them and they told me that driver left my parcel at different address...
I am pleased to say I received a TNT shipped update yesterday and Nexus 4 arrived this morning.
As usual Google and their customer service lives up to it's lower than low standards. After promising to send me an email on how to return the damaged phone in 10 minutes, it's been over 2 hours and still nothing.
I've now decided to ask for a full refund and try and forget the "Google experience". Trying to buy this phone has caused me way too many problems, I still find it hard to believe a company the size of Google is so inept...Amazon sell thousands of different products, and when they do have issues their customer service is great. You can't even sell a handful of tablets and a phone ?
I think you might be better off sticking with search engines.
Hey manage something something with this can be this possible is like a game for you guys dont take customers seriously.....yesterday I canceled my Nexus 4 order, because i was really upset......i was suppose to have it in 3 to 5 days initially, but then i received a message saying it was back ordered... damn why...4 to 6 weeks if is available....what a awful game you are playing with your customers......
Here’s Cobley’s complete response:
Dear all, I know that what you are going through is unacceptable and we are all working through the nights and weekends to resolve this issue. Supplies from the manufacturer are scarce and erratic, and our communication has been flawed. I can offer an unreserved apology for our service and communication failures in this process.
I am optimistic that we will be able to share some positive news shortly, but I do not want to cause any more disappointment by making a commitment until we are 100% sure we can deliver on it.
I realise that the people who ordered the Nexus 4 so early are among our most committed and loyal users and we are doing all we can to put things right.

I've got my nexus 4 so these guys are sticking to their side of the deal, well barely. However, the problem now is I need a bumper! When are they coming back into stock? 
I seem to be in Limbo with my order.. I finally received a shipping email & tracking number on Monday, but as of this morning, it's still showing no progress of actually having gone anywhere.   TNT are saying it's still with the distributor.   Compared to any other online order, this whole process is an unnecessary up-hill struggle.
congratulations John ! how about an unboxing video for those less fortunate than yourself !
I ordered mine in the UK on the 13th of December currently have no expected delivery time but Google have still taken the money for it. currently leaving me with no phone or money at the mo. a sad face at you Google, a sad face :(
I just wish I could even place an order. Just to know I have one coming SOMETIME in the next few months or so. I tried previously but they always sell out so quickly, really disappointed in the lack of stock. Even more disappointed when I called with an inquiry about the phone, I was given some of the poorest service I had ever received. "You can probably check back in January or so, I have no idea when we'll have more. Thank you, have a nice day" so much for getting one for Christmas...
All those with shipping orders out of whack shouldn't be surprised since the nexus 7 release had the same problem with no clear order to shipping.

Those like me who ordered within hours of its announcement were some of the last to receive them.

Adding insult to injury, a couple of days after the announcement google says the nexus 7 will be available in retail stores (which ended up working out cheaper to buy AND available in store before all google play preorders shipped).

Final nail in the proverbial coffin was google refusing to let people cancel preorders after the retail store availability announcement, instead starting they were already getting ready to ship so it was too late to cancel (despite not actually shopping for 3 more weeks). We were instead told to refuse delivery when it arrived.

Moral of the story is (unfortunately) google learned nothing from the nexus 7 release which they fixed with the nexus 4 release.

End rant.

I can't believe this damn phone (Nexus 4) is still showing "Sold Out".  I wanted to buy this for my wife for Christmas and was hoping to at least be able to print out the receipt or order confirmation and stick it in a card for her to open on Christmas morning.

Why is it out of stock and not available to order with a lead time?  It seems inconceivable that two big companies like Google and LG are unable to forecast the availability of this hardware! 

Maybe Google are selling the Nexus 4 at a loss and the number ordered aligned to the level of loss they were prepared to make?  Maybe LG feel there is too great a negative impact on their own offerings?  Maybe, when components are short, LG divert the components to their own phones rather than the Nexus?  Who knows (other than Dan Cobley)? 

