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Is it possible to correct pronunciation of a word or in my case an acronym?

I don't want to give away my actual acronym so I will use a completely made up one...

Let's say I want my action to be called IDAN which is actually an acronym, but everyone pronounces it as "eye-dan"... yet I still want it displayed in text as "IDAN".

The google assistant / google home wants to pronounce this as I.D.A.N. Using http://API.AI is there a way to specify different versions of a response for text vs speech?

Also I would like it to recognize the pronounced version, so I want to say:
"Hey Google, can I talk to [eye-dan]?"

Is this currently possible?

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Hey guys.  If anyone wants to use +Plex on the ADT-1 and hasn't yet signed up for PlexPass, now is the time.  They just announced price increases that will go into effect on the 29th.  The biggest hit is going to be the lifetime membership. 

Anyone else having this problem with +Plex? I set it up... Everything works perfectly. Come back later, open the app and it can't find my server. In order to get it working again I have to wipe data and reconfigure. (Rinse... Repeat)

Looks like "backdrop" now works as an option for Daydream.  Not sure if this was broken for anyone else, but I used to have to do "colors".  Now I can see the same backgrounds as on the Chromecast.

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Works on the ADT-1!

There is certainly a signal to noise issue with communities (this post included).  A nice enhancement would be to filter the display to see just moderators if we wanted so we could get to the good stuff.  No offense to anyone in here.

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Just launched: A new crisis map with several Hurricane Sandy–related layers, including current and forecasted locations, courtesy of NOAA-National Hurricane Center; cloud and wind information; and public alerts featuring emergency information like evacuation routes. As the team identifies additional information, they’ll be updating the map. 

To view the map, visit:
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