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Yeah, so here's my guide to setting up an iPad Cart for 2012. Now with more Configurator!
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How's the one-to-one going?  I'm finally exploring Google hang out with my son--so cool. 
Hangouts are completely awesome. 1:1 is going well for the first few weeks! Lots to figure out, but that's half the fun.
What would you say is the biggest challenge? 
Biggest challenge so far honestly has been figuring out how to get all the apps synced up and working properly. Now that that's out of the way, the real challenge is going to be working with teachers to encourage them to make the best use of the iPads.
We're starting off strong, though. For back to school night next week, every student will have worked on a movie for their parents to watch.
I can imagine that the sync was a challenge.  The challenge now is one I like--the curriculum creation.  I'm working with a very creative techie teacher this year who loves the iPad--it will be interesting to see what she comes ups with.  
I'm not surprised you're starting out strong--the movies sound awesome.  The parents will love them and the students will be so proud.  I think movie making is one of the best ways to learn--so creative, challenging and limitless.  If you're able to share an example, I'd love to see one or more. 
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