Whatever the reason, this whole omni-shambles does not reflect well on either company and may I suggest that Google need to take a serious look at their processes if they really want to be a player in the hardware market.
Honestly, I tried my hardest to be supportive of this product, being an Android enthusiast as my OS of choice, as well as Chrome and Google.  However, you guys obviously need to step out of the hardware business because you have no clue what you are doing with your Nexus line.  Hardly anyone knows about the Nexus 10, the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 have had supply issues from the start, and how is it that this long after release, there is still no supply?  How could the web site possibly say "sold out"?  Not that anyone from Google will ever read this, but simply allow the orders with a lead time estimate.  This is how the rest of the business world does it.  Even Apple, who I loath, when faced with supply shortages with the Iphone5, fixed it in a manner of weeks.  Get your act together, or get out of the hardware business and leave it to companies like Samsung, HTC, etc.  Still shaking my head that a couple days before Christmas and the Play store status for the Nexus 4 has been "Sold Out" for who knows how long.  Seriously? Off to buy an S3.  The whole Nexus line is a joke, great concept, horrible execution.  
sois pateticos y unos sinbervueguezas lo de google y lg no teneis perdon la gran fama y calidad que tenias eso  pasado porque la aveis tirado por el retrete o litrina nos da verguenza tratarnos  a los que siempre hemos confiado y creido en vosotros,no hay derecho a que os rias de nosotros yo personalmente esta muy ilusionado y sobre todo con poder comprarme el nexus 4 pero volvera a pasar lo mismo ojala que no,espero una respuesta sincera se despide  un servidor que espera seguir confiando en vosotros agur.
8 days after recieving a damaged Nexus 4 I still haven't been sent the labels to return the phone ?...I don't even want a replacement, I just want a full refund so I can forget I ever tried to buy a Google product.
I see a number of people on XDA are reporting faults on their phones, from units that won't even turn on to dead pixels...what happened to LG/Google quality control ? Or is that another thing you forgot about ?
Talking about things you forgot...what happened to the apology to all those who tried to buy this product and have had nothing but problems ?
Please free me from this Google hell and take your defective phone back.
Hey +Dan Cobley when are the bumpers coming back into stock? I dropped the nexus 4 today and its missing some paint on the side, not a nice feeling.
My nexus have a buzzing issue ... :( asked about replacement...
I hope that all devices promised for pre Christmas shipment got to you in time. 
If you have any further questions, please do not post them here, as I cannot guarantee they will be seen or actioned quickly. 
Instead, please email the support team via this page:
or call them on 0800 328 6081 - after checking the content on the Play site where many questions will be answered. 
Many thanks.
I ordered my 8GB nexus 4 on the 4th December with 4-5 weeks of shipment time. I am happy to say that that I received it on Saturday, 29th, just before the 4 week deadline. I hope everyone else is getting theirs' too. It's a great smartphone, very light and no problems for me, thanks Dan and Google.
My replacement is still not shipped. What a shame... I can not do any phone calls because bloody speaker is "exploding"...
Will they EVER restock the Play Store ?
Well +Dan Cobley, I took your advice above:

1. I checked the "Play site where many questions will be answered". That makes clear that you only make authorisations for $1 in advance of the full charging. However, my bank account for most of the time since I placed an order had an authorisation for the full amount on it, making this amount unusable to me in my bank in the meantime. This authorisation has now disappeared which I guess is potentially even more concerning.
2. I emailed using the form you suggested. You imply that requests to this form will be actioned quickly. I can confirm that this is not the case.
3. I phoned the number, and one of your CSRs got thoroughly confused by there being four Nexus 4 orders on my account (2 open and 2 cancelled despite me only having made two (1 open, 1 cancelled) - not surprising, it confuses me. He was unable to give me any idea when my remaining open order will be despatched since he had no clue himself.

Truly, this is shameful customer service.
What is ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL is that there are around 2 dozen customers over on the XDA thead awaiting delivery from tomorrow onwards - ALL EAGERLY LOOKING FORWARD after several weeks & have just gotten emails telling them that due to demand / shortages THEY WILL BE DELAYED ANOTHER 3 WEEKS ! ! DISGRACEFUL ** yet it seems that although the guys have had their money ringfenced all over Xmas there is PLENTY of stock being distributed to the Networks and there stores.

All the guys have been told ONLY after several of them contacted Google to ask why they hadn't received shipping emails for their devices.

Once again Google have kept it's loyal early adopters in the dark & treated them with UTTER CONTEPT - SHAME ON THEM ! ! 
I have been told today that they have stock issue... They do not have idea about next delivery/stock availability ... I am 2nd week without a phone... I can only send texts because of speaker problem....
You must be so proud of this shambles Dan [yeah right you couldn't care less, not a word in weeks despite 400+ comments] - silence is golden, golden................
As a 4-5 weeker I have been told by automatic reply that my order should be shipped by 05/01, but still no shipping email til now and the estimate delivery time has passed. no updated info or reply. seems google learned nothing from the launch and delivery mess. really disappointed. 
If you contact them they will tell you that [in UK] it is now going to be 3 weeks - so end of Jan if you are expecting it now. They have made no announcement but when pushed as to why other 4-5 weekers have had no shipping email that is what they said. Disgraceful.
If they've got any sense they will ship all outstanding orders and then build up some stock before replenishing so that they can ship new orders in good time. Having said that, your cancellation is scandalous
We are really due another update. I still can't believe i haven't managed to place an order after trying for 2 straight months. It's f**king insane. A weekly update isn't asking for too much is it? 
Well, a month ago +Dan Cobley was "very sorry to hear about [people's] poor experiences". Now it would seem he's just tired of it all and completely uninterested.
What is actually more shocking is that i am yet to see a n10 anywhere. I have never laid eyes on the damn thing. Not a single store in the UK (as far as i can tell) carries one. Some guys at currys had never even heard of it. I am really at a loss for words. 
Hi. I have received my replacement today.Looks like they have a new stock. I am happy because I do not have any problems with exploding speaker during phone calls now. Still I can hear quite buzzing but this is normal in N4...
+Akin Shoga The Nexus 10 WAS in stock 3 days ago on Jan 7th it was the £319 version - also the two out of 3 more expensive versions of the N7 are also in stock.
+Ben Lowe i should have been more specific. i want the 32gb one. 
Hey Dan, what is your comment on the rumours going around that LG has halted Nexus 4 manufacturing? 
Guess ill throw in my complaint here. WHY WONT YOU TAKE MY MONEY!  I am dying for a new phone! Is this because of LG? :(( They sound like a bunch of asses. Stick to samsung or asus :)
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